Kez’s Kitchen Lemon Cream Melting Moments

Kez’s Kitchen Lemon Cream Melting Moments

Biscuits, all the biscuits in the world, especially Kez’s gluten-free lemon cream melting moments. That about sums up my freebies from the recent gluten free show in Sydney. Read about the 2023 gluten free expo dates here.

We left around 2pm on Sunday, the final day, and were gifted extra welcome bags full of free samples.

I do love receiving these kinds of samples, it’s a great way to taste an item without buying or opening a full packet. On top of that it encourages me to try products I might otherwise have ignored on the shelf.

The Kez’s gluten free lemon biscuits are one of these products.

I do not like lemons, lemon flavoured foods or even lemon flavoured detergents. We were lucky enough to receive five of these individually wrapped samples. Initially I had told my husband he’d be eating all of them – he was very happy. But, I thought it’s worthwhile giving it a try and letting you all know about it. When it comes to flavour lemon is down the bottom of my list alongside coriander. In biscuits, shortbread and wafer compete for last place.

But I couldn’t just sit there and watch my husband eat all five of our lemony samples without giving at least one a try 😅.

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The taste

The shortbread cookies either side are lovely. The texture is more firm than say the Arnott’s gf range and lasts a little longer in your mouth.

The lemon icing is nicely balanced. Not super lemony and not crazy sweet. It’s got a slight graininess that you’d expect with icing. This would be from the sugar.

A close up of a Kez's lemon cream melting moments.
The filling is delicately piped.

It does crumble when you bite in, but only on the edges. The biscuit itself stays strong and doesn’t fall apart. I only had a few tiny crumbs by my mug when I was finished.

To me that’s a sign of a good gluten free biscuit. No crazy crumble. It’s always disappointing when you eat a gluten free biscuit and half of it ends up on the table. Luckily it’s not the case here.

The bad

From what I’ve seen and discussed with other gluten free folk on Facebook and Instagram there are two problems with Kez’s products.

One is the price. Packets of biscuits retail around $6 to $7. This might not seem like too much for some, but most packets include just five, maybe six biscuits. That makes each biscuit an eye watering $1.40 each.

The second theme I come across is that much of the Kez’s range is too sweet. Sickly sweet for most folks to the point that they won’t buy them.

For me, this isn’t the case with the lemon cream. I was expecting very sweet but it’s actually well balanced. I would put this down to the modest filling the binds the two biscuits together.

The upgrade

These are reminiscent of those little yo-yo biscuits you’d see in cafes through the 90s in Australia.

For this reason I say make yourself a fancy coffee and enjoy these biscuits like you’re chilling in a cafe – probably exactly how you did before your coeliac diagnosis / diet change.

a kez kitchen gluten free lemon cream melting moment with the icing squished out.
Somehow my husband bit into his perfectly while the filling exploded out of mine!

The verdict

The Kez’s lemon cream melting moments are certainly worthy of buying again. I think if they did a release of the same biscuit with say a raspberry filling I’d be more keen. This is only because I’m not into lemon. Update: in the process of writing this review I saw they do make raspberry melting moments – perfect!

It’s a worthwhile biscuit and is recommend it to any shortbread or lemon fans.

You can purchase Kez’s products in the main two supermarkets but their full range is best found online at stores like FodShopper.


Gluten free: Legit gluten free.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian.
Allergens: Egg and soy. May contain: Peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.
Serving size: Six biscuits.

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