Aldi instant noodle kits

Aldi instant noodle kits

First let me say I didn’t buy these Aldi instant noodle kits out of any interest on my part. My husband was lamenting a lack of boxed noodle meals – they are quite typical in the freezer section in Finland, a necessity during your university years.

So when I saw the Oh So Natural noodles on the shelf at Aldi I thought “eh, why not? Probably terrible but it’ll amuse him.” What I was surprised to see was that they are actually gluten free.

There are four flavours, I bought three and for this review we’ve tried two.

“That oh so natural sounds sarcastic”

My husband
Aldi oh so natural gluten free noodle kits. Pictured are chicken satay, chicken teriyaki and chicken korma.
Gluten-free noodle boxes from Aldi and the two sachets inside.

Inside the box are two sachets, one with noodles and the other with the sauce. Thankfully no plastic spork as advertised, not like I’m going to use it.

You do actually heat it in the box. Although it says to mix after cooking it would have benefited from a good mix beforehand. The noodles didn’t come apart once heated.

Korma – Definitely has subtle curry flavours, slightly sweet in a good way. The addition of chickpeas is nice.

Satay – Can taste that it’s satay, good peanut taste, you can also pick up the spices in there as well. Dunno how I feel about the peas inside but they’re not awful.

Chicken pieces in both are small and a bit dry but there are a fair few in there. It looked small when it’s in the box but it filled our bowls quite easily.

Overall I’d say it’s pretty decent! Certainly a lot better than I expected, the texture is good and there was no horrible smell like you get with some of these products. I think if you were on your own with some leftover protein and veg this could be a good way to turn it into a more interesting meal.

The upgrade

I topped my satay bowl with chopped peanuts, sliced cucumber and chilli crisp oil.

Aldi’s satay instant noodles

Product details

Gluten free: Legit. Also labelled wheat free.
Vegetarian / vegan: No.
Allergens: Soy, peanut (depending on flavour).
Serving size: One

Would you try the Aldi instant noodle kits based off my review? Let me know in the comments or tag me on IG if you find it in store.

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