The ultimate gluten free dumplings guide

The ultimate gluten free dumplings guide

Dumplings are one of the best foods, they are great to share, great to eat alone, but gluten free? Well, I am happy to tell you there are plenty of gluten free dumplings available across Australia. It just takes a bit of research and a visit to two or more stores to secure yourself enough supplies for a dumpling feast!

So, in no particular order, here are all the gluten free dumpling you can find around Australia.

Mr Chen’s

Mr Chen’s, who make my absolute favourite #accidentallyglutenfree pho kit also make two varieties of legit gluten free dumplings. They make a prawn hargow and a vegetable gyoza, both of which are delicious. Let’s hope they make even more of their flavours gluten free.

Get them from Woolworths and Coles in the gluten free freezer section.

Nature’s Kitchen by Coles

In the Coles freezer section you’ll find gyoza and teeny tiny dim sims. Both are vegan, this is very clear, but they are also gluten free. It’s written on the front but at the bottom of the packet, so if you’re not aware it’s not very obvious.

Update: In early 2024 Coles started rolling out new packaging (below) and they much more clearly state that they are gluten free.

Bonus! The Nature’s Kitchen range also has vegetable spring rolls.

Get them from Coles, usually in the gluten free section, sometimes nearby in the vegetarian / vegan area.

House of Goodness

One of the best things about House of Goodness is that all of their dumplings are gluten free. There’s no chance of buying the wrong type, and even better they are endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

House of Goodness are great with their allergens too, they are free from dairy, egg, nut and sesame. They do however all contain soy. Great on their own or even in a dumpling noodle soup.

  • Beef and ginger
  • Chicken and lemongrass
  • Chicken and shiitake mushroom
  • Pork and spring onion
  • Tofu and shiitake mushroom
The packaging for each of the House of Goodness gluten free dumpling range.

Get them from independent retailers around Australia. In Sydney I bought them at Harris Farm and in Melbourne I get them from La Manna and a local organics store. Check their website for stockists.

Mrs Tran’s Kitchen

Their gluten free range are all Coeliac Australia accredited with the logo right on the front. They have a range of flavours and unlike the other brands in this list, they come in packets of up to 20 dumplings. Bonus! Five out of the six flavours are low FODMAP.

  • Shiitake mushroom (20 pieces)
  • Ginger prawn (17 pieces)(15 pieces – old packaging)
  • Prawn and chive (20 pieces)
  • Prawn Ha Gao (20 pieces)
  • Vegetable (20 pieces)(12 pieces – old packaging)
  • Scallop and prawn (20 pieces)
Love seeing that CA endorsement!
Mrs Tran’s updated their packaging (above) in April 2024, but you might see their previous style on the shelves for a bit.

It’s a bit hit and miss on where you’ll find them, their products are much more common in Melbourne. Check their detailed stockist page before you head out looking or have a chat to their friendly team on Instagram.

8D House

8D House are based in Coburg, Melbourne where they make a range of Asian foods, all gluten free. I’ve had the Korean BBQ beef gyoza and I can say, I really enjoyed how tender the filling is inside.

  • Pork and chives gyoza
  • Buddha’s veggie gyoza
  • Pork dumpling
  • Chicken and mushroom gyoza
  • Lemongrass chicken gyoza
  • Korean BBQ beef gyoza
Four of the 8D House gluten free dumpling packets.

Get them from independent grocers like the Happy Apple and specialty retailers such as gluten free butchers.

Sunny Seafood

I learned about Sunny Seafood from one of the many gluten free Facebook groups I’m in. Happily I was able to find their products in the wild at my local Asian grocery store.

  • Prawn and chive dumpling
  • Prawn hakau (har gao)
  • Vegetarian dumpling
  • Scallop dumpling

Get them from Asian grocers and independent delis.

While we’re on the topic of Sunny Seafood they actually have a stupendous gluten free range you should check out.

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