The Ultimate S’moresgasboard!

The Ultimate S’moresgasboard!

While my blog’s primary focus is gluten-free food ideas, this s’mores dessert platter can be enjoyed by everyone and adapted to any allergy requirements. It’s scalable too, so whether it’s a party of two or twenty you’ll be able to make just the right amount.

So for the uninitiated, what’s a s’more?

A s’more is a snack originating around campfires in the US. It’s made by roasting a marshmallow on an open flame then sandwiching it with a piece of chocolate between two Graham crackers. The hot marshmallow melts the chocolate and the crackers help you hold the hot mess before it oozes out the sides. It’s a delicious treat and it’s one you can replicate at home – no campfire required!

The smores platter has two kinds of chocolate, two kinds of biscuits, halved strawberries, raspberries, pretzels and caramel pieces. It also has a bowl of peanut butter.
A fully-loaded s’mores platter ready to grill those marshmallows

What you’ll need

A grill safe pan / dish the marshmallows will be placed into the pan before going under the grill to get that classic golden toasting. Make sure your pan is grill-safe and easy to handle – it’s going to be hot!

A heat proof tray / platter your gorgeous party platter is going to be holding that hot marshmallow pan. Ensure it’s heat proof so you don’t accident melt or burn the surface. I recommend using a wooden chopping board.

Marshmallows pick any type you like ensuring they meet your dietary needs. Many these days are gluten free but check for wheat starch. Vegetarian options are available as well, but check the label for gelatine to make sure.

Cookies while Graham crackers are the obvious choice they are really only available in the US (gluten free ones even exist over there!). Really though any biscuit or cookie will do, for mine I used Schar’s chocolate dipped cookies, pretzels and gluten-free Oreos. Digestives, HobNobs or even oat biscuits such as Nairn’s or Evlina are great – the oat cookies are particularly good as they are quite thin and not too hard.

Chocolate thin chocolates work best for s’mores as it ensures a good melt and spread across the biscuit. However you can use anything you like – I used After Eights and Fazer blue on my board as it’s what we had in the cupboard.

Extras your imagination is the limit when it comes to extras. I had fudge pieces, peanut butter, fresh strawberries and raspberries.

A raspberry is squished between an oreo filled with melted marshmallow and peanut butter
An Oreo, peanut butter and raspberry s’more

Preparing your s’mores platter

Get everything ready for your s’mores board before you cook the marshmallows so you and your friends can make s’mores while they are still hot and gooey. If you place the empty pan on your board it’ll help you arrange your toppings, ensuring there is space for it when it comes out of the grill.

Preheat your grill and make sure there is a good distance between the heat element and your tray – remember, things expand when they get hot and the last thing you want is to be cleaning burnt sugar off your grill the next day!

Watch carefully when you cook the marshmallows, they will go from regular to toasted in no time at all and could rapidly burn if you look away for even a few seconds. Have your oven mitts at the ready to get them out.

A plate of molten marshmallow with a spoon in it.
A spoon helps to scoop out the marshmallow – particularly when you’ve got crumbly gluten-free cookies!

You can pop the tray back under the grill to reheat the marshmallows if they become stiff – or add more to keep the party going!

When you clean up simply soak the marshmallow pan in warm water – the high sugar content means any remaining marshmallow will dissolve making cleaning nice and easy.

Let me know if you make it, feel free to tag your creations on Instagram tagging @kati_keksi and use the hashtag #katikeksi

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