Honey and Almond Clusters by Coles I’m Free From

Honey and Almond Clusters by Coles I’m Free From

After buying (and loving) the apple and cinnamon clusters by Coles I bought the other two flavours on my next visit. The honey and almond clusters by Coles are labelled free from gluten and wheat and it’s vegetarian (not vegan, due to honey). See the full list of allergens at the bottom of the article.

Honey and almond clusters

The clusters are plentiful! There’s also a good amount of almonds, which are whole rather than pieces or slivers.

A bowl of honey almond clusters. It shows whole almonds, slivers of coconut and clusters that are bigger than the almonds.

All the ingredients are clearly visible, what you see is what you get. The cereal is made up of buckwheat groats, puffed rice, sunflower seeds, puffed amaranth and coconut.

It’s well balanced, definitely more cereals and grains than anything else. Which is what you want when you buy cereal and granola!

The taste

Eating it on it’s own the clusters are like a super crunchy muesli bar. Though as I’ll keep saying in this review – not as sweet as one.

In milk

I noticed that eating it with milk the sweetness of the honey comes through really nicely. Not crazy sweet but definitely sweet, subtle honey flavour. After a minute the crunch is still there.

The milk isn’t really taking on the sweetness, so that’s probably a good sign it isn’t super sugary.

After several minutes the clusters have still got crunch – this stuff goes the distance.

On yoghurt

The big chunks don’t go soft on yoghurt, not even after a few minutes. However the smaller more crumbled up pieces do, which makes sense as they soak into the yoghurt.

Honey and almond clusters sprinkled on top of a tub of yoghurt. The Coles packaging is sitting next to it.

the verdict

Having loved the apple and cinnamon flavour I was confident I would love honey and almond clusters too. This Coles brand cereal has really nailed it for me.

I think it comes down to how well the cereal is balanced, particularly in terms of texture. It’s got this great crunch that really holds, but but it’s done without excessive seeds or nuts. It’s a great benefit because nuts and seeds increase the price. Paleo muesli is borderline unaffordable, and gluten free is expensive enough!

The only drawback I see on this one is the massive pieces of dried coconut. I’m just not a coconut fan, but having said that, it’s not excessive.

I will definitely be buying this again, and next in my cupboard to try is the cranberry & raspberry clusters. I think I may have to hide these from my husband, as he is a big berry fan.

Packaging of the two other coles I'm free from clusters range.

Product details

Gluten free: Legit, not detected.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian (contains honey).
Allergens: Almond, sulphites. May contain: Tree nuts, lupin, milk, peanut, soy.
Serving size: Eight 45g serves.

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