Davies St Food Co

Davies St Food Co

Davies St Food Co is a fully gluten free business in Rosanna, Melbourne. This review originally focussed on their second location that opened in October 2022 but sadly that store closed at the end of 2023. If you were hoping to visit Pantry by Davies St in Preston, don’t worry, Davies St Food Co in Rosanna is the same team and has all the same treats and meals to take home.

100% gluten free

Everything on offer is gluten free meaning there’s zero risk of cross contamination for coeliacs. It’s also great that you can go in knowing you can eat anything and don’t have to ask any questions!

The store has a wide offering of sweet treats, savoury lunches, pantry staples and frozen foods. I’ve written a bit about each one below.

Sweet Treats

Amid the regular brownies and cookies are a rotating range of muffins. Usually four different flavours each day. I don’t know how many flavours they have in total but I’m guessing it’s in the 20s or 30s.

Pantry by Davies St muffins
Can we just admire how massive these muffins are? No gluten free shrinkage!

The team are very allergen aware as you’d expect so each flavour is clearly labelled and there’s usually a DF or vegan option each day.

The first muffin I had there was maple pecan and it was absolutely divine. Super fluffy interior, crisp crunchy surface and generously filled with pecan pieces.

In the sweet treats area you’ll also find seasonal bakes like gingerbread or hot cross buns.

Made to order savoury food

There’s a small menu covering breakfast, think bacon and egg sandwiches and lunch items from burrito bowls, salad and even nuggets and chips.

Three images covering the menu at Pantry by Davies St.
I’ll try and get a digital menu so you don’t have to see my reflection!

They do classic toasties (using lifestyle bakery bread, in my opinion the best supermarket bread) but the real highlight is the schnitzel sandwich. It’s chicken breast with a crispy cornflake coating, it’s completed with cheese, coleslaw and a spicy mayo. You can also add a small side of chips for a few dollars.

If you’re gluten free it’s basically compulsory to buy chips when there’s a dedicated fryer.

Two images, food from pantry by Davies St food co. First picture half of a schnitzel sandwich showing mayo, cheese, chicken and slaw. Second photo toastie cut in half showing bacon slices and a flat piece of omelette.
Schnitzel sandwich and the egg and bacon sandwich

Frozen section

The frozen section at Davies St is a real treat. The highlight for me is frozen muffins to take home. These muffins are the ones from the display that aren’t sold at the end of the day. Instead of being thrown away (or sold stale the next day) they are snap frozen and individually bagged up. It’s a great way to get more flavour options and of course massively reduce waste.

Alongside these are the ready meals made in store with dishes like lasagna, curries, meatballs and more.

There’s also familiar brands like Senza which make pizza bases and garlic bread and my favourite Mrs Tran’s Kitchen – gluten free dumplings!

The Pantry

The pantry itself has a wide selection covering all the gluten free essentials. It’s great if your local supermarket doesn’t have a wide range or if like me you struggle to find certain brands. Last time I was there I spotted products from Simply Wize, Well and Good and Fodmapped For You.

Ready meal service

For a few years Davies St was running a meal delivery service with fresh themed meals changing every week. For 2024 they have shifted to a frozen meal service with new meals added weekly. You can see what is currently available on their website. They have a rotating menu and different specials ranging from savoury dinners to grazing boxes and even trays of scones.

Davies St catering

You’ll see once you visit in person but it’s quite clear that Davies St is set up for catering. While I haven’t had the chance to sample their catering offer you can see in the pictures below from their Instagram that it looks impressive.

Venue and Vibe

The venue is really casual, while there’s no seating inside (all the space is for their amazing kitchen!) there’s plenty of tables outside. There’s umbrellas over the seating too, handy for Melbourne’s famous unpredictable weather.

Final thoughts on Davies St

I really like what Davies St is offering and they are certainly an asset to the gluten free community in Melbourne. It’s nice to be able to get some comfort food like a toastie and a muffin without breaking the bank and with absolute confidence.

Three plates, one cheese toastie, a pecan maple muffin and a schnitzel sandwich.
A perfect lunch spread

I currently live a good 30 minutes away which makes it hard to casually drop in. However if I lived ten minutes away I’d be in there once a week grabbing a coffee and a muffin. How could you not when they update their muffins every day on Instagram. I most recently saw gingerbread flavour and I just wished I had the time to get out there that day.

Visit Davies St Food Co

Location: 29 Davies Street, Rosanna, Victoria.

Opening times: 0800 – 1400hrs Tuesday to Saturday (but of course, check online / Google Maps to confirm)

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