Gluteenittomat Pääsiäismunat

Gluteenittomat Pääsiäismunat

Last year my friend gluten-free Marja said to me, “you’ve found so many good Easter eggs in Australia.” I jokingly replied, “Do you want a Finnish list?” She said yes so I spent the evening looking up Finnish Easter eggs that are gluten free (gluteenittomat pääsiäismunat).

A couple of hours after finishing my list I actually came across a Gluteenittomat Pääsiäismunat list by the Finnish Coeliac Society, Keliakialiitto. It is very comprehensive, however, there are many more on my list than theirs. The other bonus is my list has pictures. This has been updated with new products for 2023!

Check out my list below. Important things to note, I’ve not included any products that list a ‘may contain’ (saattaa sisältää) however I have included products that list gluten-free oats – a few Dammenberg items have this.

Like my Aussie Easter egg list I’ve grouped the chocolates by brand so it’s easier to search. I also have a miscellaneous group at the end. While I’ve written this article in English I’ve kept the product list in Finnish so it’s easier for gluten-free Finns and coeliacs to find it via Google Search.

Huom! If you’re out and see more great gluten-free Easter chocolate that should be on this list please let me know! Message me on Instagram kati_keksi or find me on my Facebook page! If you can include a photo of the ingredients that will be very helpful.


Baileys gluteeniton suklaamunat
Mansikkakerma muna, Luxe mini eggs



All of the Dammenberg range are gluten free, with just a few using gluten-free oats. I haven’t listed them all because it’s too many! They also have many milk-free, nut free and vegan chocolates.

  • Maidoton yllätysmuna 50 g
  • Soijaton yllätysmuna 50 g
  • Tummasuklaa pääsiäisyllätysmuna 50 g
  • Puput maidoton 6 kpl
Dammenberg gluteeniton suklaa
Maidoton puput, image source: Dammenberg
  • Maidoton pääsiäsipupu 160 g
  • Moniväri pääsiäispupu 160g
  • Päärynä- mansikka töhnä Pääsiäismuna 55g
  • Pikkupääsiäismunat 120g
  • Salmiakki töhnä Pääsiäismuna 55g
  • Tipu maitosuklaa- ja tummasuklaakuviot 90 g
  • Toffee pikku puput 95g
  • Vadelma töhnä Pääsiäismuna 55g
  • Valkokaakao pupu 160g


The Fazer mignon egg is the most classic well-known of the Finnish Easter eggs and has been made since 1896. A real egg shell is emptied, cleaned and then filled with a rich almond and hazelnut nougat before it is sealed with a hard sugar stopper. You can watch a video of them being made on YouTube.

Fazer mignon on gluteeniton


Independent chocolatiers

Across Finland there are many small batch chocolate producers, some of which make gluten-free products but won’t be found in the major supermarkets. Rather that list their items I will write a short blurb about each one I’ve come across.

Petris Chocolate has a cafe in Matila and shop in Porvoo. They also have a studio at the Design Hill in Halikko where you can see chocolate being made. Petris have a section on their website dedicated to special diets which includes many Easter goodies including bunnies, hens, filled eggs as well as gift baskets.

Petris suklaa paketti gluteeniton
Image source: Petris Chocolate


  • Choko minimuna 100g pussi
  • Yllätyssuklaapupu 75g pinkki
  • Minisuklaamunia 100g
  • Mini eggs hazelnut 100g
  • Pääsiäispupu maitosuklaa 55g ja 75g
  • Suklaahahmo Pääsiäispupu 3X15g
  • Suklaasydän yllätyksellä 53g
  • Happy Maitosuklaakuvioita 12 kpl pussi 102g (Kärkkäinen)
GLUTEENITTOMAT PÄÄSIÄISMUNAT kinder suklaa: pupu ja hasselpahkina mini eggs

Kit Kat / Nestle

Kit Kat bunnies are a relatively new item in Finland, only arriving in 2021. While the UK offers many gluten-free Kit Kat items there are only a few here. However, I am amazed by the mini eggs, cookie dough flavour and caramel, wow!

gluteenittomat pääsiäismunat kit kat suklaa Pääsiäispussi ja minisuklaamunat


Well known for making gluten-free liquorice treats the last few years Lakrids have released a few Easter / spring themed items for the season under the ÆGG range.

  • A – The Original
  • Crispy Caramel Lakrids
  • Ægg Mixed
  • Spring selection box
Lakrids ovat aina gluteenitomat
Lakrids on aina gluteeniton


Many Lindt chocolates are not safe due to the presence of barley malt extract (ohramallas) in the ingredients. Plain dark chocolate by Lindt is usually free of barley malt however I have only seen it for sale on the S Group website.

  • Lindt Gold Bunny Tummasuklaakuvio 100g
  • Marsipaanimunat 85g
Gluteeniton Lindt suklaa pupu ja mini muna


Strangely these eggs are fine but there’s other M&Ms (200g packet) that are not gluten free.

Moo free

Moo Free on gluteeniton, maidoton and vegaani brandi UK:sta. Löysin ne Vegekauppasta.

  • Choccy pääsiäispupu kaakaopatukka maidoton 32 g
  • Choccy valkoinen pääsiäispupu maidoton 80 g
  • Pääsiäishamsteri appelsiini maidoton 80 g
  • Choccy Eggsplosion pääsiäismuna maidoton 80 g
maidoton pääsiäismunat moo free
Gluteeniton, maidoton ja vegaani


The NOMO brand offers treats that are vegan and free from many allergens including gluten, milk, eggs and nuts.

NOMO vegaani, gluteeniton, maidoton muna: cookie dough, caramel, salted caramel. maidoton pääsiäismunat
NOMO ovat gluteeniton ja maidoton


Gluteenitton pääsiäismuna panda suklaa pandasta


This is a brand I came across on the Tokmanni website. Zaini chocolate is made in Italy and includes many children’s characters such as Hello Kitty.

  • Yllätysmuna 20 g Dinosauria (Tokmannista) Huom! Mauri Kunnas Koiramäki (UTZ:sta) sattaa sisältää gluteenista.
  • Pääsiäismunapussi 120g erilaisia ​​makuja
  • Pääsiäismuna 24 x 20g metsästykseen
tokmanni gluteeniton munat
Image source: Tokmanni
  • Pienet suklaamunat 1kg hasselpähkinätäyte
  • Ryhmä Hau yllätysmuna 3-pack 60g
  • Shimmer & Shine yllätysmuna 3-pack 60g

Miscellaneous eggs

There are a few random eggs here as one-off items from different brands, or generic eggs with special decorations like Barbie and Paw Patrol (Ryhmä Hau). My recommendation would be the After Eight eggs – I’ve never tried them but I love After Eight chocolates.

After Eight minisuklaamunat minttu ja mansikka ovat gluteeniton
After Eight minisuklaamunat
  • Anthon Berg Suklaamunat 80g manteli
  • Anthon Berg dragee tummasuklaa 80g
  • Apulanta maitosuklaaraemuna 25g
  • Cadbury Caramel muna 40g (K Kauppasta)
  • Cadbury Creme muna 40g (K Kauppasta)
Cadbury creme egg ja caramel egg ovat gluteeniton.
Cadbury creme egg ja caramel egg, K Kaupasta
  • Cloetta Suklaarae 130g suklaamakeinen
  • Favorina vaahtokarkit bunnies & ducks 200g (Lidl)
  • Halva maitosuklaamunat 300g (Kärkkäinen)
  • Heidel Confiserie – suklaatäytteinen peltikoristemuna 15g (Liisakoskista)
  • Hot Wheels suklaayllätysmuna 60g ja My little pony, Ryhmä Hau, Barbie 
  • JVG Yllätyssuklaamuna 110g
  • Karkkipussi Linnunmunia 240g
  • Kultasuklaa Iso suklaamuna, tumma suklaa, laktoositon, vegaaninen, 98 g
  • Moomin linnunmunia 130g
Moomin linnunmunia, image source: K Market
Image source: K Market

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