Bask & Co Granola

Bask & Co Granola

Posted: May 21, 2024 Updated: June 5, 2024

Off the success of my last review, the lovely lady behind Bask & Co has asked me to review her granola! This is pretty exciting for me as it is a sponsored post, meaning I’m getting paid.

By the way you don’t miss out either there’s the discount code if you’re planning to buy – scroll down to see it!

The world of blogging is a pretty tough one and if you work on just website revenue alone you really don’t make much. One Facebook follower recently asked about this, and I can tell you, right now from my website I earn enough for about one coffee per week. Per week, that’s it.

Keep in mind a review just to write it up and make the photos presentable takes over an hour. Then add in time spent preparing / cooking / photographing. These reviews can take three hours or more! So while most are done for free, it’s really humbling, validating and just plain useful to do paid work.

So, before I get into the review let me be clear – I am not the gushing type. I am not going to accept work / free products from any and every company (already rejected one this week). I am not going to say I loved something just because I got paid for it.

AND I will not promote something I don’t believe in, or I think is a stretch beyond my knowledge base (such as medicines marketed at coeliacs).

Who are Bask & Co?

Bask & Co are based out of Queensland run by recipe developer turned entrepreneur Janessa Rutter.

Janessa made a big impact on the coeliac scene in May 2023 when she launched her gluten free porridge that does not use oats. In April 2024 there was another big splash when her products launched at Woolworths Metro stores around the country.

It’s really brilliant to see small business owners like Janessa succeed in bringing new gluten free products to market. While there are many gluten free products out there, small businesses (particularly those run by coeliacs) really have a finger on the pulse of what our community needs.

While financially times are tough, doing what we can to support small businesses is important if we want to keep them around. Don’t have the money to spend? That’s fine, write a review for your favourite GF business or cafe. Give them a like on Facebook or share their posts.

It all counts and it is all massively appreciated.

This post contains affiliate links, if you choose to buy I may earn a small commission. It’s not much, it doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps me afford to run Kati Keksi.

Ingredients of Bask and Co coconut almond granola

I don’t usually list ingredients when doing a review, it’s a bit of a nonsense filler. Also you could easily look it up yourself 😅. However, this granola is pretty unique in that there’s only a handful of ingredients.

Almonds, dried dates, organic coconut, organic rice malt syrup, organic coconut oil.

That’s it. Much to the happiness of a number of my FB followers, there’s no cinnamon!

The taste

I’ve heard from a few people that this cereal tastes just like ANZAC biscuits. Hmm… when I opened the packet it definitely smelled like ANZAC biscuits (coconut and sugar 😁).

There are some biiig chunks of granola in there. If you’re wondering why I’m pointing that out, it’s okay – chunks don’t matter to you. But a lot of granola fans love the big clusters of cereal and get a little sad when they get to the end and it’s all crumbly bits.

Eating a cluster straight from the packet the taste doesn’t make me think of ANZAC – mainly due to the almonds in the ingredients which lend a firmer texture and richer taste than the famous biscuit.

The sweetness is more subtle too, it’s grounded by the richness of the almonds. It definitely doesn’t have the sweetness or stickiness of some of the other GF granolas on the market.

In terms of flavour it’s got this richness from the almonds, the sweetness is there but much much more subtle than any Australian GF granola I’ve eaten.

The toasted coconut flakes add texture and the amount of them is just right. I think in some cereals coconut ends up being a cheap filler 😅 not the case here.

If you’re a GF granola aficionado then you’ll understand me when I say it’s like Blue Frog granola. However I’d venture to say that Bask & Co’s flavours and textures are better balanced.

With most cereal reviews I do my usual yoghurt and fruit bowl and then also a taste test with milk. I don’t eat milk and cereal (maybe once a year as a late night snack) but I think it’s a good test for the cereal in terms of how soggy it gets. Plus a bunch of you eat it that way!

Anyway, I don’t think any of you will be having this with milk so I’m not doing that!

Serving size

Granola serving sizes often throw me a bit, I saw one promo recently where someone poured themselves a bowl of granola and just ate it with milk. I really don’t think granola is designed that way! If it was you’d only be getting about three or four serves to a bag. We’re not made of money 😅.

I used 25g on my bowl, rather than 45g on the serving suggestion. I usually eat my yoghurt straight from the tub with add ons piled on top (like a frozen yoghurt stand?) so I’m guessing I’d actually use even less on a normal day.

My tub of yoghurt held about 23g.


It’s lovely! After many weeks of cereal on my morning yoghurt it’s been a nice switch to granola. Gluten free granola is pretty hit and miss for me, with most being too sweet and sticky to be enjoyable.

So it’s nice to have one thats more of a medium sweet and has the satiating benefit of nuts.

It’s a yes from me. Oh and as I was having breakfast a few days later my husband sampled it and immediately approved. He’s got refined (expensive) tastes when it comes to granola, very picky and dangerous to take him shopping 😅.


Bask & Co have three flavours of granola, the other two are caramel coffee, and dark chocolate.

You can buy their cereals in person at Woolworths Metro stores around the country, Bask & Co have a page with their stockists.

If you’re in to online shopping you can purchase through Happy Tummies (handy if you’re buying other GF products) or from Bask & Co directly – I’ve got a discount code for 20% off, just use GFG20 at checkout.


Gluten free: Legit, not detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan.
Allergens: Almond. May contain: Peanut, cashew, walnut, sesame, lupin, egg, milk.
Serving size: 5.5 serves (though in my use, closer to 10 serves).

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