Free From Cheese Twists

Free From Cheese Twists

Desperate for a cheesy snack I picked up the Free From Cheese Twists from my local Woolworths. Oh what a disappointment that was! I never expected when I started this blog that I would end up writing a negative review!

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve eaten Twisties and despite the ingredients being pretty much gluten free, sadly they aren’t and they aren’t safe for coeliacs. This is due to the presence of barley in the cheese powder.

The taste

Salt. That’s what you get here, just salt. The next big flavour is onion and garlic. This really surprised me, where’s the cheese? Did I get a dud batch? Looking at the Woolies website people leaving reviews say it’s cheesy. Nope, not for me!

Visually they look similar to Twisties, so that’s something.

Free from cheese twists on a plate.
They look like Twisties, they don’t taste like Twisties

The verdict

Verdict, too salty, too oniony. They are more like those onion ring chips you can buy. I think I still have the taste of them in my mouth from when I tried one fifteen years ago.

Don’t bother buying free from cheese twists, if you want a cheese chip hit get the naturally gluten free Cheezles.

Since trying these and complaining… quite a bit to one of my gluten-free buddies it has been strongly recommended that I take a trip to Aldi. Aldi, as many of you know, is renowned for it’s knock-off versions of well-known brands. In Australia they have a version of Twisties and a version of Burger Rings that are legit gluten free.

Needless to say I’ve been to Aldi and I’ve got packets of both in the pantry, so expect a review of these in the near future.


Gluten free: Legit gluten free.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian, it uses real cheese
Allergens: Dairy
Serving size: Who knows, who really wants to eat these?

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2 thoughts on “Free From Cheese Twists”

  • Hi
    I was just wondering where I can I find these twisties as I can’t find them in the shops anymore?

    Thank you

    • Hi Jayme!
      Thanks for the comment – good question. I did a quick look online and it seems as though Woolworths no longer stock these. I know both Coles and Aldi also had a gluten free Twisties-style product, but I think these have also been missing from shelves for some time.
      It seems we will have to rely on Cheezels in the mean time!
      Kati x

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