Yalla tiramisu

Yalla tiramisu

What a pleasant surprise to pick up Yalla tiramisu on a supermarket trip and discover it’s gluten free! I wasn’t familiar with the Yalla brand at the time but I now know their entire range is gluten free. Besides desserts like chocolate mousse, luxury yogurts and trifle they also make a range of soups and dips.

We had the Yalla tiramisu as part of an Italian themed night. I’d been planning to make lasagna for our Sunday evening meal. I thought finishing it with an Italian dessert would make it a little more special.

A cross section slice of Yalla tiramisu. One third is sponge, two thirds is cream cheese.
A base of coffee drenched sponge topped with creamy goodness.

The taste

The creamy top is a thick mix of cream and sour cream. I was a bit surprised by this because I thought marscapone was the go-to for tiramisu. However cream and sour cream is pretty much cheesecake right? It is still super decadent and properly set.

My first impression on the taste is that the coffee syrup is suuuuper strong. My husband found it pretty intense when he tried the syrup from the bottom of the container. He hates coffee, but has enjoyed tiramisu before agreed to give it a go. There is hope.

The sponge is pretty solid, I’m amazed by how much coffee syrup it’s holding. If you give the sponge a poke it seeps right out.

In terms of a ‘would you realise this is gluten free’ well it’s not falling apart so theres one tick. However the sponge is a bit grainy, so perhaps in that way it’s a bit more clear? Having said that, I’m sitting here eating the sponge on its own and trying to pin point exact details about this dessert.

When you’re eating it normally you don’t notice the texture at all. What you get is the rich creamy, slightly tangy topping, followed by a burst of coffee as the sponge releases all it’s boozy syrup.

The good

For the price it’s great, I picked up a 250g box which serves two for $8. There’s also a larger size that I think serves four for around $14. If you had to make this yourself it would cost so much more. Of course going out to a restaurant would be over $10 for one portion.

And who here has found a gluten-free tiramisu in a restaurant lately?

The bad

It’s rather tricky to get out of the packet. I used a cake server and kind of managed it. Maybe an egg flip would be better. But, if it’s just you or you and a pal eating it, then it doesn’t matter if you make a mess.

It’s only a single layer, when normally you’d probably have two layers of each. It’s not the bad thing really. I’m sure it’s done this way because it’s easier to produce and store as supermarket product.

The container is clear plastic, a square shape with rounded ridged edges.
The rounded plastic makes it hard to get into the packaging to take it out.


Would I buy this Yalla tiramisu again? Yeah I think I would. Would my coffee-hating husband eat it again? Maybe not!

Yalla have a pretty big range of dessert items and I’ve seen them in a few stores, not just Harris Farms but also at my local Woolworths. It’s really well made and a properly decadent dessert rather than something trying to be healthy when it really doesn’t need to be. I’m definitely keen to try more.


Gluten free: Legit, Yalla are a gluten free brand.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian, they use agar rather than gelatine.
Allergens: Egg and milk
Serving size: Two.

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