Eskal chocolate wafers

Eskal chocolate wafers

If you’ve followed me even for a month on Instagram you’ll know I’m all about my snacks when having a coffee. I don’t eat a lot with my coffee, but I always have something. Usually a little chocolate morsel from the cupboard.

The thing is, I buy products enthusiastically but then I don’t get around to eating them. It’s gotten a bit out of control over the years but we basically have an entire shelf of snacks.

So for 2024 I’m making an effort to buy fewer products until I get through the backlog in the pantry.

Eskal chocolate wafers

I don’t really like wafer chocolates, I feel like it’s a cheap filler so they can use less chocolate. There aren’t that many wafer products here, Arnott’s Gaiety and of course Kit Kats.

Meanwhile, over in Europe wafers are all the range, especially in Eastern Europe and also Turkey. I feel like half the shelf is chocolate wafers. All with gluten of course, so I couldn’t eat them even if I wanted to!

The ones remember eating as a kid were sickly sweet with a few different flavours. I have an early childhood memory of eating pink wafer biscuits. Weird memory eh?

Regardless, I do like to review things I wouldn’t normally eat. I can give a balanced perspective and I get to challenge my own preconceptions. Plus I might be pleasantly surprised like I was with these Eskal wafers.

The taste

First impressions on opening the packet – it actually smells good! Or rather, it smells neutral. You know sometimes you open a gluten free product and you’re hit with some weird chemical smell? Something off-putting, even if the food tastes good? None of that here.

There’s an audible crunch when you bite in to the wafer. I think crunch factor is what makes some foods more satisfying or addictive, like potato chips. Or a good crunch on a fresh grape or apple.

The chocolate inside, despite being vegan / DF (may contain milk) is quite nice. What I’m really appreciating is that there’s no hazelnut. So it’s not like a Nutella filling.

For the record I absolutely hate hazelnut. I think I had an overload of it while touring southern Europe years ago and never recovered.

Looking at the ingredients the chocolate inside is just cocoa powder and vegetable oil – no cocoa butter. So I guess not real chocolate? But it does give it a rich chocolate taste. It reminds me of as a kid if you were making a paste out of cocoa for icing – yeah, it’s like chocolate icing actually 😂.

The crispy crunchy wafers are made from potato starch which no doubt gives the very white colour.

The verdict

Would I buy this again? Look, probably not, as I said I am not a wafer fan in principle.

But would I recommend this product? Absolutely yes.

It’s really well made, it’s not crumbly either. Mine had been in the cupboard for a while so it’s probably been knocked about however inside the very snug packaging it was absolutely fine.

Where to buy Eskal chocolate wafers

The only stockist I know of is Happy Tummies which are a fabulous online store specialising in food and products free from allergens.

They also make a lemon flavour which I have heard is delicious!


Gluten free: GF by ingredient.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan.
Allergens: Soy. May contain: Milk, peanut, tree nuts, sesame.
Serving size: 6 wafers.

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