Hart and Soul Chicken and Corn Soup

Hart and Soul Chicken and Corn Soup

Winter weather means more soups and when they are a this good, why not! This is my second Hart and Soul review following the very tasty coconut pumpkin soup. For me chicken and corn soup is absolute comfort food. It’s the flavour I reach for when I’m coming down with a cold and it’s my to-go for something light but nutritious.

Hart and Soul is a brand that focuses on ‘no nasties’, this means no preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours and non-GMO ingredients.

But most importantly for me, no gluten. Quite a lot of their range is also dairy free and even vegan, however this soup contains milk.


Water, Sweet Corn (17.5%) Cream (from Milk), chicken (4.5%) Potato, Corn Starch, Sugar, Salt, Natural Colour (Beta, Carotene).

The taste

The description online says Chinese-style chicken and corn soup and it certainly reminds me of those little bowls you’d get at Asian restaurants.

It is certainly creamy! I don’t put cream in my chicken soup so this is a bit new for me but it tastes good. I would say it is a little salty but not bad. It could certainly be diluted a little to lessen the salt or to stretch it to three small serves (think cute little cups).

The consistency is thick and there are chunks of corn throughout. The chicken pieces are just very thin shreds. I wasn’t expecting big chicken pieces in a long-life soup so this is absolutely fine.

The soup is pretty basic in its flavour profile, no overwhelming spices so in that way it’s probably really good for children or fussy eaters.

We served ours with freshly baked focaccia by lifestyle bakery.

The good

There’s no onions!! Honestly I was so surprised and very very happy to see this. Onions do not agree with my body but they are very hard to avoid in pre-made goods – especially soups.

A bowl of hart and soul chicken and corn soup with a side of gluten free focaccia.
Perfect with a side of toasted bread.

Is Hart and Soul creamy chicken and corn soup low FODMAP?

Most of us know onion is a big no-no on a low FODMAP diet but did you know corn is too?

According to Monash University, the authority on all things FODMAP, corn can be low FODMAP at a serving size of 38g.

Hart and Soul chicken and corn soup is 400g and contains 17.5% corn.

400g x 17.5% = 70g of corn.

Now halve this as the soup packet contains two serves and you are at 35g. Under the limit and therefore low FODMAP!

Other non-onion items in the range

Cauliflower cashew 400g – note cauliflower is high in FODMAPs

The bad

Not sure if there is a bad in this review today!

The upgrade

As you know I’m forever upgrading items I buy, especially ready meals. The first time we had this soup I upped the protein by adding in some pieces of leftover roast chicken.

If you wanted to increase your veggie intake I’d recommend adding baby spinach when you heat it up. The spinach will wilt and be cooked by the time the soup has heated through.

A bowl of hart and soul chicken and corn soup.
It doesn’t even need an upgrade!

The verdict

Now we’ve had this I’ll definitely be keeping a pack in the pantry. I think it’ll be useful as a last minute lunch or if I find myself with a cold and in need of comfort food.


Gluten free: Legit GF, nil detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Nope, chicken.
Allergens: Milk. May contain: traces of crustaceans, sesame, peanut and tree nuts.
Serving size: Two serves.

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