The Dough Co Cookie

The Dough Co Cookie

When you’re a foodie birthdays mean food gifts, like The Dough Co gluten free choc chip cookie dough! My long time buddy and former gym bro John gave this to me on my recent visit to Melbourne. He said he even checked my blog to make sure I hadn’t had it already, so sweet!

Where can I buy The Dough Co cookie dough from?

Looking at The Dough Co website it’s mostly stocked throughout Melbourne, however there are three or four online retailers. Check their website for the latest list.

How many cookies does the dough make?

The instructions say to slice the dough into 10 even pieces, which is kind of tricky given the dough is 17cm long (hello, maths).

This makes for a pretty sizeable cookie, okay not cafe style huge but it’s a good one. If you wanted something a little more modest or lunchbox friendly you could maybe go to 12 or 15. Be sure to adjust down the cooking time, perhaps to 6 minutes to compensate.

Preparing the cookies

After taking off the paper wrap the dough is tightly sealed in GladWrap. It smells good even before you cook it but it does say don’t eat raw.

Slicing the dough is actually a bit tricky! The dough is quite solid and with the big chips its easy for the knife to slip a little. It means you end up with slightly uneven slices. But not to worry, they even out as they bake.

I baked the dough per the instructions and went for the full 8 mins of the 6 – 8 minute range.

Then it’s just a matter of (im)patiently waiting for them to cool for five minutes before tucking in.


After 8 minutes of baking what I got was cookies with a soft gooey centre and a little crispy crunch on the outside. The underside of the cookie is lovely and brown, despite the short cooking time it cooks all the way through.

They retain their shape pretty well too, so if you don’t want a blocky cookie give it a little smoosh beforehand. I noticed mine ‘bled’ a little at the bottom so I used the glass trick to re-round the edges.

With 30% of the ingredients being chocolate chips you don’t miss out in any mouthful. There was one section I bit into that was just chocolate, it was still soft and goopy from the oven. The chocolate is good quality though, its nice to see they haven’t skimped here.


The texture is nice, its not grainy at all – not from undissolved sugar or crappy GF flour. The cookie hasn’t crumbled either – perhaps because the first one I’m eating is still warm but it is holding together well.

I ate some the next day, they were more crumbly once cooled down as you’d expect. The choc chips stay soft though, and it wasn’t quite a gluten free fail crumble, more just a natural cookie crumble.


Can you upgrade a ready-made dough? Not really. Does this need upgrade? Definitely not!

Just be sure to pop the kettle on when you take your cookies out so you’ve got a cuppa by your side when you first bite in.


Who could possibly refuse freshly baked cookies straight from the oven?

I really enjoyed these, both straight out of the oven and the next. The texture was good both times and the flavour was enjoyable.

As a gift I thought The Dough Co cookie dough was great, it’s a bit more personalised and interactive than just giving someone a box of biscuits. It also motivated me to use it, rather than let it sit in the fridge for weeks.


Gluten free: Legit GF, not detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian.
Allergens: Milk, soy. 
Serving size: 10, but it is up to you.

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