Apple and Cinnamon Clusters by Coles I’m Free From

Apple and Cinnamon Clusters by Coles I’m Free From

There’s nothing quite like a new cereal in the free from aisle, so of course I had to buy the apple and cinnamon clusters when I last visited Coles. This cereal is labelled free from gluten and wheat and it’s also labelled vegan (may contain milk though). See the full list of allergens at the bottom of the article.

Apple and cinnamon clusters

First thought on opening the box, there are definitely clusters! Just take a look at this one, its practically a muesli bar!

Coles I'm free from apple and cinnamon clusters. A massive cluster from the box.

I love that all the different ingredients are so clearly visible. It’s super crunchy without having hard spots that hurt your teeth. It’s a little bit sweet but in a way that feels natural, definitely not sweet in the way of a kids sugary cereal.

The tiny bits of apple are a nice touch though you don’t necessarily notice them in a mouthful.

In the cereal there’s buckwheat groats, puffed rice, sunflower seeds and puffed amaranth making up the bulk of the batch.

Then a few extras of pumpkin seeds, dried apple and freeze dried apple.

What’s so nice is that it isn’t full of seeds – unlike a Woolies cereal I got in 2022 that claimed to be granola and turned out to be 30% seeds. It was horrible!

The taste

Two taste methods today. Actually, I also ate it just dry on its own and that is pretty good too!

In milk

I don’t normally eat granola with milk unless it’s late at night and I’m hungry. I dropped apple and cinnamon clusters into a bowl of milk and left it thirty seconds. The crunch is still there so that’s a good sign and it’s definitely tasty enough to eat on its own like this.

It does start to soften after a few minutes but there is still a lingering crunch. I think it would certainly work well as a full serving for breakfast with milk. I don’t think it would turn into a soggy mess before you finished it either.

Coles I'm free from apple and cinnamon clusters in a bowl without any milk.

On yoghurt

I have been eating this on yoghurt for two weeks and loving it. While it’s on top of my yoghurt its staying super crunchy and delicious. Even through the yoghurt I can still pick up the sweetness of the clusters and also the little apple pieces.

It does of course soften over time, but it does take a while. Usually when I’m having a slower morning – like writing a website article over breakfast. Which is what I’m doing right now!

the verdict

I didn’t think I’d say this about a Coles brand cereal but I absolutely love it. I think after having such a bad experience with a Woolworths cereal I had my expectations set super low.

This cereal is really well balanced, there’s no overwhelming flavours, not too many seeds either. Oh, and no massive flakes of dried coconut – honestly, who wants that?

I will definitely be buying this again, but first I’ll be trying the other flavours in their range. If you haven’t see them yet they are honey and almond, and cranberry & raspberry.

Product details

Gluten free: Legit, not detected.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan.
Allergens: Sulphites. May contain: Tree nuts, lupin, milk, peanut, soy.
Serving size: Eight 45g serves.

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