Gluten Free Gravy Powder in Australia

Gluten Free Gravy Powder in Australia

Do you miss the ease of gravy powder since becoming gluten free? You may be surprised that there are actually quite a few brands that are gluten free. Not just one gluten free version of their gravy powder but the entire range.

Personally, I don’t use a lot of gravy, but when I do I want it to be good. My parents use gravy powder quite often, both for the taste and to get the classic rich brown colour. My folks keep Massel in the cupboard as it’s both plant-based and gluten free (my brother is vegan).

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I’m currently working on a guide to all things gluten free at Aldi. Needless to say I’ve been spending some time in the aisles taking photos. I was quite happy to see their gravy powders are in fact, legit gluten free – not detected on the nutrition panel.

It’s called Chefs’ Cupboard and has four flavours.

  • Chicken
  • Brown Onion
  • Traditional
  • Roast meat


Chicken style, supreme roast, demi glaze and traditional. All four Massel gravies are gluten free and come in a 130g tin.

There’s some pretty impressive features: low FODMAP, dairy free, no MSG and all plant-based.

The downside is they aren’t in the two big supermarkets. However you can find them in IGA and order them off Amazon or from the low FODMAP store FodShopper*.


I know about G-Fresh thanks to their range of herbs and spices that don’t have a may contain for gluten. But I didn’t realise they did gravy powders! They actually have seven different gravies to choose from!

They are labelled free from MSG, gluten, meat and dairy. Unfortunately their website doesn’t list ingredients so I can’t advise of allergens.

  • Chicken
  • Herb and garlic
  • Pepper
  • Beef and red wine
  • Mushroom
  • Roast meat
  • Traditional
All 7 G-Fresh instant gravy mixes.


I must admit I was quite surprised when I started reading through the packets on the shelf. While not all Gravox products are gluten free there are actually quite a few. It does take some looking as it varies between ranges and flavours.

Allergens: Milk, soy.

The new labelling has gluten free on the front!

The labels on the Gravox website (used in the photo above) when I first published this article in 2022 show gluten free on the front of the packaging (woohoo!). As of 2023, I’ve haven’t seen the gluten free label on the packaging in stores.

It’s still gluten free, just check the ingredients and allergens on the back. I think it may be that Gravox has chosen to stop testing for gluten. This doesn’t mean it’s not gluten free, however a negative test result is required in Australia if you want to label your product gluten free.

The range is available at Coles and Woolworths – the lamb and rosemary appears to be a Woolworths exclusive.

Christmas (Chrissie) Gravy

Exclusive to Coles over the festive period is a limited edition Chrissie Gravy by Gravox that is apparently great with any of the roast meats (or ham!) you’d have at Christmas. It’s not labelled gluten free but it is GF by ingredient. It’s also vegetarian.

Allergens: Milk and soy.

Gravox chrissie gravy powder and ingredients. Limited edition for Christmas and gluten free.

Lamb and rosemary

Okay so this isn’t a powder but hear me out – every other ready to use by Gravox contains wheat. So I feel like this one is special and should be included. It’s even tested – nil detected for gluten. According to the Gravox website it is a Coles exclusive.


It’s important to note these aren’t certified gluten free but they are gluten free by ingredient – this is acceptable to coeliacs across Australia. Unfortunately they don’t list the ingredients on the Mingle website. However I was able to find one packet at Coles and get a photo.

Roast chicken

Despite the name this is vegan. You can buy it from Happy Tummies for $6.20.

Roast beef

This is also vegan. I was able to find it at Coles and online at Happy Tummies.

Mingle gravy in a tin. Ingredients on the back show it does not contain gluten.

Mushroom umami

Ah umami, the savoury taste! This is another Mingle gravy powder, I think a bit newer than the rest – I only spotted it in July 2023. Again, no gluten containing ingredients and no dairy. If you’re shopping online get it at Happy Tummies.


Marigold makes an organic gluten free vegan gravy powder. As well as being gluten free it’s free from dairy, nuts soy and wheat.

Packaging of Marigold vegetarian gravy powder, label shows it is gluten free


Aussie company Orgran has been looking after coeliacs and those with allergies for decades. So it’s no surprise that they offer a gravy that is gluten free, dairy free, egg free and vegan.

It comes in a 200g packet and while I haven’t seen it in store it can be found at online retailers like Happy Tummies and Amazon.

Packaging of Orgran gluten free gravy powder.

Plantasy Foods

As the name suggests this gravy powder is plant-based, just the one variety – Rich Vegetable gravy mix in a 150g pouch. I discovered it on Happy Tummies but I’m sure it’s in other stores.


I noticed through Facebook groups (one of the best resources for GF recommendations – besides my website) that Woolies has some gluten free gravy powders! My local store didn’t stock them when I wrote the article so these are a late addition to the gravy guide.

These all contain milk and soy.

  • Traditional
  • Chicken
  • Brown Onion
Packaging of three tins of woolworths brand gravy powders all gluten free written on the front.

Commercial volumes of gluten free gravy powder

It would be remiss of me I suppose to not include the plethora of 1kg+ boxes of gluten free gravy powder that I came across during my research for this article. While it won’t be useful to typical readers, for anyone in food service please do opt for gluten free gravy over regular wheat-filled ones. You’ll make your food more accessible for people.

As for everyone else, it’s a bit of comfort really – it means there are better odds out there that the gravy available at cafes / pubs is going to be gluten free.

Update: After reading a few Facebook posts about GF gravy it turns out a lot of you buy big tubs! So I’ll upgrade this section with photos and links to purchase.

There can never be too much gluten free gravy


MAGGI Gluten Free Supreme Gravy Mix 2kg – vegan and endorsed by Coeliac Australia. You can purchase the Supreme mix from Amazon. They also do Maggi golden roast in 2kg which I’ve seen on Catch and Ebay.

I’m curious as to how long 20 litres of gravy lasts in a household.

Gravox Rich Brown Gravy 2.5kg – legit gluten free. I love that the website says it’s 400 servings – amazing!

KNORR Rich Brown Gravy Gluten Free 2kg. They also sell an 11kg tub of GF and vegan Supreme gravy! You can shop the Knorr range online at Amazon.

You can also buy the Massel gravy powders (listed above) in mega 8kg tubs!

Finally an Aussie company based in Melbourne, Edlyn, which sell a 2kg tub of Rich Brown Gravy. The rich brown gravy is dairy free and soy free.

They have two other flavours but both are only available in 8kg tubs.

Need somewhere to pour that gluten free gravy? Why not some of my super simple gluten free meatballs.

Or if you’re so inclined, drizzle that gravy over some bake at home frozen chips (shopping guide).

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