Ayam Thai Green Curry Paste

Ayam Thai Green Curry Paste

Today I’m giving you my thoughts on Ayam’s Thai green curry paste. I’ll also include my thoughts on a few other brands I’ve tried so you’ve got some comparison.

Eating out can cause a bit of anxiety in the best of us so finding a good meal kit is important. With cost of living piling it on, making authentic flavours at home is also a great way to save money without missing out.

While the jarred Ayam Thai green curry paste isn’t a kit, it’s still a quick and easy way to make a tasty meal.

About Ayam

Ayam is a company with 130 years of history. They make numerous products with Asian flavours from pastes to condiments and ready to use sauces. The majority of their range is gluten free and certified by Coeliac Australia.

Their products are available all over Australia in all leading supermarkets. Jars of paste retail between $3 and $4 and can go as low as $2.50 when on special.

The AYAM brand logo. a black belt saying AYAM with a proud rooster in the centre.
As far as logos go, this one is pretty great.

Popular among all people not just gluten free folk

I’ve seen a number of stories tagging Ayam on Instagram and what I noticed was that it wasn’t gluten free accounts. Many folks buy Ayam brand because their products are free of added MSG and preservatives. Of course they’d also be buying because they taste great!

How to use Ayam Thai green curry paste

The jar itself is just the paste, so make sure you pick up coconut cream at the shops. You need to add coconut cream and water to make up the sauce.

The recipe also suggests adding kaffir lime leaves. While those are tasty, not having them isn’t going to adversely affect the meal. The first time I used the paste it we didn’t have any kaffir lime leaves and it was absolutely delicious. The leaves do add an additional depth of flavour and make it more authentic, but given a packet of these leaves is about $3 and you only need two for a serving size of four it may not be in your budget.

You can make the curry as soupy as you like by using more or less coconut cream and water. While this will dilute the flavour it’s still quite strong. The great thing is, if you’re making two or four serves you don’t need a full jar. This means you can dial up the heat by adding more paste.

A frying pan with thai green curry cooking
Apologies for the terrible photo quality! I’ll replace it next time I cook!

The great thing about this kit is how far it goes. There’s enough paste to make at least six serves.

The other advantage of it being a jar of paste is that you can do a bit of mathematics and make yourself a single serving.

The ratios required in adding coconut cream and water are also quite forgiving. The first time I made this I think I had a lot less liquid or it cooked off.

Second time around the end result had much more liquid. I think this was because I covered the pan with a lid while it simmered.

What ingredients you choose to add is up to you. You could make this dish meat free with loads of vegetables or go decadent and do a combo of chicken and prawn or do all seafood. It’s really up to you.

The taste

This honestly tastes just like a Thai green curry from your local restaurant. Its so flavourful, its creamy and it is certainly spicy. There’s enough liquid to the recipe that you can have beautifully cooked veg like eggplant soaking up the fragrant spices.

The Ayam paste is definitely the spicier of the brands I’ve tried. The good thing about the paste coming in a jar is you can adjust it to your personal taste. Too spicy last time? Start with a bit less and see how you go. Not spicy enough? Add in some more!

A plate of thai green curry and a moulded ball of white rice.
Perfect with white rice.

Other gluten free Thai green curry kits I’ve tried

  • Marion’s kitchen: Okay taste but no liquid. More like a Thai green stir fry. Sorry Marion, I like a soupy finish.
  • Hart and Soul: Very soupy, which great, however it lacked spice and in fact, lacked flavour. I think perhaps the directions water the paste down too far.


I have and will continue to buy the Ayam Brand curry paste. It’s just so much better than the other ones on the market. It makes a Thai green curry I can genuinely enjoy from the comfort of my own home.

It’s also a big plus to me to be able to make the exact number of serves I need. A lot of kits on the market make three or four serves. While it is handy to have leftovers most of the time, it doesn’t always work for me and I certainly don’t want to have any food waste.


You’ll find Ayam products, including their Thai green curry paste, at the big two supermarkets as well as independent grocers around Australia. To find the full Ayam range check out your local Asian grocery store.

If you’re reading abroad Ayam products are distributed in many countries overseas and are available to purchase through Amazon.


Gluten free: Legit gluten free, Coeliac Australia endorsed.
Vegetarian / vegan: No, as it contains fish sauce.
Allergens: Fish and soy
Serving size: At least six.

Thinking about other Ayam products? Check out my review of Ayam’s Laksa Paste. Or if you need a quick side for your Thai green curry, then check out my Instant Pot rice recipes!

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