Apple Pie by Gluten Free Bakery

Apple Pie by Gluten Free Bakery

It is always so exciting to find a new product, this apple pie by Gluten Free Bakery made my day! For a bit of background I’d been on a bit of a wild goose chase across Sydney (8km round trip walking for nothing). I dropped into a health foods store in Newtown for a browse and came across freezer shelves full of gluten free products. All of them were by Gluten Free Bakery, a brand based in Narangba Queensland.

They offer items like full-sized lamingtons, neenish tarts, party pies and even cottage pies. But it was the apple pies that caught my eye and I decided to buy them to make up for my wasted morning adventure.

A pie with a heart decal on top.
The little heart on top is so sweet

The taste

I think it’s a sweet pastry, definitely hints of sugar and more crumbly than other gluten free pie pastries I’ve come across. The pastry is not grainy in terms of texture, which can be common.

It’s generously filled and the apple pieces inside are big and tender. It has that goopy pie filling inside too, so it’s not at all dry.

The filling isn’t overly sweet either, which is nice. I recall the Woolworths gluten free apple pie is crazy sweet and this definitely is not.

I think the only thing missing in this pie is the spices. There’s no clove or cinnamon in the ingredients. Perhaps they have done this deliberately but I think it would have been a nice touch.

The good

It a real sized pie! There’s no gluten free shrinkage on this apple pie, a common sight with most bakery products.

We ate one apple pie as afternoon tea, sharing it between the two of us. It was satisfying, I put a bit of cream on the side to upgrade it but ice cream would also go really well. My non-gf husband loved it and happily demolished the other half.

I think the most important thing about the gluten free bakery apple pie is that there are no allergens!

On the website and the packet it lists that it is free from wheat, gluten, dairy, soy allergens, yeast, egg and nuts.

It is great for everyone and it’s vegan.

A gluten free apple pie cut in half to show there is a lot of filling.

the bad

There are no preparation instructions on the packet. Nothing beyond ‘defrost naturally or in the microwave, then crisp in the oven.’

Given the really vague information I checked the website and there’s no extra information there either.

My long walk home meant it was already defrosted so I put it in the oven at 180C for 15 minutes. The top was crispy but when I took it out of it’s foil case it was completely soggy underneath!

So soggy in fact that I didn’t want to try it. I put it back in the oven without the case and let it crisp up.

The verdict

It was really delicious and I am looking forward to eating the other one in the coming weeks. I think it’ll taste even better now that I know not to heat it up in the metal case.


Gluten free: Legit GF, not detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan
Allergens: None
Serving size: Two pies in a packet but they are big enough to share one between two.

Where to buy the Gluten Free Bakery Apple Pie

Shortly after posting photos of these delicious pies people were asking where to get them. I bought mine at Dr Earth food store in Sydney’s Newtown. According to others in the group you can also buy them from IGA. The company do deliver, but only to limited postcodes in Queensland.

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