Rice Crisps by Charlie’s Fine Food Co

Rice Crisps by Charlie’s Fine Food Co

Back in October the folks at Charlie’s Fine Food Co. sent me on a mission to try out their newly released mini rice crisps. I do like a snack, and I do like dark chocolate so I happily accepted their gifted products.

Rest assured this review contains my honest thoughts.

Before being approached by Charlie’s Fine Food Co. I was familiar with some of their products. They are known for making a number of sweet and savoury biscuits however only a few are gluten free. I’d come across the single serve biscuits at work kitchens and conferences.

Their biscuits are quite good because they aren’t trying to be healthy (sugar is the first ingredient!). Sorry, but for most folks being gluten free isn’t about healthy food, it’s about eating for our health. That is, it’s gluten that is hurting our bellies, not sugar!

Speaking of health – if you are looking for a product that is legit gluten free, that is tested and nil detected it isn’t this. It makes the gluten free claim as you can see on the packet, but there’s nothing on the nutrition panel.

While writing this I can’t recall the exact rules but I’ll get around to looking it up and update this thought. They are of course still gluten free by ingredient and safe to eat.

The taste

The rice cracker itself is ultra light and suuuuper crispy. I think because it’s so light and airy its even crispier and crunchier than other rice cakes. However, it probably means it weighs a lot less or is less filling.

The cracker also has sea salt in the ingredients and you can really pick it up, nice contrast with the rich dark chocolate coating. It makes it quite moreish!


They are a pretty good snack and oddly, I like the shape? I guess all the other sweet rice cakes on the market are round so it’s fun to have something different. I’m not sure if I’d buy these instead of biscuits or as another snack item entirely.

It certainly wouldn’t go astray on a smores platter! In fact, with chocolate on the sides it would make an idea smores cracker for gluten free folks, and you only have to pack marshmallows!

Quirky rectangular shape!

Where to buy Charlie’s Rice Crisps

At the moment it appears that Charlie’s Fine Food Co. rice crisps are exclusive to Coles. I’m guessing if it is popular we’ll see it expand out further. I found them in the rice cake section which was adjacent to the biscuit section.


Gluten free: GF by ingredient.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan.
Allergens: Soy. May contain: Milk, tree nuts.
Serving size: It says 2.5 serves, I’d say it’s 8 serves (two crackers per serve)

Check out more gluten free reviews! Or if you’re stuck on rice crackers go make some rice cake ice cream sandwiches!

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