Top Ten Gluten-free Easter Eggs 2022

Top Ten Gluten-free Easter Eggs 2022

If you delve deeply enough you’ll soon see there are so many gluten-free Easter eggs available in Australia that you need a top ten list. For those of you that haven’t seen it, I’ve got a full list of all the gloriously gluten-free Easter eggs in Australia updated for 2024. 

But, if you’re overwhelmed by so much choice, or you’re my husband and need to know what to buy me – read on. 

Some of the Easter eggs I’ve listed I’ve already taste tested. They are all gluten free and do not have that pesky ‘may contain’ warning. I’ll let you know where to find each egg or bunny and the approximate price – it does vary regionally. 

1. Peppermint eggs 

These peppermint eggs by Cadbury have that healthy bright green glow that you want from something mint flavoured. I love anything mint and for that they do not disappoint. Despite preferring dark chocolate I’ve been happily eating these over the last two weeks. 

I’ve seen these available at Coles for $4.50 a bag and often included in a two for $7 promotions. 

A bag of Cadbury peppermint milk chocolate eggs and a bag of Haigh's peppermint dark chocolate eggs.
The Cadbury and Haigh’s peppermint eggs. Which one will my husband buy me?

For those that need something more reminiscent of an After Eight I recommend getting the Haigh’s peppermint cream eggs that are made with dark chocolate. These are a little bit more expensive ($8.50) but with Haigh’s you know you’re getting a premium quality product.

Note they do contain wheat according to the packaging however it is from wheat glucose syrup – completely safe for coeliacs. If you’re not familiar with this take a read of this helpful explanation from Coeliac Australia.

2. Cherry Ripe 

The Cherry Ripe Easter egg, need I say more? While the regular Cherry Ripe isn’t gluten free due to a ‘may contain’ the egg and bunny good to go! As an added bonus it’s also vegetarian – so if you know anyone who gave up Cherry Ripe because of the gelatine then you need to get them one of these for Easter.

Side by side the Cherry Ripe egg and Cherry Ripe bunny. Both are gluten free.
The Cherry Ripe range are so tasty!

Cherry Ripe eggs retail for $4, I’ve regularly seen them on sale for as low as $2.50 in Woolworths. If you want to know more then check out my review of the egg!

3. Grand Ferrero Rocher

If I liked Hazelnuts this is where I would be and if I was buying a gift for a newly diagnosed Aussie coeliac I’d get them this. Why? Because regular Ferrero Rochers are 100% not gluten free due to the wafers used inside. 

Side by side the dark and milk chocolate Grand Ferrero balls. Both gluten free.
All the chocolate and hazelnut without the pesky wafers.

Instead these are a combination of the classic Ferrero chocolate and crushed hazelnuts. Did I mention it’s bigger than my fist? It really is huge and it looks gorgeous. 

I’ve seen the milk chocolate available at Target and Coles ($10) and I’ve seen the dark chocolate version at IGA.

4. Dairy Free 

The NOMO cookie dough bunny does not disappoint, it is definitely worth the search. Honestly I can’t believe something labelled cookie dough is gluten free. The filling is generous and it has a real cookie dough texture, soft, sugary and a bit of crunch from the rice cereal and cocoa pieces. NOMO is a 100% gluten-free brand so you know you’re safe, it’s also free from dairy, eggs and nuts so it’s something just about everyone can enjoy. 

The NOMO cookie dough bunny out of the packet and a shot of its filling, it's generously filled with a cookie dough centre.
The cookie dough centre is perfect! So delicious

I came across these online at Big W ($2) and unfortunately I don’t have one nearby so I wasn’t able to sneak in just to buy one. The NOMO Easter range are also stocked where the regular NOMO range is found, so smaller retailers like vegan grocery stores – I found mine in Glebe, a bit more expensive there at $2.99.    

5. Honeycomb

Haigh’s are offering us honeycomb easter eggs this year after Violet Crumble snubbed us! Honestly, I was quite surprised to see that Violet Crumble wasn’t gluten free at Easter given there are gluten-free options from the well-loved Aussie brand. 

I really like seeing the inside of the eggs. Image from Haigh’s

Nevertheless, Haigh’s has come to the party with delicious honeycomb options to satisfy the sweetest of the sweet tooth. Both the dark chocolate and milk chocolate honeycomb eggs are labelled gluten free. They retail for $22.50 for a 175g egg, so a bit pricier but a much bigger egg.

6. White Chocolate

I read a comment recently that said they were holding out all year to see the white chocolate Lindt bunnies. If that isn’t an endorsement I don’t know what is. And really, if white chocolate is your thing you’ll actually have a pretty tricky time.

In my searches I’ve only come across a few white chocolate items, including white chocolate mini eggs and dairy free options from Bonvita and So Free. Oh okay and a Dream bunny and mini eggs made by Cadbury. Maybe we’re doing alright then. 

The white chocolate Lindt bunny is the trickiest of them to find, I have not seen white Lindt bunnies at Coles but they are available at Woolworths and Kmart. They are $7 at Woolies and $5 at Kmart – that’s a really shocking price difference! There are 100g and 200g sizes available, I saw some 200g bunnies in Coles today so that may explain the price differences.

The Lindt white chocolate bunny is gluten free with no may contain.
They really are so cute, all the other bunnies in the background too.

7. The Wildcard

Scorched peanut toffee Easter egg. Yes, yes, yes! My house, I suppose like many others, is peanut butter obsessed. So when we get the chance to have peanuts and chocolate combined it’s a no-brainer. 

It’s absolutely delicious by the way, smooth milk chocolate, rich roasted peanut pieces and a crunch from the little bits of toffee that cover the peanuts. Really good.

I waited until I was home alone to open this one.

This chocolate is made by Cook’s Confectionary out of Albion Park in New South Wales. It’s a bit trickier to come across – I found mine in IGA (Sydney CBD) and I’ve seen it in other IGA locations in Sydney. Cook’s also list their national and local stockists on their website

At $2.50 it’s comparable in price to other small eggs like a Kinder or Yowie (these still exist! I can’t believe it!).

8. Straight Outta Europe

I am so thrilled to see the Kit Kat Easter bunnies finally made it to Australia after the UK had them for two years without sharing.

You can only get these gluten-free Kit Kat bunnies in one size, the 66g packet that has six mini bunnies. Be sure you’ve got the right one by double-checking the ingredients – it’s also helpful if you look at the back of the packet, the gluten-free ones are made in Italy while the wheat-filled ones are made in Australia. Viva Italia!

The only gluten free KitKat bunny in Australia is made in Italy. 66g pack be sure to double check when buying.
Ensure you buy the pack made in Italy, it’s the only gluten free one.

In the UK these are certified gluten free. I imagine due to the limited season they haven’t looked to get the same status here. You can find the gluten-free Kit Kat bunny in Coles for $4 it’s also often included in the two for $6 promotions.

9. Nostalgic vibes

I think if I had children I’d buy them a Red Tulip elegant rabbit, if for nothing else than to get a photo of them holding it because I have no doubt there is a photo of me out there (as well as hundreds of other Aussies) holding the classic elegant rabbit Easter bunny on Sunday morning.

Likewise if I was going to do a group egg hunt I’d choose the Red Tulip mixed eggs, I just love that look of the bright foil with the red band around it, it brings back so many memories of searching and then eating them as a child. 

Gluten free Red Tulip Easter eggs are in Australia. Choose from mini eggs or the classic Elegant Rabbit.
I love how massive this bag of eggs is, and I think Elegant Rabbit here looks the same as he did when I was a kid!

I’ve seen Red Tulip chocolates at Woolworths, Coles and Kmart. Elegant Rabbit is $4.50 at Kmart and the eggs are $19 – it’s 916g, just shy of a kilogram.

10. You tell me!

Okay I lied, I’ve got a top nine of great gluten-free Easter eggs in Australia, not a top ten. But that’s because I’d love to know what your top pick is! Is it something you’ve bought every year? Or perhaps something new you hadn’t known about until you saw my list? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message on my Facebook page or to my Instagram account. I can’t wait to see what you got from the Easter bunny – or bilby!

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