Sunny Seafood has a stupendous gluten free range

Sunny Seafood has a stupendous gluten free range

So this article is definitely not a review, I haven’t tried all of Sunny Seafood’s gluten free range. And how could I? It’s huuuuuuuge!

For a brand most people wouldn’t have heard of, they’ve got a broad and interesting range of gluten free products ready to take home and cook. I’m just going to list them all and include a photo where I can.

In terms of where to buy these, I live in Melbourne and from Facebook groups these seem to come up at Asian grocery stores and green grocers. If you’ve seen these products, let me know in the comments and I’ll bring together a list of stockists right on this page!

After all, us gluten free folk like to help each other out 😋.

Sunny Seafood do have a website, but not for retail sales. Their gluten free products are listed together with their vegan products, so it’s a bit of a mess to look at. I’ve gone through the website and just put the GF ones on this guide.

Gluten free dumplings

Dumplings are obviously my go to food. It’s become our New Years Eve tradition and I’ve definitely had a dumpling feast for more than one Valentine’s Day. So I am always on the look out for more gluten free dumpling options.

In fact, it was while I was researching for my gluten free dumpling guide (coming soon!) that I uncovered just how extensive the Sunny Seafood range is.

Prawn Ha Kau

It must be a pronunciation / regional thing, but I’ve always known these as prawn har gow. Either way it’s a delicate clear dumpling parcel filled with tender prawn meat. These come in a pack of 20 pieces.

Vegetarian dumpling

So I think I’ve had the vegetarian dumplings before, from memory they had black fungus (mushroom) and maybe corn as well as the usual cabbage etc. It has 15 pieces in the packet but they are biiiiig.

Prawn and chive dumpling

I haven’t tried the prawn and chive dumpling as I’ve fairly sensitive to onion and onion-like vegetables. It just gives me a tummy ache, nothing major but it’s easy enough to avoid. This is a pack of 15 dumplings.

Packaging for Sunny Seafood gluten free prawn and chive dumpling.

Scallop dumpling

Scallop dumplings are something I’ve always been curious about but it’s a firm no from my husband so I don’t think we’ll be buying these any time soon. If you’ve had them, let me know what you think in the comments! This is a pack of 15 dumplings.

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Asian favourites made gluten free

I love how extensive and varied this range is, read on…

Potato Wrapped Prawns

I feel like I’ve seen potato wrapped prawns in the supermarket but obviously they weren’t gluten free. No idea why not, surely it’s just potato? Either way, it’s a fancy looking cocktail snack that will no doubt impress. They come in packets of 14 and 33.

Packaging for potato wrapped prawns

Sugarcane prawn

If you’ve been to a Vietnamese restaurant then you’ve likely come across sugarcane prawn on the menu. It’s minced prawn meat wrapped around a piece of sugar cane. Theoretically it’s naturally gluten free (I haven’t seen flour in any recipe) but maybe the fish sauce or spices could be an issue.

Comes in a pack of 6 or 14 pieces.

Banh Xeo, Vietnamese savoury pancake

Vietnamese banh xeo were the go-to order for my husband and I every time we went to Pho restaurants in the UK. It’s a bit omelette, it’s a bit pancake, and it’s all delicious.

At Pho it was served full to the brim with prawn, chicken and bean shoots. You’d cut up the pancake and pick up pieces using super fine rice paper, betel leaves and other aromatic herbs before dunking in nước chấm dipping sauce.

It’s a flavour explosion.

I’m not sure how these will compare but I’m sure it’s worth a try!

Seafood roll cake

Is it a roll, is it a cake? No idea but apparently it’s filled with prawns, squid, fish and edamame beans. It can be steamed or steam / fried the same way you’d cook dumplings.  

Vermicelli prawn spring rolls

A traditional Hanoi spring roll, wrapped with vermicelli. The filling is made with chunky sweet prawns, comes in a packet of 24. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like these, pretty cool.

Vermicelli seafood spring rolls

Similar to the prawn spring roll above except this one is filled with seafood, chunky pieces of prawn, crab and vegetables. A pack includes 24 pieces.

Vermicelli vegetarian spring rolls

This is just the second vegetarian product and I think the only vegan one of the dumpling / spring rolls by Sunny Seafood. It doesn’t list vegan on the front but there’s a vegan icon on their website.

Other gluten free Asian ingredients

When I took a second look at Sunny Seafood’s website for their gluten free products I noticed a few more items.

Bean curd

I think bean curd products should be naturally gluten free, but I imagine they sometimes have additional ingredients or are processed in shared facilities. Sunny Seafood has three types available gluten free.

Beancurd filled with prawn

According to the website these beancurd rolls can be cooked in the oven or even in an air fryer!

I’m really curious about this product as I love beancurd in Japanese inari, but this would have a completely different texture after being baked or air fried.

Where to buy Sunny Seafood gluten free products

Now this is the tricky part of the article. I’ve only seen these in a few places around Melbourne. So let me know if you’ve seen them anywhere else across Australia and I’ll update this list.

Melbourne: Premium Asian Pantry (Airport West), Big Fields (Reservoir), Sacca’s Fine Foods (various locations, but saw stock at Airport West).

Sydney: Ritchies (Taren Point).

Tasmania: Tsing Wah Asian Grocers (Launceston).

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