Gluten free bakeries in Sydney

Gluten free bakeries in Sydney

Who would have thought, ten years ago, that I could be writing about not just one but many 100% gluten free bakeries in Sydney? Definitely not me 😅.

Below is what I hope will be an ever-growing list of gluten free bakeries in Sydney. To make it easy to use I’ve included the locations, opening times – though do make sure you check these before you head out! 

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WholeGreen Bakery

Location Sydney CBD, Alexandria and Waverly.
Opening times Varied – click each name above for opening times on their website. 

Boasting not one, but three gluten-free bakeries in Sydney, WholeGreen Bakery has it all, savoury, sweet and fresh breads baked daily. The jewel in the crown however is the French patisserie. Here you’ll find perfectly executed choux pastry made by French-trained chefs. 

Lemon meringue tart and chocolate eclair

For me this was a regular stop for excellent gluten free bread. Our favourite at home is the charcoal loaf, it’s just…delicious. It made me realise how little flavour there is in supermarket gluten free breads.

The CBD cafe is spacious and they have a wide range of savoury items to have a safe gluten-free lunch right in the city. Besides pies and sausage rolls they also offer sandwiches and toasties.

Chicken toastie, ham and cheese croissant and seasonal veggie tart

Visit for: quick lunches on the go, French patisserie and bread to take home.
Stockists WholeGreen’s full loaves and seasonal bakes (like hot cross buns) are stocked in supermarkets around Sydney. Check the interactive map on their website for stores and delivery days.


Location Orange Grove markets
Opening times every Saturday, 0800 – 1300  

WellBread is currently on a break, I’m keeping this review here in the hope they come back. I have not found a cinnamon bun to match theirs!

WellBread is a family owned gluten free bakery operating in Sydney’s inner west. A regular at the Orange Grove markets you can find them very conveniently next to the excellent Columbian coffee stand. 

WellBread offers an eclectic and delicious selection of baked goods. Their white bread is impossibly squidgy and springy. I was delighted when I tried a free sample and have since come back to buy full loaves.

Alfajor and koulouri make a perfect market breakfast

They also offer continental bakes like the Greek koulouri, a ring of bread coated in sesame seeds – similar to the Turkish simit. On the sweet side there are decadent Latin American alfajores. An alfajor is a cookie sandwich filled with dulce leche and sprinkled lightly with coconut. If my endorsement isn’t enough, just ask the team next door at the coffee stand – they are addicted to them. 

The real stand out is their cinnamon scrolls. Pure cinnamony heaven and a decadent and oh so satisfying breakfast or morning tea at the market. Check out my full review of WellBread.

A gluten free cinnamon scroll by WellBread. Coated in a thin layer of icing.
I daydream about these buns so often

Visit for continental bakes and gloriously good cinnamon buns
Stockists currently stocked in independent grocers in the inner west, see their Instagram for the latest. 

Baker’s Chemistry

Location various Sydney markets (Bondi, Peakhurst, Flour Mill) and further south like Kiama
Opening times market hours or until sold out

I finally got to visit Baker’s Chemistry in December 2022 at the Bondi markets. I’d had them saved on my Instagram for some time but just hadn’t made the trek across Sydney. So one morning we left the house extra early and off we went!

Baker’s Chemistry offers a huuuuge range of freshly baked breads. Like all the businesses on this article they are 100% gluten free. The owner, while not coeliac, noticed that many baking businesses have a gluten free offering but do not consider the risks of cross contamination. And so, the decision was made to make all their products fully gluten free and genuinely coeliac safe!

Five different loaves of gluten free bread by baker's chemistry. Charcoal quinoa, classic white, walnut fig raisins and cranberry, kalama and herbs, mix seeded.
Fluffy, tasty fresh gluten free breads

They offer free samples of the range of breads, meaning you can test them out and pick your favourites. We went for the mixed seeded. On the stand was also banana bread, pumpkin scones and chocolate brownies. There’s also a sweet muffin with flavours rotating regularly – when we were there it was mixed berry with a crunchy coconut topping (it was delicious!).

Visit for the pumpkin scones, there’s a reason they sell out first!
Stockists no stockists that I’m aware of but they do take orders for market pick up and seasonal bakes (like Christmas pudding!).

Hudson’s Bakery

Location 238 Oxford St, Bondi Junction and various Sydney markets
Opening times M – T 0700 – 1430, Fri 0700 – 1500, Sat 0700 – 1430 and Sun 0900 – 1430

With a full bakery in Bondi Hudson’s has been looking after Sydney since 2020. Formerly on Old South Head Road they have now reopened in the very centre of Bondi Junction – perfect for a quick trip across town for some delicious baked goods.

Hudson’s does the classics like an old-school bakery, or as they put it – like your grandmother would make you. Aussie classic caramel slice, choc chip cookies, iced finger buns and a variety of fresh breads. 

More recently they have started offering toasties, both in store and at the markets – this sounds like heaven to me. To be able to eat real food at a farmer’s market, ahhh. 

Hudson’s are also a regular at local markets around Sydney – Carriageworks, Shire Farmers Market and Ryde Wharf Market.

Visit for caramel slice, I don’t think I’ve seen one anywhere else. And toasties! Yes!
Stockists no stockists currently but you can order online and pick up when convenient


Locations 496 Marrickville Road, Dulwich Hill.
Opening times Mon to Fri 0730 – 1530. Sat and Sun 0800 – 1600.

I am wondering a little if Nutie belongs on this list, as I feel that they are more of a cake store than a bakery. However they are 100% gluten free so here they are!

Nutie started out with one location, then two. Then it closed both and moved! So, Nutie are no longer in Balmain or Surry Hills. Their new and only location is Dulwich Hill.

two donuts and two slices of cake
Strawberry donut, peanut butter donut, peanut butter meringue and black forest

Nutie is famous for its donuts. While they aren’t classic doughnuts due to their heavy almond meal based batter which is then baked, their toppings and variety of flavours are enticing and hard to ignore. 

Personally I go for cakes now, as the donuts are too heavy due to the almond meal. The dough used in the doughnuts is the same across the flavours – with the exception of the adorable Cookie Monster doughnut which has chocolate chips inside. 

The cake selection is extensive and includes a number of regulars plus a rotating group of specials often themed to special events or regions – such as Australian or Filipino classics. On my last visit I had a slice of peanut butter cheesecake and a piece of blackforest cake. They were so decadent and nothing was skimped – the boozy cherries in the blackforest were on point and something you’d certainly miss without it. 

I have to add Nutie is excellent for those also on a vegan diet with plenty of options available. 

Visit for an Instagrammable doughnut or countless options of delicious pieces of cake. 
Stockists no stockists but you can order online with delivery offered regionally on selected days. 


Locations North Sydney Markets and Carriageworks markets
Opening times North Sydney 1st and 3rd Saturdays, Carriageworks 2nd and 4th Saturdays

Started back in 2014 and founded by a coeliac Nonie’s is a regular at markets across Sydney,  and an ever-present gluten-free bread option at cafes around the city. 

A gluten free cinnamon scroll.
Cinnamon scroll purchased at Carriageworks Market.

Notably the Nonie’s baking facility is both gluten and dairy free, making it safe for those with a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance. 

Nonie’s offer a huge array of breads many of which weigh in at over a kilogram! Flavours include fig and almond and charcoal with quinoa. They also have a range of seasonal bakes like Easter favourite hot cross buns, and Christmas treats like fruitcake and mince pies

Visit for a surprise of what will be on offer at the markets! Sausage rolls, rose brownies, cinnamon scrolls
Stockists check their website for the latest stockists including cafes and independent grocers.

Sebastien Sans Gluten

Location 131 Marion Street Leichhardt
Opening times Wednesday to Sunday, 0800 – 1300

Sebastien Sans Gluten is the newest gluten-free bakery in Sydney and it has been manic since they opened, regularly selling out of stock well before closing time. This bakery is a great addition to the west, offering all the French classics with none of the wheat. See my full review of Sebastien Sans Gluten.

Two gluten free pastries and a flat white.
Savoury spinach and feta feuillete and an apple turnover

They have an extensive savoury offering including pies, sausage rolls and quiches quiches. On the sweet side there is real patisserie – eclairs and cream puffs, as well as classics like lemon tart. The pastries look amazing with croissants, almond croissants and pan au chocolat. 

A little bit of gluten-free luxury for western Sydney. 

Visit for all your French pastry needs, what more could you want?

From Silvia

Locations weekly markets include Orange Grove, Hornsby and Monavale, plus many many more
Opening times market hours

I have three syllables for you la-ming-tons! Wow and they are huge to boot. From Silvia is more than a bakery really offering homemade meals like lasagna and fresh pasta. 

A covered tray of gluten free lamingtons.
These lamingtons must be six times the size of those little supermarket ones

They also have a wide variety of breads, most unique is the piadinas (flat breads) and flavoured rolls like walnut and raisin. 

If you’re at the market you’ll see a huge range, from pies, quiches, sausage rolls to friands, lemon meringue pies and of course, lamingtons. 

Visit for a one stop gluten-free market shop

Have you visited these bakeries? What was your favourite? Let me know in the comments or send me a message on Instagram.

Or if you’d prefer to do some baking at home why not make fudgy avocado brownies or perhaps some oat-free ANZAC biscuits. 😀

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