Arnott’s has released MORE teeny Tiny Teddy cereal!

Arnott’s has released MORE teeny Tiny Teddy cereal!

If you’ve been living under a rock this last twelve months you’d have missed the secretly gluten free release of Arnott’s teeny Tiny Teddy cereal. The first two flavours, exclusive to Woolworths are honey and chocolate.

But as of September 2023 Coles has come to the Tiny Teddy party with two brand new flavours – berry and caramel!

This is great news for coeliac and gluten free children especially who have limited choice when it comes to suitable breakfast products.

A decent health star rating and lots of natural ingredients

The cereal boasts a four star health rating out of a possible five, which I am guessing is pretty decent for a kid’s breakfast product.

There’s no allergens in the ingredients however all four flavours have a may contain warning for milk and soy.

So far I’ve tried the honey flavour and it was pretty good! It’s crunchy, works well on yoghurt (my go-to breakfast) and it’s not crazy sweet either.

I also eat it dry on it’s own, it’s a fun little crunchy snack!

What other cereal is ready to give you a hug?

High price, big volume

When Woolworth’s first stocked the teeny Tiny Teddy cereal it was a whopping $8 a box. Now, thanks to inflation it’s up to $8.90. However, the Arnott’s cereal weighs in at 580g which is about 50% more than the average gluten free cereal, for only about a dollar more than other brands.

So, price per 100g is in fact better than a few other leading contenders. I’ve broken down a few examples below.

Arnott’s teeny Tiny Teddy: $8.90 for 580g or $1.53 per 100g.

Kellogg’s GF Rice Bubbles: $7.80 for 315g or $2.48 per 100g

Coles I’m Free From Honey & Almond Clusters: $5.50 for 350g or $1.57 per 100g

Freedom Classic Honey Nut Crunch: $6.80 for 360g or $1.88 per 100g

Coles I’m Free From Cornflakes: $3.00 for 375g or $0.80 per 100g

I’m actually a bit surprised by how well Arnott’s cereal tracks after doing the numbers. I personally did notice how long the box has lasted in our house. Even with my non-gf husband eating some!

It’s quite satisfying to see a very full bag of cereal inside!

Where to find Arnott’s teeny Tiny Teddy cereal

As I mentioned above the flavours are exclusive to each store. You’ll find chocolate and honey at Woolworths.

The packaging for honey and choc tiny teddy cereal. You can see the coeliac australia logo on the side of the box.
Find these two flavours at Woolworths

The berry and caramel flavours are exclusive to Coles.

The cereal is available in the regular cereal aisle, not the gluten free section. Like I said, this product is secretly gluten free – you can see the Coeliac Australia endorsement symbol on the side of the box.

The cereal goes for about $8.90 a box but I have seen it on sale at Woolworths at least twice for half price, bargain!

Hungry for more gluten free cereal? Check out my reviews! And while you’re at it, get ready for summer with my list of gluten free ice creams.

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