Gluten Free Melbourne

Gluten Free Melbourne

Melbourne is my original home town and while I was living elsewhere from 2015 to 2023 there’s been an influx of gluten free options. Melbourne now, I think, is the gluten free capital of Australia. Though Sydney is definitely king for gluten free French patisserie.

A quick gluten free Melbourne guide

This guide is a quick one, made up from my previous visits to Melbourne using Instagram posts that I made at the time. While it might lack a little detail, it’s a post I can put up in an afternoon to help you start planning your gluten free adventure in the wonderful city of Melbourne.

In the future I’ll post some more in-depth guides with detailed reviews of restaurants, bakeries and casual dining venues.

Gluten-free guides to cities around the world are invaluable to coeliacs and those on a strict gluten free diet. I hope this one inspires you on the many things to try on your next visit!

MCG – gluten free pies at the football

One massive change since I left Melbourne back in 2015 is that you can now get a coeliac-safe meat pie at the football. Heaven’s Bakehouse pies are cooked in their packaging (like the regular pies are) so there’s no risk of crumbs getting away.

Enjoy this classic food at the Melbourne Cricket Ground while watching an AFL match – fingers crossed your team wins!

Eat Cannoli

I had to wait many many months for my first visit to Eat Cannoli in Preston. We proudly exclaimed “We’ve come from London!” as we walked in the door. On our first visit we tried an amazing toastie and a cannoli each, the next time (below) we got delicious panini and brought home cannolis to share.

Gluten-free Greek

Stalactites is a Melbourne dining institution. Frequented by all, it was actually open 24 hours a day until quite recently. They serve all kinds of delicious Greek food but the best part is – they achieved Coeliac Australia accreditation for their gluten free food.

And yes, you can eat the chips.

100% gluten-free Japanese

Shibashi Soba has the brilliant combination of gluten-free and vegan dishes available – it means I can go out for a meal with my strictly vegan brother.

The restaurant is 100% gluten free in Northcote, Carlton and Collingwood. They source buckwheat from Tasmania to make their soba noodles. They have an extensive menu and I am definitely looking forward to my next visit.

Gluten-free banh mi

Gluten-free banh mi… Honestly I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it pop up in my feed. I immediately saved it and vowed I would get there.

Hanoi Rose in Brunswick serves a number of gluten free dishes and takes gluten free seriously – there’s even a sign where takeaway orders are packed with a list of what sauces are gluten free. I have to admit, when I get unlabelled sauces in a takeaway order I don’t eat them – I can’t trust it.

The bun used is so realistic I had to ask a staff member to confirm it’s gluten free. A very good sign! They told me that they serve the gluten-free banh mi facing up to distinguish it from the regular gluten version.

Completely gluten free brunch in Essendon

Finding 100% gluten free venues where you can dine in is a bit tricky, but Noglu in Essendon has got you covered. Serving up brunch items to make anyone drool they offer an upmarket menu without a gluten free tax. I’ve been here a few times now and the best comment I’ve heard is “I kind of forgot it was gluten free.”

Arepas in the CBD

The CBD stands for the central business district, it’s how Aussies typically refer to the very centre of a city. iArepa is located at 50 Market St in Melbourne, making it just a short walk from the shopping area of Bourke Street.

100% gluten free cafe

Pantry by Davies St Food Co is a magical place where everything is gluten free and you don’t need a second mortgage to afford it. Located in Preston (Melbourne’s north) it’s a great place to drop by for a casual lunch and pick up a few of their amazing muffins. Read the full review right now.

Market doughnuts

Say market doughnuts to any Melbournian and they’ll tell you about the freshly fried doughnuts sold at the Victoria Market. Sadly these are not gluten free but you can buy GF doughnuts at many markets around Melbourne. I picked up a couple of OMG doughnuts at Flemington market, which is on the way to Vic Market. It was still hot when we arrived and I enjoyed it while my husband got his classic Vic Market doughnut.

Authentic Mexican

La Tortilleria in Flemington is completely gluten free and utterly delicious. It’s also packed, all the time. Definitely check it out on your next visit to Melbourne, definitely book ahead and definitely get the fish taco.

Fried Chicken!

Fried chicken is one of my favourite foods – when it’s done well! You can’t have icky greasy chicken, it has to be perfectly cooked and expertly spiced. Luckily for gluten-free and coeliac Melbournians we have an amazing gluten free, coeliac safe fried chicken venue!

Hesi Jimbo, which opened late 2022, now has two locations. Check out my full review of Hesi Jimbo.

Coeliac-accredited Italian

Ciao Mama in Brunswick is a Coeliac Australia accredited Italian restaurant. They have gluten-free versions of just about every dish on the menu. They also offer a number of fried dishes, from the savoury with calamari to sweet fried doughnuts filled with Nutella.

I couldn’t go past calamari and chips – they were a bit too salty on the day but maybe I was just unlucky.

Japanese soufflé Pancakes

Located in the CBD at Keki Milkbar you can get these gorgeous fluffy pancakes. The pancakes themselves are gluten free (zero flour of any kind in the recipe ❌🌾) and every topping except two is gluten free! Pictured below are maple pecan and matcha red bean.

Ice cream

It’s not a trip to Lygon Street in Melbourne without a visit to one of the many many gelato stores. My favourite from back in my university days is Casa del Gelato.

Most ice cream is of course gluten free anyway so you’ll find something delicious for you anywhere on Lygon Street.

More gluten free adventures

Are you dreaming of a gluten free holiday? Check out my other gluten free city guides or better yet, jump right in and read about gluten free Budapest – heaven on earth for coeliacs.

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