Gluten Free Bakehouse Meat Pies

Gluten Free Bakehouse Meat Pies

As an Aussie I love a good meat pie so I am very happy that GF Bakehouse makes gluten free meat pies. So as we get closer to the AFL Grand Final I will be off again to my local freezer section to find a meat pie.

The Gluten Free Bakehouse meat pies are a Woolworths exclusive, so you won’t be finding them at Coles or independent grocers. However, they are stocked in most Woolworths stores, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting your hands on them.

To prepare them all you need is an oven – they baked well at 180 for 35 mins, so heating times are accurate.


It is a really delicious and balanced meat pie. Both kinds of pastry are as they should be, the base is stable and sturdy without being hard. The puff pastry top is delicate and flakey – it’s also beautifully golden when it comes out of the oven.

Most of the meat inside is ground but I have had at big pieces of steak, which were perfectly tender. One pie just had the one piece, but I’ve also had pies with three so it’s a bit of luck.

The seasoning is well proportioned, not too salty and a little taste of pepper. There’s some sweetness from the onion but I wasn’t left with an overly oniony vibe.


The ingredients are quite long and of course, subject to change – check on the Gluten Free Bakehouse website for details on the meat pies.

However, in terms of allergens the meat pies contain egg, milk and soy and may contain walnuts.


It’s indistinguishable from a regular gluten-filled pie. My husband has no issues eating these with me which is great because I only need to buy one item at the shops.

The other good thing is the really sturdy pastry – for something gluten free, it’s well engineered.


Not sure if it’s a bad thing, but once or twice I’ve had the lid of the pastry pop open during cooking. It doesn’t phase me personally, but if you wanted it to be picture-perfect you might mind.

I’m not a fan of onions, so that’s not great for me, but in an item like a meat pie it’s hard to avoid. Thankfully, the pieces are very small and not noticeable. I didn’t get any onion-related tummy upsets later (I’m a bit FODMAP sensitive to onion).


Of course if you’re an Aussie coeliac you’ll be adding on tomato sauce! For me, that’s all I need. The gluten free Bakehouse meat pies do go really well with other sauces like Huy Fong sriracha.

A gluten free bakehouse meat pie on a plate with a serving of tomato sauce.
Perfect golden pastry

If you wanted to make a bigger meal out of it I’d pair it with some oven chips (Coles homebrand is naturally gluten free) and a big salad.


In the last year I’ve bought the Gluten Free Bakehouse meat pies three or four times. Usually when there’s a big AFL football match, it just completes the experience.

If I had a bigger freezer I’d keep a packet on hand, but given they are always in stock at my local Woolworths I can rely on them whenever I need.


Gluten free: Legit GF, not detected.
Vegetarian / vegan: Nope, beef.
Allergens: Egg, milk, soy. May contain: Walnut.
Serving size: Two pies.

Live in Sydney? Why not buy a gluten free meat pie from a real bakehouse? Check out my review of Sebastien Sans Gluten or my handy list of gluten free bakeries around Sydney.

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