Gluten Free Christmas Foods

Gluten Free Christmas Foods

Christmas is a special time of year and for me it’s all about foods, gluten free foods. It’s so disheartening to see an amazing looking product, only to discover it isn’t gluten free. So, check out my list and be prepared for all the delicious things you can eat this Christmas.

I know a lot of my readers are also dairy free or vegan as well as being GF. Wherever an item meets these requirements I’ve noted it. Where I’ve got allergen information or an ingredients photo I’ve included it too.

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Aldi has a gluten free Christmas pudding wrapped in their cool black and white pattern. I haven’t seen it in store but he’s a shot from their recent catalogue.


It was the start of October when gluten free Christmas foods started to appear in my local Woolies and honestly I’m not complaining. It’s more time to spread out the indulgent foods rather than fit it all in to a few short weeks.

Lemon Myrtle Meringues

These delicate little meringues contain a citrus filling. They are individual serves, ready to pair with some cream and fresh fruit for an alternative take on a pavlova.

Allergens: Egg.

Plantitude Pavlova Nests

Isn’t it amazing that no-one had heard of aquafaba a few years ago and here we are with commercially made products in store? For those of you who haven’t come across it, aquafaba is the liquid from soaking chickpeas. Yes – someone decided to whip tinned chickpea water and it turned into meringue! These are also dairy free and vegan!

Allergens: Nil. May contain: Egg.

Free From Chocolate Sponge

Firstly, yay! A new item for 2023, but also boo – apparently this is only for Christmas. I don’t see why we can’t have this all year round?

Allergens: Egg, soy, sulphites. May contain: Milk, cashew, walnut.

Free From Fruit Pudding

The Woolworths Free From Fruit Pudding comes in two sizes, single serve (100g) and family size (400g). Both are legit gluten free so nothing to worry about here.

I can’t give y’all a review of these gluten free Christmas treats because I really do not like fruit pudding!

The allergens are the same for both products

Allergens: Egg, almonds, sulphites. May contain: Tree nuts, milk, sesame and soy.

Free From Chocolate Sponge

Now this is something I can get behind, a single serve chocolate sponge. Perfect for the GF or coeliac fruit pudding hater in your life (clearly this is a hint to my family).

I like these, you just microwave it and tip it upside down to get a soft sponge with a goopy sauce.

Allergens: Egg, milk, soy. May contain: Almond, pecans.

Free From Iced Fruit Cake Slices

Spiced fruitcake filled with brandy-soaked fruits and topped pure white icing. Honestly the recipe looks legit so if you’ve missed this you’re in for a treat.

Allergens: Egg, soy, almonds, sulphites. May contain: Peanuts, sesame seeds, milk and other tree nuts.

Free From Fruit Cake

Much the same as the sliced version above this is a spiced, fruit filled Christmas cake. It’s a larger size, 500g compared to the 180g of the slices. It doesn’t have icing, giving you the option to decorate or use it as you like – perhaps a Christmas trifle? Or brandy custard, whatever floats your boat.

Allergens: Egg, almonds, sulphites. May contain: Peanuts, soy, sesame seeds, milk and other tree nuts.

Apologies, I’ll get a better ingredients shot as soon as possible!

Festive Brownies

New for 2023 at Woolworths are these free from gluten festive brownies. Regular brownies that have been decorated with crushed candy canes.

Allergens: Milk, almond, egg, soy. May contain: Cashew, sulphites, walnut.

Packaging for gluten free woolies festive brownies.

Free From Gingerbread Cookies

Yesss! Finally gluten free Christmas treats that I like! I enjoy gingerbread, great to eat on its own and even better when dipped into a cup of coffee.

Allergens: Egg, milk and soy. May contain: Nil.

Free From Mince Pies

Ah the Christmas mince pie – always on tables at friend’s houses or in the tea room at work. At least this is how it was when I lived in the UK. I had to awkwardly eat a few every season when someone bought gluten free ones just for me. No surprise here, I don’t like these either. There’s nothing wrong with these, I just don’t like fruit mince!

Allergens: Egg, milk and soy. May contain: Tree nuts.


I did a bit of sleuthing one October evening and I discovered that some of the Coles gluten free Christmas range is actually the very same as Sainsbury’s over in the UK! This was done by comparing the ingredients of the mini mince pies, a new addition for Aussie coeliacs in 2023. I must say, the Sainsbury’s packaging looks much nicer than the bright orange we’ve got. But at least it’ll be easy to find our stuff in the stores!

2023 should give us the same range as last year, I’ve spotted all of these in store already and it’s only October. We’ve got two new items as well, the mini mince pies I mentioned, as well as mini fruit cake pieces.

I’m Free From Gluten Free Fruit Mince Pies

I’m surprised to see that these gluten free mince pies are actually made in the United Kingdom! These are also the first dairy free and vegan items on the list.

Allergens: Almonds and sulphites. May contain: Egg, other tree nuts, peanuts.

Now they come in a mini version as well!

Allergens: Almonds and sulphites. May contain: Egg, other tree nuts, peanuts.

I’m Free From Fruit Cake Slices

Also made in the UK the fruit cake slices are dairy free too, no may contain! They are also vegan 🙂

Allergens: Almonds and sulphites. May contain: Egg, other tree nuts, peanuts.

The fruit cakes are also available in mini version, perfect to take to the office and share around.

Allergens: Almonds and sulphites. May contain: Egg, other tree nuts, peanuts.

I’m Free From Christmas Pudding

These gluten free Christmas puddings come in two sizes, 110g and 400g. Perfect as a single serve for one Aussie coeliac or an entire gluten free family.

These puddings are legit dairy free and vegan. They do have may contains for nuts.

Allergens: Sulphites. May contain: Tree nuts.

I’m Free From Chocolate Pudding

Another self-saucing sponge pudding, yes please! Note: the listing on the Coles website has been written very poorly. It only lists may contains and not actual allergens. I’ve read through the ingredients and written out the allergens below and I’ll get a photo in store as soon as possible.

Allergens: Egg, soy. May contain: Tree nuts.

Christmas time meringues!

There are soo many meringue products at Coles and there’s something for everyone. Every meringue product I’ve come across is gluten free and this year there’s also a plant-based meringue.

Christmas Trees

These are too cute, four individual peppermint flavoured meringues with red and green decoration.

Allergens: Egg, sulphites.

Chocolate meringue desserts

There’s also two stylish meringue desserts finished with Belgian chocolate. They come in two flavours.

  • Raspberry and white chocolate meringues. Allergens: Egg, milk, soy.
  • Brown sugar and dark chocolate meringues. Allergens: Egg, soy. May contain: Milk.


Custard! Egg Nog! Almost every item I have checked in the Pauls range is legit gluten free (nil detected) and the rest are gluten free by ingredient. There’s a few too many to include photos of so here’s a quick list. A few do contain alcohol (though at a very low level) and of course they contain dairy.


  • Spiced brandy custard 600g (contains alcohol)
  • Brandy custard, 1kg (no alcohol, despite the flavour)
  • Butterscotch custard, 1kg
  • White chocolate, 1kg
  • Creme caramel, 600g
  • Vanilla bean, 600g
  • Baileys inspired, 600g (no alcohol)
  • Bundaberg vanilla, 600g (contains alcohol)
  • Tiramisu Bailey’s inspired, 600g (no alcohol)
  • Summer berry, 600g
  • Golden honeycomb, 600g
Just a few of Paul’s GF options

Egg nog

As you’d expect both of these contain egg as well as dairy.

  • Original egg nog, 1L
  • Rum egg nog, 1L (contains alcohol)

David Jones

If you’re feeling a little luxe or need some gluten free Christmas foods in larger portions then head to David Jones. Most notable is the gluten free Christmas pudding that is available in a massive 800g size.

Gluten Free Christmas Pudding

The DJs pudding is made in Australia and from 90% Australian ingredients. The fruit inside is soaked in both brandy and rum – a bit fancy. It is reflected in the price, the large size (800g) is $34.95 (8 serves) while the smaller 100g single serve is $7.95.

Allergens: Milk, egg, soy. May contain: Macadamia, almond, pecan.

Gluten Free Fruit Cake

David Jones also offers gluten free Christmas fruit cake as part of its food offering. Like the pudding it comes in two sizes, a single serve (100g) and a set of five more delicate slices (300g total). The ingredients are the same in both, unfortunately it has a may contain for milk so it’s not dairy free.

Allergens: Egg, soy, sulphites. May contain: Milk, peanut, sesame, almond, pecan.


Shortbread is synonymous with Christmas and happily DJs have two varieties to try. There is a classic plain and a chocolate chip version. At $6.95 they are reasonably priced (only $1 more than the regular biscuits), and give you 180g of GF biscuit goodness. Full ingredients are available on the David Jones website.

Allergens: Milk. May contain: Soy and tree nuts.

Simply Wize

Have a browse of the Christmas section on the Simply Wize website and you’ll be amazed by what is on offer (note: you need to filter to gluten free). But where on earth can you buy it?! So far the only guaranteed location I’ve found is Happy Tummies*. But, bookmark this page and I will update you with more – I’ve emailed Simply Wize to find out simply where they are.

Christmas pudding

You can’t have a range without a Christmas pudding! Although vegan it is a may contain for milk.

Allergens: Almond, soy, sulphites. May contain: Milk, tree nuts, peanuts.

Christmas Cake

Made the old way with brandy and sherry this is surely a proper Christmas cake. Currently in stock with GF Pantry and Happy Tummies*.

Allergens: Egg, milk, sulphites. May contain: Tree nuts, peanut, soy.

Siena Panforte Cake

Dense, rich and dairy free. These come in two flavours, a regular and a chocolate. They are not vegan as they contain honey. Available from: Happy Tummies*, Peter’s of Kensington, GF Pantry and oddly, Amazon.

Allergens: Tree nuts, soy, sulphites May contain: Egg, sesame seeds

Hopefully I’ll get ingredients photos when I see these in store.


Few gluten free companies do a specialty range better than Schar, unless of course you live in the UK where every supermarket does an amazing GF range for Christmas.

But, Schar brings us Italian panettone*, savoiardi biscuits* (DF, perfect for trifle), and spekulatius* (DF, vegan), the closest a coeliac could get to a Biscoff cookie.

I suspect we’ll see these in small retailers like Harris Farm (NSW) and IGA around the country. In the mean time look to online retailers (linked above).

Independent brands

Here’s where I’ve grouped the smaller retailers and products I’ve come across in my research. I’ll add photos as soon as I can 🙂

Gluten free Christmas Puddings

Pud for All Seasons

Pud for All Seasons are based in Castlemaine in Victoria. They have a huge range of gluten free puddings with three sizes available for their SIX different varieties.

Those with multiple dietary needs will be happy to know there are both dairy free and vegan options.

  • Gluten free, dairy free plum pudding: 100g, 400g, 800g
  • Gluten free, dairy free date and butterscotch pudding: 100g, 400g, 800g
  • Double choc orange (GF, DF): 100g, 400g, 800g
  • Cranberry and white choc (GF): 100g, 400g, 800g
  • Vegan, GF Christmas pudding: 100g, 400g, 800g
  • Vegan GF choc orange: 800g only

Pudding Lane

The folks at Pudding Lane make a 500g and 1kg gluten free Christmas pudding that is also dairy free. You can get it in a round ball or a log. You can also buy Pudding Lane products at Happy Tummies which is handy if you want to bundle your shopping and save on shipping.

Allergens: Egg. May contain: Sesame.

Pudding Lane also offer a vegan pudding that is gluten free so if eggs are your bother this is for you too.

May contain: Nuts, soy, sesame.

Adamstown Pudding Kitchen

These guys are a not for profit operating out of Adamstown and have been making Christmas puddings since 1971! You can buy online or in store in Adamstown and at a few stockists.

Allergens: Egg, milk, soy, sulphites.

Valley Produce Co

A 500g Christmas pudding made in the Barossa Valley. Available from online retailers such as GF Pantry ($44) and Gourmet Pantry ($34).

Allergens: Egg. May contain: Nuts, sesame.

Gluten free Shortbread

The great thing about shortbread is that it is meant to be crumbly. That’s perfect for gluten free!


This is an Aussie brand making gluten free treats for coeliacs. They have two flavours are available, classic and macadamia. Available at Woolworths.

Allergens: Milk, macadamia (for that one). May contain: Tree nuts, soy, milk.


Yes! Walkers make a gluten free shortbread! I spotted it in Harris Farm in early November and couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was plain, but looking at the photo it’s chocolate chip. It is also certified gluten free.

There’s also multipacks where you get a mix of plain and chocolate chip biscuits, it’s a 280g box I’ve seen it at Coles, Myer for about $16 and at Big W for a much more reasonable $9.50! Happy Tummies stocks the full Walkers GF range including a tasty looking ginger and lemon shortbread.

Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Nuts.

Gluten free Panettone

It’s hard not to stare at the panettone boxes in the big supermarkets, after all they are huge and everywhere. Thankfully there are some gluten free ones around but you need to search. Your best bet is Italian grocers where you’ll need to look for senza gluten (without gluten) on the labels.

Dolce Segreto

A new sighting for 2023! I saw this on my Facebook feed, it was spotted in Woolworths. I didn’t get to see one in person before my holiday but hopefully you all find them!

Allergens: Milk, eggs. May contain: Tree nuts, soy.

Box of Dolce segreto gluten free traditional panettone
$5.50 for 100g

Pasticceria Fraccaro

I spotted this one in Harris Farm in Glebe. I love how the back of the label says specifically formulated for coeliacs ahh. You can also buy it from Mercato – it’s $63, I’m sure it was much cheaper in Harris Farm but I didn’t take a photo (my notes say it was $35). Also spotted LaManna (Melbourne) for $55.

Allergens: Egg, milk. May contain: Tree nuts, soy, sesame, mustard (?!).

Pasticceria Fraccaro gluten free panettone showing ingredients are gluten free.


Hands down the most cost-effective panettone you will get this Christmas. The Schar gluten free panettone is available at Happy Tummies and is just $23.95. It’s 420g so it’s a similar size to the others on this list. It’s also been spotted in some stores around Australia, check your local Facebook group for tips.

Allergens: Milk, egg. May contain: Soy.

The box for the schar gluten free panettone.


Pistachio panettone, wow! One thing I noticed with gluten free panettone is it’s harder to get fun flavours, so this Vergani panettone is a little bit exciting. I haven’t come across the ingredients / allergens yet but I’ll keep searching.

They also make a traditional panettone, both are 600g and both around the $35 mark – so far I’ve seen them for sale on the site Bottega Rotoro. Happy Tummies also stock the Vergani in chocolate!


Chocolate chip panettone, woo! This one has none of the fruit pieces or orange rind, so it is right up my alley. I will happily sit at the kids table if it means I get the chocolate chip GF panettone. GF Pantry stocks these but I’ve read they can be found in IGA and independent grocers.

Allergens: Milk, egg, Soy. May contain: Nuts.

For you purists they also make the traditional panettone, the size and price are the same 500g and around $34.

Allergens: Milk, egg. May contain: Nuts, soy.

I’ve also seen photos of these same flavours in a smaller 100g panettone.

Brio Bakery

A 100% gluten free bakery located in Verona, Italy making gluten free cakes. They have a GF panettone with chocolate drops, a traditional and one with apple and cinnamon. I saw all three on the online store Enoteca. No ingredients listed on the site, they are all 400g and $42.

Gluten free Mince Pies

Foods of Athenry

Starry Mince Pies by Foods of Athenry are gluten free, dairy free and vegan. They are certified gluten free. A packet of four mince pies, just enough for one coeliac! Available from Happy Tummies* and Vegan Perfection.

Allergens: Almond, walnut. May contain: Other nuts.

GF Precinct Gluten Free Mince Pies

These are egg free, nut free and soy free. Spotted at LaManna, they are a bit pricey at $17. You can also buy them online at Gluten Free Foods.

Allergens: Milk.

Jon Jon Fruit Mince Bites

A brand I’ve never seen around, Jon Jon gluten free mince pies. They are made in New Zealand, so not the furthest distance to travel. I spotted these in an IGA in Victoria so I’m sure they will be in a few locations around the country.

Allergens: Dairy, soy.

Brandy Snaps

It’s definitely possible to make brandy snaps gluten free – after all, there’s hardly any flour in them to begin with. And yet, I think I’ve only seen them once. Until a day towards the end of November. Amazingly, these are dairy free but they are not vegan – it lists ‘animal fat’ in the margarine.

I saw these in IGA in Victoria, the brand is called Jon Jon. I’ve never seen or heard of the brand, but a quick search reveals you can also order it from GF Pantry.

Allergens: Soy.


In the mood for more Christmas preparation? Check out these gluten free advent calendars and while you’re at it, read up on all the gluten free gravy powders available in Australia.

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