Katz gluten free donuts have arrived in Australia

Katz gluten free donuts have arrived in Australia

My Instagram and Facebook feeds have been abuzz this week, Katz gluten free donuts are now available in Australia. I have seen so many supermarket gluten free donuts over the years. Sadly most are only available in the United States. Discovering that part of the Katz range is now at Woolworths is very exciting indeed.

Katz is a 100% gluten-free brand from the US that boasts an extensive range of products. Their list of doughnut flavours is just amazing. Besides doughnuts they also make breads, baking mixes, muffins, cookies, pies. Just about every American treat you can think of.

These particular donuts are gluten free, dairy free and soy free. The only allergen is egg, meaning they are vegetarian but not vegan.

Two images. Scale picture of donuts against a hand. A photo of the ingredients on the box.
The donuts are a generous size.

Where to find them

When any new gluten free product arrives the hardest thing is to find it. These donuts are exclusive to Woolworths and available in over 900 stores Australia-wide (there’s just over 1,000 Woolies in Aus). The Katz gluten free donuts are usually stored in the gluten-free freezer section of the supermarket.

We found these at the Marrickville Metro shopping centre. Smaller Woolies stores may not stock them, so head to larger supermarkets in the suburbs. If you’ve found them please leave a comment with the location to help others!


NSW – Ashfield, Balmain, Bankstown, Bass Hill, Bowral, Cherrybrook, Dapto, Emu Plains, Glenmore Park, Ingleburn, Katoomba, Lane Cove, Leichhardt (MarketPlace SC), Marrickville Metro shopping centre, Big Woolies Illawarra Rd Marrickville, Miranda, Mt Druitt, Newcastle West, Oran Park, Pyrmont, Rutherford, Shell Cove, Southgate SC (Sylvania), Tuncurry, Wadalba, Winston Hills.

VIC – Armstrong Creek, Ballarat, Bendigo (delivery), Blackburn South, Carrum Downs, Chelsea, Chirnside Park, Churchill, Coburg, Cranbourne East, Eltham, Endeavour Hills, Ferntree Gully, Forest Hill, Hawthorn East, Hogans Corner SC, Hoppers Crossing, Keysborough South, Maryborough, Moonee Ponds, Newcomb, Niddrie, Point Cook (Featherbrook shopping centre), Rosenthal (Sunbury), Tarneit Gardens, Werribee Plaza, Wheelers Hill.

QLD – Brassall, Cannon Hill, Elenora, Hervey Bay, Helensvale, Kippa-Ring, Morayfield, Ormeau, Springfield, Taigum, Toowoomba, Woodford, Woodridge, Wynnum.

SA – Arndale SC Kilkenny, Blakeview, Findon, Golden Grove, Port Augusta, Seaford Meadows.

ACT – Cooleman Court shopping centre, Weston.

WA – Kingsway.

I’ll add more locations as I see comments or hear back on Facebook 🙂

Preparing your Katz gluten free donuts

So, like most gluten free products, definitely heat them up before eating. The box has two options for preparing the donuts.

Microwave from frozen for 25 seconds or thaw naturally (30 minutes on the bench) and microwave for 5 seconds.

Ever the scientist I did both methods and taste tested them together. The results were completely different and there was a clear winner.

Two donuts cut open. The bottom donut looks more airy inside.
The top was thaw and 5 seconds, the bottom was 25 seconds from frozen.

Microwaving the donut from frozen for 25 seconds resulted in a soft, squidgy donut. It wasn’t hot and the glazed remained completely in tact. I had fully expected it to melt off the donut and onto my plate.

I thought the natural thaw and short stint in the microwave would be better, helping preserve the glaze. However the donut remained firm, it was more dense and a bit stodgy to bite into. The thaw method also made the donut seem much more dry making it less enjoyable. This method was not anywhere near as good.

The taste

The donuts are less sweet than I expected which is great. Don’t get me wrong they are still sweet but being an American product I was expecting intoxicating sweetness.

The texture is soft and springy. When microwaved for the full 25 seconds the dough becomes much more moist. It didn’t crumble at all, there were no crumbs left on my plate, just a little bit of glaze.

It also withstood being dipped in my coffee, which is a big plus in my opinion.

A Katz gluten free donut cut in half.
The Katz donuts are light and airy inside.

How do they compare to Krispy Kreme?

It’s hard for me to compare this to a Krispy Kreme as it’s been about fifteen years since I’ve had one. From memory Krispy Kreme donuts were much sweeter, leaving you feeling a bit ill afterwards.

I certainly have a little sugar rush going right now, but I feel quite content. The donuts are well-balanced and a really nice treat.

The verdict

I would absolutely buy the Katz gluten free donuts again, there’s nothing else like them in Australia at the moment. Are they my favourite gluten free doughnut? Hm, not quite, I think the freshly made OMG gluten free donuts are the best. But for the convenience and the uniquely American style glaze these can’t be beat.

The price is currently $10. At first it seems a bit steep but you get six large doughnuts for that price. Making it just $1.65 per doughnut, which is a bargain.

Katz gluten free donut dunked into a cup of coffee.
As recommended on the packet, it’s delicious dunked in coffee.

On the side of the box it recommends dipping it into your morning cup of coffee. I may have done a little shudder of delight, it was great.


Gluten free: Legit, US certified.
Vegetarian / vegan: vegetarian. It contains egg.
Allergens: egg
Serving size: six full sized donuts.

Did you enjoy reading this review? You can see more of my gluten free product reviews, new reviews are added every week.

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