Coles vegan gluten free cookies

Coles vegan gluten free cookies

I finally got around to buying the vegan gluten free cookie from Coles, marketed as Nature’s Kitchen. I’ve only tried one other item under this brand, the plant-based chocolate cupcake. That one was actually quite good, so I have high hopes for these chocolate chip cookies!

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Outside of the gluten free section

You’d be forgiven if you haven’t seen these vegan (and GF) cookies in your local Coles. It’s stocked in the bakery section and depending on your store you will see it with other biscuits or near the ‘fresh’ gluten free baked goods.

These cookies have been around for a while, certainly as long as I’ve been back and I’m guessing a few years longer. They must be selling!

Vegan but not exactly allergy friendly

I get excited sometimes, finding a plant-based gluten-free product. It’s not because I personally need vegan food, but I feel for those with multiple allergies and intolerances. Being vegan it means there’s no egg or milk in the ingredients. However, for these cookies there is a may contain warning for both egg and milk. So it’s not as inclusive as I’d hoped.

The taste

The cookie is very crunchy, not solid, more in a crispy way. It’s quite grainy too, from I guess the sugar granules. Looking at the ingredients there are actually four kinds of sugar!

  • caster sugar
  • golden syrup
  • invert sugar syrup
  • brown sugar

It seems a bit intense, but then again it’s a cookie, not a health food.

A close up photo of a cookie held between thumb and finger.

They are definitely not as solid as typical supermarket shelf cookies or biscuits. Safe to dunk into your for sure.

The chocolate pieces are good, despite being dark chocolate it is still quite sweet. The chocolate is soft to bite, which fits in well with the overall texture of the cookie.

Two days later: They are quite firm, but in way that’s comparable to a freshly baked cookie. I think the cookie became a bit chewier after sitting in a container on the kitchen bench. I preferred it this way compared to eating it right after opening.

The verdict

Overall it’s a good biscuit and if someone bought them for me I’d eat them again. Would I buy them for myself though?

Probably not, $4.30 for four biscuits that aren’t even freshly made (the expiry is six months away) is just ridiculous.

It kind of ticks me off that these are sold in the bakery section as if they are freshly baked. It also explains why I’ve never seen these marked down close to the use-by date!

A cookie on a white plate with a few bites taken out. There are a few crumbs on the plate.
Happily very solid, and not crumbly


Gluten free: Legit, not detected.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan
Allergens: Soy. May contain: Milk, egg.
Serving size: Four cookies.

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