Franjos Kitchen biscuits for your boobs (gluten free)

Franjos Kitchen biscuits for your boobs (gluten free)

Franjos Kitchen make a range of cookies to support lactation, including gluten free biscuits. Yep, lactation biscuits are what I’m reviewing today. A little bit of a side step from my regular reviews.

A few weeks before our daughter was born we received a gorgeous gift package with toys and accessories for our soon to be arriving baby. In the package was a box of Franjos Kitchen breast feeding cookies. There was just one issue… They weren’t gluten free. The folks who sent it didn’t realise I was GF, so while it was very nice it wasn’t too helpful.

Looking up Franjos Kitchen I discovered they have two gluten free lactation biscuit flavours. So on our next Amazon order we bought a packet.

Four Franjos kitchen gluten free lactation biscuits on a plate and a cup of coffee

About Franjos Kitchen

Franjos Kitchen is a Melbourne based company with their factory in Tullamarine. The name in fact, isn’t French (I’d been thinking of a guy’s name Franjo?), but is actually the names of the two founding women Fran and Jo. That makes much more sense!

Jo is a natropath and nutritionist who already had a business making cookies, met Fran who had been working on lactation biscuits to support her own breastfeeding. Together they teamed up to produce these healthy, handy lactation biscuits!

Price and ingredients

At around $22 per box it’s definitely going to take the prize for the most expensive gluten free biscuit you’ve ever eaten.

However you may be comforted to know that the regular biscuits are the same price and both boxes contain 14 biscuits. At this price it works out to $1.50 per biscuit.

In terms of ingredients it does use some premium gluten free grains, including teff and buckwheat. Most of the ingredients are also organic if that’s important to you and they are listed as vegan.

I will note however, while they are vegan there is a may contain for dairy. So it’s not 100% safe for those with a dairy allergy.

Franjos kitchen lactation cookies box. Ingredients listed to show they are gluten free and nil detected for gluten.

The taste

On first bite these are on the harder side of cookies, much more of a tough biscuit than a chewy cookie.

In fact it’s really solid, if you’re eating it bit by bit it doesn’t crumble with each bite and make a mess. You could easily eat this while breastfeeding and not worry about dropping crumbs on your bub.

The primary texture is of coconut as you chew and the dark choc chips come through with each bite as they are small, plentiful and well distributed. However I have had cookies since with only three choc chips so it is somewhat variable.

The biscuit isn’t overly sweet, which you’d expect. Coconut sugar is the main sweetener, which while sweet has it’s own certain bitterness. There’s also maple syrup in the recipe which gives a much more subtle sweetness than refined sugar.

Overall it’s fairly tasty and it’s quite filling. I’ve been having it when I’ve been up late or doing an overnight feed. It works well as something to keep me going.

Four Franjos kitchen lactation cookies on a plate.

Stimulating ingredients

I had expected this to be loaded with all the supposedly simulating ingredients I’d read about in various articles. However from what I can see the brewer’s yeast and flaxseed are the only ones from those lists.

The regular, non gluten free, biscuits are predominantly made with oats, another ingredient that was also recommended. However, not so handy if you are a coeliac or following a gluten free diet.

The verdict

It’s a nice biscuit and on taste alone I’d get them again. Do they work in supporting breast milk production? No idea. My output did likely increase however I was having these right near the start where my milk hadn’t fully come through. So it’s not possible to determine their impact or be sure it was attributed to the biscuits alone.

However, if you’re looking for something to try or you’re looking for a gluten free gift for a new mother then I say give it a go.

The other gluten free flavour by Franjos Kitchen is the currant and coconut lactation biscuit.


Gluten free: Legit, 0.0mg detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan
Allergens: Soy. May contain: Milk, tree nuts.
Serving size: 14 biscuits

Oh and if you’re wondering what happened to the non GF biscuits… My husband ended up eating them! No signs of lactation though. 🤔😅

Hungry for more biscuits? Check out Dough Co cookie dough to bake at home, absolutely delicious! Are you currently pregnant? I wrote a short piece about my experience with the glucose tolerance test.

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