Bulla Murray Street Ice Cream no longer Gluten Free.

Bulla Murray Street Ice Cream no longer Gluten Free.

I got very excited, as I do with any new ice cream release, to see Bulla launching new Murray Street flavours. Will they be gluten free? Yes*! Maybe*

*only one I have seen isn’t gluten free, but I can live with one out of six!

2024 update: When these products were first released five out of the six flavours were gluten free. In mid 2023 production changes lead to a change in allergen labelling for the range. Now just three appear to be gluten free with no may contain warnings.

Then in April 2024 Bulla confirmed they were removing egg from the ingredients but adding a may contain warning for gluten to the rest of the Murray St range. So now all flavours are not suitable for a coeliac or a gluten free diet.

There will be old stock in supermarkets for some time, so stock up if its your favourite but please check labels closely before buying.

All flavours may contain gluten April 2024

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Do you struggle navigating the ice cream aisle for coeliac safe treats? I have certainly found it hit and miss since returning to Australia from the UK. I think over in the UK manufacturers must be much more aware of cross contamination in manufacturing.

Did you know all the Magnums in the UK are gluten free?! Well, not the cookie ones obviously, but the rest are totally safe. Pretty devastating that I can’t just walk into a 7-11 over here and grab an ice cream.

Perhaps I could do an Aussie ice cream article and list as many brands (and flavours!) that I can find. Update: I have done that!

The taste

The ice cream is richly creamy. It scoops out easily straight from the freezer so there’s no time impatiently waiting.

The boysenberry ripple is evenly distributed throughout the tub in thin and thick streaks. You easily get some with every scoop.

It took me a few tries to figure out what it reminds me of and then it hit me. Boysenberry choc tops from the cinema when I was a kid!

I’d always go for boysenberry, every time.

The taste of nostalgia is always a winner. Though now it’s got me thinking if I could make my own choc tops with some gluten free waffle cones.

The bad

As I mentioned up the top, Bulla changed their processes and updated their allergen labelling accordingly. Suddenly we went from five flavours being gluten free to just three, and now none. It’s such a shame to have great options only to lose them.

The only other downside is the price. At $12 for one litre it’s not exorbitant, but it’s not the cheapest either.

However, quite often Bulla products have a half price promotion at both Coles and Woolworths. In fact, during the first week of release they were all half price at Coles. For $6 these tubs are an absolute bargain.

The upgrade

I upgraded my bowl of boysenberry ice cream with freshly cut strawberries and a sprinkle of Pana Organic’s chocolate crumb (like a pretend Milo).

Honestly though, it doesn’t need it. It’s great on its own.

Ice cream and strawberries in an Iittala bowl.
A perfect little late-night dessert

The verdict

I really enjoyed this flavour and it’s definitely got me keen to try more of the Murray Street range.


Note: this is the product details for the Boysenberry flavour only, allergens updated April 2024

Gluten free: No, this product now has a may contain for gluten.
Vegetarian / vegan: vegetarian.
Allergens: Milk. May contain: Peanut, tree nuts.
Serving size: Depends, in my 20s I’d regularly finish a 1L tub in one go with my mate. These days I’m a bit more sensible. The packet says 10 and I’m willing to believe it.

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