Lemon Tart by We Love Cake

Lemon Tart by We Love Cake

Posted: June 11, 2024 Updated: June 11, 2024

Caaaaaaake! Can’t go wrong with a bit of cake every now and again, right? Even though I’m not a lemon fan I’ve been eyeing off this tart by We Love Cake since it was released back in early 2023.

We Love Cake are based in the UK and have been in Australia for a few years now, perhaps 2021 or a bit earlier. Their most common product are slices like lemon slice, raspberry slice and brownies.

Their products also have a suuuuper long shelf life – no surprise really, given it’s cake so it’s high in sugar. All their products are made in a dedicated facility free from gluten, wheat and milk.

I’ve enhanced the light slightly, but yes, the lemon curd is very dull in colour.

First impressions and taste

The lemon smell is so strong as soon as you open the packet. I accidentally opened the plastic packaging as I was getting it out of the box and the lemon scent just rushed right out.

Speaking of the packaging, the tarts are separately wrapped. So if you’re the only coeliac in the house, it’s going to stay fresh until you’re ready to eat the next one. The use by date on these is also quite long, usually six to eight weeks.

The lemon curd is quite thick when I stick in the fork but the tart case breaks easily. The tart pastry is quite soft, I was thinking for a moment that there might be lemon in the pastry as well, but I think it’s just how strong the curd is when I’m biting in nearby.

top down view of a lemon tart on a plate.

The lemon curd inside is very tangy and zesty. It’s definitely that strong lemon taste rather than say the taste of a Meyer lemon, which is much more floral and delicate.

As I wrote before, the curd is very thick, I’ll put this down to a few of the different starches in the filling’s ingredients: rice flour, corn, flour and rice starch. Since the product is dairy and egg free, we’re not going to have the typical lemon tart filling. A real curd of course uses egg yolks and gives a more silky consistency and texture.

It’s also a long shelf life product, so it makes sense to have a filling that is more sturdy rather than gooey.

I think this will go well with a few different pairings. For example, a coffee for its opposing flavour palate to cut through both the tangy sugary aspects of the tart with the bitter richness of the coffee.

The other thing that would pair really well and what I would do as an upgrade is serve this tart with some whipped cream.

The upgrade

As it turns out I actually had cream in my fridge which was waiting for my daughter’s birthday celebrations. So I quickly opened that up and whipped a small amount of cream to go on top.

The cream is definitely a nice addition and complements the tangy lemon filling. I mean if you’re paying $7.50 for two cakes might as well go all in and get some cream 😁.

A little bit of cream goes a long way.

Another upgrade I’ve pondered is making a meringue topping. But I think you’d want a kitchen blowtorch for that.

The verdict

Would I buy this again? Maybe not, I’m not a huge lemon fan as it can often be too strong.

If it used Meyer lemon which is much more subtle then I’ll definitely eat it. But those are more typical in boutique products.

This became a bit overpowering for me towards the end. Having said that I was reviewing it while under the weather so I’ve probably got a lower threshold than usual 😅.

The other detractor is the consistency of the filling, it’s a bit too thick and firm. It’s about 18/20°C in the house (early autumn) so that might be a factor. Maybe it’s better enjoyed in the summer. My husband said the filling is like a protein bar 😂, pretty accurate!

Let’s put it this way, if I need something at the supermarket to take to my aunt’s place for afternoon tea I reckon I’d be getting this or their chocolate tart. It’s a bit fancier than a packet of biscuits and my great aunt loves a dollop of cream on the side so this would go down well.

Where to buy Lemon Tarts by We Love Cake

Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong but I think in Australia all the We Love Cake products are exclusive to Coles.

You’ll find them in the bakery area of the supermarket with other GF cakes. Some stores stock these tarts and the chocolate salted caramel tarts in the fridge, so check there if they aren’t on the shelves.

In their home country of the UK it’s a bit easier to find them, being available in all major supermarkets. I even remember seeing their products in the special buys section at Aldi UK.


Gluten free: Legit, not detectable.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan.
Allergens: Almond. May contain: Egg, peanut, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, walnut.
Serving size: Two individually wrapped tarts.

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