The new Ferrero ice cream is missing one key ingredient

The new Ferrero ice cream is missing one key ingredient

I came across news about new ice cream by Ferrero on Instagram in March 2023. Not on Aussie accounts but those that are based in the UK. Often there’s loads of gluten free products released over there that never make it to Australia. But after a bit of research I found out it could be on it’s way.

For those who don’t know I actually lived in the UK for six years. I must say I do miss the gluten free scene over there!

While dining out isn’t as good as Melbourne, what you can get in the supermarkets is just amazing. I think the UK benefits from being close to Europe and there’s a lot of innovation and consideration to coeliacs and the gluten free diet.

Cue the latest ice cream release, Ferrero Rocher in a brand new form.

The packaging of the new ferrero rocher ice cream.
Happily this comes in a four pack and not a pesky three pack!

So far I’ve seen it advertised in the Woolworths catalogue and found it in store. It looks like it’ll be a Woolies exclusive, so don’t bother looking at your local Coles. Update: October 2023 and it’s now in the Freezer at Coles as well!

The taste

Ferrero Rocher Classic has the combination of hazelnut and chocolate ice cream covered a chocolate shell. The chocolate is layered with roasted hazelnut pieces. While the Raffaello starts with coconut ice cream, surrounded by almond pieces and coconut shavings before being dipped in white chocolate.

Rafaello ice cream
I’m not sure I ever had a Rafaello, coconut, white choc and almond.

Both sound very decadent!

Will I be doing a taste test? Not likely! I’m not a fan of hazelnuts, nor am I a fan of coconut! But, I will pay close attention to reviews I see online and post some feedback here.


So what is the missing ingredient I mentioned in the heading? Well, it’s in the original Ferrero Rocher but it hasn’t made an appearance in the ice cream. There’s no gluten! No wheat, rye or barley. Not that we expect rye to appear in our ice cream!

It’s disappointing how often new ice cream or product is released only to find out you can’t eat it. Happily, without the wafter, these are gluten free!

The full ingredients of the Ferrero ice cream are here. There’s no gelatine in the Ferrero or Rafaello ice creams. The mono – and diglycerides of fatty acids are from vegetable sources, I confirmed this with Ferrero directly via email.

Ferrero rocher ice cream ingredients. Gluten free.
Isn’t that just the most gloriously over-sized allergen label you’ve ever seen?


A packet of four ice creams is $12. As a new release they are on special at Woolworths for $9 (from 3 May 2023).

More flavours could be coming

In the Ferrero Press release from they tease that more flavours will be coming in the future. While the press release is a bit old (I think in Europe they released it, then re-released it?) that future is now, so maybe we’ll see more!

Over in the UK there’s two Ferrero Rocher inspired flavours, milk and dark chocolate. So we may well see dark chocolate on the shelves in the future and perhaps even more. Kinder Surprise ice cream perhaps? Hmmm.

Update: Oct 2023 I saw the dark chocolate one and it has a may contain for wheat, boo!

Product Details

Gluten free: By ingredient, no may contain for gluten.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian! A comment below highlighted that mono – and diglycerides of fatty acids may be of animal origin, I’ve written to Ferrero who confirmed they are derived from vegetable sources.
Allergens: Milk, soy, hazelnut. May contain: Egg, almond, macadamia, walnut, pecan, pistachio.
Serving size: Four ice creams.

Want to see more gluten free ice creams? Check out my full list of gluten free ice cream tubs and my other list of ice creams and icy poles.

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3 thoughts on “The new Ferrero ice cream is missing one key ingredient”

  • Hey,

    How can you claim that the Raffaello ice cream is vegetarian if you didn’t check wether the source of origin of the “mono and diglycerides of fatty acids” in the ice cream is of animals or plants? It is not vegetarian if they had to kill the animal.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thank you so much for alerting me to this, I wasn’t aware that mono – and diglycerides of fatty acids could be of animal origin. I’m sorry for the confusion, I’ve updated the article so that this is clear.
      I’ve also written to Ferrero to ask about the origin of this ingredient. I’ll update the article again as soon as I hear back.

      Kati x

    • Hi Liz!

      I’ve since heard back from Ferrero and I am very happy to report that the mono – and diglycerides of fatty acids in the ingredients are of vegetable sources only.

      Thanks again for highlighting this!

      Kati x

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