WellBread gluten free bakery

WellBread gluten free bakery

As much work as full reviews are, some businesses just really deserve one – WellBread gluten free bakery is certainly one of those.

WellBread is a micro-bakery specialising in gluten-free products. They are a regular at the Orange Grove markets in Leichdhart and they are also stocked in local inner west grocery stores.

WellBread bakery started from a need to provide delicious gluten free products for their family. Spurred on by many years of successful family baking a business was born in 2019.

If I were to put a theme to the baking it would be continental, Mediterranean baking. Think of Greek classics like koulouri, a bread ring coated in sesame seeds. Or Italian focaccia, a flat loaf rich with olive oil and dried oregano.

Two images: a gluten free alfajor and a gluten free koulouri / simit - a loop of bread coated in sesame seeds.
An alfajor and a koulouri

But there’s sweet stuff too. A rotating range of cakes pop up on Instagram ahead of the markets. There are also regular offers such as cinnamon scrolls and decadent alfajores. An alfajor is a cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche and sprinkled lightly with coconut. 


The real star of Wellbread is… the bread!

White bread

Their white bread is impossibly squidgy and springy. It’s everything you’d want in a loaf and it looks like regular bread. It’s got a lot more moisture compared to supermarket gluten free bread which is a huge plus.

I think if you’ve got children on a gluten free diet you need to check this out.

The price is a little higher than the supermarket but less than say, WholeGreen Bakery. And terms of value for money – I weighed my loaf when I got home and it was a huge 683g! Most loaves at the supermarket are 500g or lower. That puts it at the same price per 100g as Helga’s GF bread.

brown bread

The brown bread is delicious too. It’s made from the same base recipe as the as the white bread. But it has added organic cocoa for antioxidants and freshly ground linseed for fibre and digestive health.

I looked for a photo of the brown bread but each one is so covered in toppings that you cant see it!


WellBread make two kinds of focaccia, one with oregano (pictured below) and another with rosemary and olives.

WellBready bakery gluten free focaccia topped with oregano.
Perfect with fresh tomatoes from the market

Flat breads (Lavosh)

I haven’t tried their lavosh (I can’t eat soft cheese at the moment) but I know it’s good. How do I know? They supply their lavosh to a well-known restuarant in Sydney who use it with their cheese platters. That’s endorsement enough for me.

Sweet treats

Ok I have to admit I haven’t tried many of the sweets at WellBread. But this is because I go for the cinnamon rolls every single time!

I have had the alfajores, and tried the biscotti but they also have chocolate fudge cookies and bakes like orange, yoghurt and coconut cake.

A cake selection of cinnamon buns, rose and pistachio cake, chocolate cake and orange cake.
So many choices!

Cinnamon rolls

The dough is so airy and squidgy, just like their bread. The outside is crispy and little bits of the edge have a satisfying crunch.

It has a rich cinnamon taste and is really well distributed throughout. The icing volume is reasonable (not excessive), it has a slightly tanginess which knocks away any chance of sickly sweetness.

Honestly, there is really no difference between this and a gluteny one. My husband rates this as good as any other.

WellBread bakery gluten free cinnamon roll.


The alfajores are so light and delicate, with no gluten free stodginess. The dulce de leche is so well balanced, its not crazy sweet and there’s not too much of it. They are a little bit crumbly, as you’d expect with a short cookie but it didn’t disintegrate.

WellBread Bakery also do seasonal gluten free bakes like hot cross buns and traditional Greek cookies at Easter.

Savoury goodness

WellBread Bakery have a range of savoury gluten free bakes with seasonal flavours.


I mean just look at this roast pumpkin galette make with Meredith goats cheese. Glorious!

This shot is direct from their Instagram feed – give them a like and a follow.

Koulouri / simit

These are a strong chewy bread coated with sesame seeds and then baked. I’ve never had one before so I didn’t what to expect but it was good. The sesame seeds have that great toasted flavour. I think simit is very much an any time of the day snack, but also an on-the-go breakfast.

Visit WellBread gluten free bakery

Location Orange Grove Market, Corner Balmain Road and Perry Street, Leichhardt NSW 2040
Opening times every Saturday, 0800 – 1300  

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