Latina Fresh gluten free beef ravioli

Latina Fresh gluten free beef ravioli

Latina Fresh makes just the two gluten free ravioli and today I’m trying out the beef. I’ve only had this once because I don’t often see the beef ravioli in stores. My local Coles has no fresh gluten-free pasta, and my local Woolworths only has the spinach and ricotta. When I’m visiting a new area I do tend to pop in to the supermarket to look at what is available.

The taste

The pasta has a good texture, it’s firm and nicely chewy – it hasn’t turned to mush. Like most filled gluten free ravioli it does rapidly fall apart as it approaches being fully cooked. I took mine off the pan at four minutes and 30 seconds to try to prevent that. However, I still had a number of pieces that burst.

The beef filling has a good flavour, it kind of reminds me of a beef pie. Texture wise the filling is a bit average, just a puree, but the flavour is definitely good.

A bowl of Latina Fresh gluten free beef ravioli served with a spicy tomato sauce and grated cheese.
It plated up in a surprisingly tidy way.

I served it with a spicy Arrabiata sauce by Barilla (it’s my favourite and no onions) and some grated mozzarella.


Would I buy Latina Fresh gluten free beef ravioli again? Yes. I think it’s handy as a quick lunch, especially now that we are often working from home. Having something interesting to eat makes the day a little more bearable. At around $8 a packet for two serves it’s a little on the pricey side, but not too bad if it’s just for two people.

The real question is, can I buy it again? It can be rather tricky to find! For me, neither of my local stores stock the beef ravioli. However, I have come across it in Coles in Sydney’s CBD. So I know where I need to go for my gluten-free ravioli fix!


Gluten free: Legit, Coeliac Australia endorsed.
Vegetarian / vegan: Nope, beef.
Allergens: Egg, milk. May contain: Nil.
Serving size: Two. 

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