Senza garlic and herb focaccia bread

Senza garlic and herb focaccia bread

The Senza garlic and herb focaccia bread stole the show during a recent dinner at our house. It’s a flat bread take on garlic bread in my books and that’s exactly how we ate it. By the way, has anyone else been confused about the name Senza? For a little while I’d been thinking the brand was called “No Gluten Way” due to the label on their products – whoops!

There’s a great garlic smell as soon as you open the packet, even before it’s heated up. Preparation is just ten minutes or so in the oven.

The garlic pieces and rosemary on top are super tasty, the bread also has quite a buttery taste despite there being no butter – it’s a vegan bread but a may contain for milk.

The bread has a great toasted base, good bubble distribution – it’s properly baked with no claggy or underdone parts at the bottom. Oh and above all it isn’t crumbly.

The Senza gluten free garlic and herb focaccia sliced on a chopping board. You can see the bubble distribution and fluffiness of the bread.
Light bread with good bubble distribution.

Husband approved, need I say more?


It’s pretty good! Having said that, garlic bread is pretty easy to make at home. However, the beautiful toasted bottom that comes from baking real bread, that’s special.

The base of the Senza focaccia is delightfully toasted with charred marks on the bottom.
The toasted base of this bread adds great flavour and texture.

Where to buy Senza garlic and herb focaccia bread

When I wrote this article in 2022 you could find this Senza garlic and herb focaccia at Coles, Woolworths. These days neither store stocks it! However you can buy Senza garlic bread at Coles and the Senza online store has the focaccia for about $6.


Gluten free: Legit
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan.
Allergens: Sulphites. May contain: Milk.
Serving size: It says serves four, I’d say that’s as a side. If you made it part of the meal then two serves.

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