Is Gluten Free Meal Co’s butter chicken the best ever?

Is Gluten Free Meal Co’s butter chicken the best ever?

While there’s not much choice when it comes to finding a gluten free ready meal, you still need to know if it’s going to be good. The Gluten Free Meal Co make a pretty big claim labelling their butter chicken the best ever. So, does it live up to the hype?

About Gluten Free Meal Co

Gluten Free Meal Co are were an exclusively gluten-free meal delivery service accredited by Coeliac Australia. Sadly they closed their service late 2019, but one of their meals is still being made and stocked in Woolworths nationally.

It’s a shame to lose a business catering directly to Aussie coeliacs and gluten free folk. But, unfortunately many businesses cannot survive purely on gluten free customers.

The taste

The white rice is nicely cooked, it’s possibly a bit soft but that is probably unavoidable in a frozen meal.

The curry has a good amount of vegetables but it comes at the expense of sufficient chicken. While it’s nice to have vegetables in a ready meal it isn’t really authentic in a butter chicken.

A meal tray with curry and rice next to the box of gluten free meal co best ever butter chicken.
I’m not sure it’s possible to make this photo flattering!

The flavour of the butter chicken is nice and does taste like you’d expect. It’s creamy, and happily they have used real cream and butter. The sauce is spicier than I expected, but still fairly mild. It’s probably okay for a child to eat.

The chicken portion seems quite low, I find it hard to believe that there is really 20g of protein in this meal. The chicken thigh is used and at least one piece was completely overcooked and hard.

The broccoli has crunch and tastes good but the pumpkin is quite watery.

The best thing for me is that there are no onion pieces (I’m a bit of a FODMAP person). Quite odd for a curry, though it does contain onion powder.

The upgrade

As always I upgrade my ready meals with extra vegetables (and usually extra chilli). In this case I wasn’t aware until I’d prepped my greens that the curry was already padded out with pumpkin and broccoli.

There’s enough vegetables in the meal, if you need a solid protein hit think about adding some extra.

A bowl of rice, green beans and butter chicken. A box for gluten free meal co is off to the side and a blue and white cloth is wrapped around the bowl.
Hard to believe this is the same product as a above – it’s all about good lighting.


I wouldn’t buy this again and that’s for two reasons.

One, the chicken in it is just awful. It’s all hard and chewy and there’s hardly any of it. You couldn’t say you get enough protein here.

Two, there are such better gluten free curry ready meals available. Yummy Karma is available fresh with much higher quality meat, crisp vegetables and the rice is perfectly cooked.

Finally, while not a reason for me personally, it is disappointing that the may contain list is really long, meaning it’s not suitable for a number of people with allergy.

Where to buy Gluten Free Meal Co Butter Chicken

The GF Meal Co butter chicken is stocked exclusively at Woolworths around the country. You’ll find it in the gluten free freezer section.

To end the review on a positive note, the price $7 (occasionally on sale for $5.50), which is much cheaper than some of the other gluten free ready meals currently available.


Gluten free: Legit GF, not detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Nope, chicken.
Allergens: Milk. May contain: Crustacean, egg, fish, peanut, sesame, soy, sulphites and tree nuts.
Serving size: One serve.

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