Foddies Thai Green Curry is now at Coles

Foddies Thai Green Curry is now at Coles

Coles has a new gluten free meal in the freezer section, Thai green curry by low FODMAP brand Foddies. It came to stores in August, just weeks after Foddies announced they’d be closing down. The opportunity to be stocked in over 500 stores is a last minute reprieve for the long time Aussie brand.

Preparing Foddies Thai Green Curry

Just microwave it, right? Well, that’s what I was thinking when I took it out of the freezer for lunch. Then I read on the packet ‘for best results, leave to thaw overnight in fridge.’ Sorry Foddies, but these are convenience meals, we’re not here to plan ahead!

Fortunately it does give instructions for heating it when fully frozen. It advises to heat for 2 – 3 minutes, stirring half way through, and for frozen to do an additional 2 – 3 minutes.

I did three minutes, took it out, gave each segment a stir. I did another minute but it wasn’t hot hot so I did another thirty seconds.

So, 4.5 minutes heating time when frozen.

It also says on the packet that the container (minus the film) is oven save. However it doesn’t give oven heating instructions. If you don’t have a microwave I’d suggest 170C for 30 to 35 minutes. Like with the microwave instructions it helps to stir the contents once or twice to distribute the heat.

The packaging for Foddies Thai green curry beside the meal tray showing the rice and curry.
Low FODMAP, lactose free, dairy free, soy free, egg free!

The taste

Before I delve into the taste I’ll tell you exactly what’s in the curry. In my container there were about seven pieces of chicken breast, it made up the bulk of the curry which is great. There were about five pieces of red capsicum, a peice of zucchini and some very very thin slices of carrot.

Overall a good mix, there’s nothing worse than getting a meat dish and only finding two or three pieces inside.

The sauce itself is flavourful and fragrant like a Thai green curry should be. To me the chilli level was very very mild, so in my opinion not a genuine recipe.

The chicken breast was soft and tender, which is somewhat rare in frozen meals so I was impressed. The one piece of zucchini I had was sooo tasty, it was all squishy and had absorbed all the flavours of the curry.

The sauce has the right consistency too, nothing separated like you get with some frozen meals. You know the ones, where you are left with a huge puddle of water in the container.

Naturally the rice is perfectly cooked, all separate pieces and no signs of a mushy mess.

I upgraded my meal with extra vegetables, just a handful of baby spinach in the bottom of my bowl before transferring the hot food in.

Rice and Thai green curry in a blue bowl. A pair of wooden chipsticks sit across the bowl.

I did hear chatter that it’s quite small so i looked up other ready meals. At 300g this meal is somewhat smaller than other ready meals at the supermarket with most weighing in closer to 400g. Having said that, it’s the only deliberately low-FODMAP ready meal on the market. So if you genuinely need low-FODMAP food it’s worth it.

The verdict

It is definitely a high-quality, well-made ready meal. Is it an authentic Thai green curry? Not really, it’s not spicy. But I can see that a more mild curry may have a wider market appeal.

What is great though, is that I don’t have an ick stomach from eating a ready meal thats full of onion. It’s a nice change. Often I just have to either accept it and eat onion or laboriously pick them out if I want to enjoy a convenience meal.

I think if I was travelling, or stuck in the office without any safe food to eat this would be an excellent option. But for me, spending most of my time at home looking after my daughter, I am able to cook meals myself.

A pair of chopsticks holding a piece of chicken. Rice and Thai green curry are in the background.
The quality is obvious

Where to buy Foddies Thai green curry

The Thai green curry is the only meal by Foddies stocked at Coles. I’ve been to a few stores and I’ve seen it in two different freezer sections to be sure to check thoroughly. The first place I saw it was of course the gluten free section. The location was with the healthier looking ranges of ready meals.

It’s retail price is around $12, hopefully we’ll see a promotional price for it in the coming weeks and a few more people will give it a try.

Foddies has very helpfully put a list of the Coles stores stocking their ready meal on their website.


Gluten free: Legit, nil detected.
Vegetarian / vegan: No, contains chicken.
Allergens: Fish. May contain: Tree nuts, crustacean, peanut, lupin and sulphites.
Serving size: One

Woolworths has some great gluten free ready meals you could check out. Or if you’re after low-FODMAP check out this soup by Hart and Soul.

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