Gluten free expo dates for 2024/2025

Gluten free expo dates for 2024/2025

It’s April and this year we’ve got the announcement nice and early, Coeliac Australia’s Gluten Free Expo will be back for 2024 in Melbourne and Sydney. They’ll also be hosting the expo in Perth and Brisbane in early 2025.

In 2024 many coeliacs were speculating on social media wondering when the expo was going to be announced. In previous years the Sydney expo was held in June/July so we were all getting a bit edgy when May rolled around and there was crickets.

So it’s great to see Coeliac Australia getting in nice and early to tell us the dates for the 2024 Gluten Free Expo so we can start planning! I know many of you will travel from interstate or regional areas, coming into the city for the expo is a great way to have a big gluten free weekend!

What’s the gluten free expo?

Coeliac Australia has been hosting the Gluten Free Expo for a number of years. I’m sorry that’s vague but I only moved back to Australia in 2021. In the 2000s when I lived in Melbourne there was a gluten free expo as well, back then I think it was run by Coles.

It. Was. Huge.

Coeliac Australia’s shows aren’t quite so big and that’s to be expected, they are a small members organisation, there’s no comparison to the spending power of a big supermarket like Coles.

But I’m getting off track, at the expo you there will be:

  • Gluten free businesses like bakeries and sweet treats
  • Education sessions from doctors and nutritionists
  • Special guests from the GF world like chefs and CA ambassadors
  • A chance to meet other gluten free folk you’ve met online!

And that wonderful feeling when you walk through the doors knowing you can eat everything.

Coeliac Australia will post more information as the dates get closer and they should have a dedicated page for each event with a list of who is coming.

Will I get good deals on gluten free products at the expo?

Yes! In my experience it’s a balance, go on the first day and everything will be in stock and you’ll get all the items you hoped for.

My Sydney 2022 haul of what I bought, Senza dough balls were just released!

Go late on the second day and they might have run low on a few things (I missed out on Bask & Co in 2023) but you’ll get amazing deals as stalls off load the last of their stock. I’m talking bonus products, multi-buys, things given to you as you’re walking out the door 😁.

The contents of two goodie bags we got when we arrived, plus a few free samples!

Dates and locations

In 2023 the Gluten Free Expo was only held in Melbourne and Sydney. Technically 2024 is the same, but 2025 will see the expo come to Brisbane and Perth.

It’s not clear if this will be a new model, two cities each year, alternating Melbourne / Sydney and Brisbane / Perth. Time will tell.


  • Sydney 17 & 18 August 2024, Royal Randwick Racecourse
  • Melbourne 5 & 6 October 2024, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


  • Brisbane 15 & 16 March 2025, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Perth 3 & 4 May 2025, Claremont Showgrounds

How do I get tickets?

There’s a few ways to get tickets to the Gluten Free Expo for 2024. If you’re already a member of Coeliac Australia you will actually receive a free ticket for your capital city as part of your membership – winning!

Tickets will of course go on sale from Coeliac Australia in the lead up to the event. In 2023 the tickets were $25? There’s usually promotions and discounts in the lead up so be sure to follow closely on socials.

You can also win tickets with many gluten free businesses, as well as … do we call them influencers? Social media personalities linked to gluten free life offering tickets to their followers.

Honestly, if you are struggling to afford tickets definitely follow up on the giveaways, there’s often not that many people entering so you have some good odds!

Want to read more about gluten free life in Australia? Check out my gluten free shopping guides! They cover lollies, ice creams, gravy, chips… all the essential stuff 😅.

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