2024 Gluten Free Easter Eggs Australia

2024 Gluten Free Easter Eggs Australia

Welcome to my gluten free Easter eggs Australia list for 2024. Easter is at the end of March this year and naturally the day after Christmas Easter items like gluten free hot cross buns started appearing. A few chocolates have also appeared but not quite the full range as of mid-January.

Like my 2022 Easter egg guide I’ve spent many hours reading through Easter egg ingredients online and in-store so you can shop with confidence. However, please always double-check before buying just in case! I am only human! It should also be noted that while some products are safe in one size, they could have a may contain or different ingredients in another. Examples of this do occur and I’ve highlighted them in this article.

This guide was originally made in 2023, and has been updated with new finds for 2024. Over the years ingredients and allergens of Easter chocolate rarely change, but I will keep an eye out for you and update the guide accordingly.

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Happy gluten-free Easter eggs hunting!

How to use this list

I’ve grouped the chocolates by brand and listed them alphabetically so you can use the search function to find your favourite. I’ve grouped the dairy free and vegan eggs together under their own section at the end of the article, you can jump to it here.

You’ll be able to find most of the big brands in Coles and Woolworths (Woolies). Where something is a bit trickier to find or an exclusive item I’ve listed the location after the product.

If you’re having trouble finding something, drop me a message on Instagram, Facebook or via the comments.


At Christmas Aldi certainly has a good range of chocolates and treats. In 2023 there were just three Aldi brand (Dairy Fine) eggs that were gluten free. Unfortunately for 2024, all of the Dairy Fine range I’ve seen has a may contain warning for wheat / gluten.

There’s still a few to be released so I’ll keep checking Aldi, follow me on Facebook where I’ll post updates.

Although it’s not an Easter egg, one thing that is GF by ingredient at Aldi is their…

  • Hot cross bun flavoured fudge. Allergens: Milk, sulphites. May contain: Peanut, tree nuts.

If Aldi is your main store, don’t stress. They stock a lot of Cadbury Easter chocolate, check further down – almost all of it is gluten free!


Vegan company Bonvita is a speciality chocolate brand that also happen to be gluten free. I have not put them into the dairy free list as they note a may contain for dairy on their ingredients. I’ve seen Bonvita available from a number of online speciality retailers, including Happy Tummies and Vegan Grocery Store.

  • White chocolate half eggs with raspberry, 100g
  • Chocolate half eggs with hazelnut praline, 100g
  • Chocolate half eggs with sprinkles, 100g
  • Mix chocolate eggs with hazelnut praline, 100g
  • Chocolate bar with white bunny & choc buttons, 100g
  • Chocolate bar with white eggs & sprinkles, 100g


The may contain warning stops coeliacs from enjoying Cadbury for much of the year. However, like Christmas, much of the Easter range by Cadbury are coeliac-safe (gluten free by ingredient, no may contain).

So far, the best allergen information I’ve come across online is the Coles website, this is because it lists the may contains – the Cadbury website does not do this on all listings. Zooming to photos and looking at the back of the packet is the best option.

Here’s my list of coeliac-safe gluten-free Cadbury Easter products, including all the small eggs.

Little egg bags

  • Peppermint Milk Chocolate Eggs 115g (my absolute favourite)
  • Strawberry Milk Chocolate Eggs 118g (my favourite of 2023)
  • Top Deck Egg Bag 114g
gluten free easter eggs by Cadbury. Packing image of peppermint, strawberry and top deck eggs.
peppermint eggs are a favourite of mine but I’m so excited to try the new strawberry eggs!
  • Dream Egg Bag 110g
  • Creme Eggs minis – all sizes (note: as of 2023 it no longer lists wheat glucose syrup, just glucose syrup)
  • Caramello Egg Bag 117g
gluten free easter eggs by Cadbury. Packing image of dream, creme egg and caramello eggs.
  • Dairy Milk Salted Caramel Egg Bag 114g
  • Cadbury Turkish Delight Egg Bag 117g
  • Dairy Milk Easter Egg Bag – all sizes 114g, 440g
gluten free easter eggs by Cadbury. Packing image of salted caramel, Turkish delight and plain dairy milk.
  • Caramilk Easter Egg Bag 110g, 230g
  • Cadbury Triple Pack 649g
  • Dairy Milk Choc Caramel Egg Bag 115g
gluten free easter eggs by Cadbury. Packing image of caramilk, triple pack and choc caramel eggs.
  • Cadbury Easter Mini Eggs – all sizes 41.5g, 125g
Packing image of Cadbury mini eggs small packet and bag. Ingredients image shows it is is gluten free.


  • Creme Egg, 40g and bag of 6, 240g

Regular sized Creme Eggs (40g and 240g bag) are made in the UK. They have a totally different set of ingredients and allergen / may contain warnings. While they list wheat and gluten, the ingredient is wheat glucose so they remain safe. However, these UK ones contain egg albumen so keep this in mind if you have an egg allergy. Mini creme eggs do not contain egg.

  • Dairy Milk Hollow Easter Egg 50g and 100g
Cadbury gluten free easter eggs 100g packaging.
Any colour is fine, they are all gluten free
  • Dairy Milk Hunting Egg Boxes new packaging for 2024, 204g and 408g
These replace the plastic cartons of previous years
  • Dairy Milk Easter Eggs 153g and 206g
  • Cherry Ripe Egg 110g (these don’t have gelatine (unlike the bars!))
  • Caramel Cuties 115g (wheat glucose syrup is coeliac-safe)
  • Dairy Milk Hunt Bucket 187g
  • Humpty Dumpty Egg and carton of eggs (25g and 150g)


  • Cherry Ripe Bunny 125g
Cherry Ripe Easter bunny
  • Dairy Milk Mint Chip Bunny 125g
  • Caramilk Bunny 125g
  • Dairy Milk Easter Bunny 80g, 100g, 150g, 250g
  • Old Gold Easter Bunny 150g
gluten free easter bunnies by Cadbury. Packing image of mint chip, caramilk, dairy milk and old gold chocolate.
  • Dairy Milk Sitting Easter Bunny 170g
  • Mini Egg Bunny 160g
  • Easter Bunny Tin 164g – technically not a bunny, it’s a metal tin with a bag of solid Cadbury eggs and some marshmallow eggs (both safe!)
I love the stylised design of the one on the right.

Gift boxes

I’ve separated out of some of the gift boxes as they often take a bit of extra reading with multiple items. The regular dairy milk one is gluten free, it’s further up the list.

  • Cherry Ripe Gift Box 186g (171g for 2024)
  • Creme Egg gift box 193g (170g in 2024)
  • Caramilk gift box 153g
  • Humpty Dumpty gift box, 130g
  • Caramello gift box, 170g
  • Dairy Milk Gift Box now 168g for 2024
  • Dairy Milk Deluxe Egg Gift Box 400g
This is new for 2024!

Other items

  • Plush Bunny and Dairy Milk Eggs 51g
  • Marshmallow Pascall Pineapple Lumps 130g (spotted in the Reject Shop in 2023, not seen in 2024 so far!)
  • Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs Peppermint 150g
  • Cadbury Marshmallow Eggs 35g, 150g, 175g, 325g
  • Pascall Pineapple Lumps Marshmallow Egg Tray 150g (spotted in the Reject Shop)
  • Pinky Marshmallow Egg Tray 150g (also spotted in the Reject Shop)

The following Cadbury products are not safe, do not buy them for your beloved coeliac!

  • Creme Egg Block (may contain wheat)
  • Crunchie egg bag (may contain wheat)
  • Marble hazelnut bunny (may contain wheat)
  • Dream Easter Bunny (may contain wheat, gluten)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny Multipack 204g (may contain wheat)
  • Dairy Milk Bunny Marble Hazelnut 34g (may contain wheat)
  • Clinker bunny gift box (contains wheat starch)
  • Dairy Milk Hazelnut Eggs, 100 Years Celebration 140g (may contain wheat)
  • Dairy Milk Coconut Rough Bunny Gift Box 246g (may contain wheat)
  • Crunchie Hollow Easter Egg 110g (may contain wheat)
  • Crunchie Easter Bunny 270g (may contain wheat)
  • Dairy Milk Freddo Egg Gift Box 124g (Freddo may contain wheat)
  • Dairy Milk Design Your Own Egg Gift Box 125g (may contain wheat – so sad for this one, it looks cool!)
  • Favourites Egg Gift Box 415g (may contain wheat)
  • Roses Egg Gift Box 400g (may contain wheat)
  • Dairy Milk Oreo Egg Bag 112g (contains wheat)
  • Cadbury Oreo Gift Box 182g (contains wheat)
  • Eggcellent Easter Assortment Gift Box 530g (may contain wheat for Crunchie, dark peppermint and hazelnut eggs)
  • Easter Mixed Egg Bag – all sizes 230g, 650g (may contain wheat for Crunchie)
  • Moro Easter Casket 220g (contains barley, may contain wheat – also not accurately listed on the Cadbury website!)
  • Dairy Milk Giant Easter Tube with Clinker Bunnies 341g (contains wheat starch)

The Carob Kitchen

The Carob Kitchen offers chocolate-like treats made with carob, though still includes cocoa butter. They are legit gluten free (nil detected). The full range has the same allergens (milk) and may contain tree nuts, peanut, soy and sesame.

  • Banjo the Carob Bunny mini egg gift bag 140g
  • Pink or Blue foiled Banjo the Carob Bunny Easter egg 100g
  • Mini Easter eggs retail box 134 x 8g


Using the Chocolatier website in previous years has been a bit hit and miss. While it has an allergen listing for every chocolate and also lists may contains, after verifying some in person I discovered it wasn’t accurate. I went through the entire Chocolatier Easter range on their website, so you know exactly what you can get, unfortunately only about 5 items out of 28. This year these are the safe Chocolatier items.

  • Extra large milk chocolatier egg, 600g (yes, over half a kilogram!)
  • Bikin’ Bunny, 160g (checked in person, safe)
  • Puddles The Platypus 190g (checked in person, safe)
  • Tub of dark chocolate mini eggs, 1kg (about 135 eggs)
  • Tub of milk chocolate mini eggs, 1kg (about 135 eggs)


Yes Coles have their own category for 2024. Back in January I was out grocery shopping with my family and decided to take a peek at some fancy little bags. Whoa, they are actually gluten free (by ingredient) so they are on the list!

  • Hazelnut Brittle White Chocolate Eggs, 120g. Allergens: Hazelnut, milk. May contain: Egg, soy, tree nuts.
  • Hazelnut Crunch Milk Chocolate Eggs, 120g. Allergens: Almond, hazelnut, milk. May contain: Egg, soy, tree nuts.
  • Sea Salt & Caramel Almond Nougat Milk Chocolate Eggs, 120g. Allergens: Almond, hazelnut, milk. May contain: Egg, soy, tree nuts.

Coles have had these cute / daggy chocolates for years!

  • This little bunny (55g) is made in Belgium and is safe to eat (available at Coles) there’s also a duck character (50g)
  • Easter Belgian Milk Choc Pops 30g
  • Coles Easter Choc Coated Marshmallow, 200g. Allergens: Wheat*, milk, soy, sulphite. May contain: Tree nuts.

Wheat is glucose syrup, so that’s fine. Also note this product contains beef gelatine.

Darrel Lea

No gluten free Easter eggs from Darrel Lea. All items will have a ‘may contain’ due to wheat at their production site.

Most of our block and chocolate products do not contain gluten. Due to shared equipment with some gluten ingredients, we cannot make a gluten free claim on our products. – Darrel Lea website


Kinder is a brand that’s often gluten free but Ferrero usually includes wheat wafers. Fortunately a number of the Easter products don’t include wafer, just chocolate and hazelnuts! By the way, if you missed the news Ferrero has two ice creams that are GF by ingredient!


  • Kinder Surprise Chocolate Easter Bunny 75g
  • Kinder Chicks 35g
Both 75g bunnies are fine and the ‘chicks’ come in many characters
  • Hazelnut Kinder Mini Eggs (note: only hazelnut is fine, milk has a may contain)
  • Kinder Easter hollow figures (6 x 15g) 90g
  • Mini Kinder Easter bunnies (3 x 15g) 45g
gluten free easter chocolate by Kinder includes hazelnut mini eggs, hollow figures and mini bunnies.
  • Kinder Surprise Chocolate Giant Easter Bunny 160g
  • Bunny house by Kinder, 155g, spotted in Kmart

New for 2024! Super cute mini Kinder chocs, including one with cookie pieces!

  • Milk Kinder mini friends (Ladybug) 89g. Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Hazelnut.
  • Biscuit crumbs Kinder mini friends (Chick) 89g. Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Hazelnut.
I’ve had these, they’re delicious!


These items are all gluten free by ingredient because none of them have wafers. Note: Ferrero mini eggs are not gluten free and do have wafers.

  • Ferrero Rocher Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Egg 100g
  • Ferrero Rocher Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Hollow Squirrel 90g
  • Grand Ferrero Rocher 125g – it’s a big ol’ Ferrero!
  • Dark chocolate Grand Ferrero Rocher, 125g
A dark and a milk chocolate giant ferrero ball. It is bigger than one's fist.
Dark chocolate Grand Ferrero, spotted at IGA, milk chocolate seen at Coles and Woolworths

If you’re feeling like it’s a bit too good to be true rest assured it really is gluten free! See the ingredients below. Note: I have seen on the Myer website that they sell a different giant Ferrero which has two regular rochers in it. I’ve visited Myer and they actually have the one above, so it’s just an old listing online. Having said that it is much cheaper to buy these at Coles, Woolies, Kmart and IGA.

The ingredients of the Giant Ferrero ball.
The ingredients for the Ferrero Rocher ball


I walked past a Godiva store in Melbourne in late February 2023 and actually thought to myself “Nah, they won’t have anything gluten free.” But, the very next day I saw two Godiva eggs in Woolworths and discovered there are in fact gluten free Godiva Easter chocolates!

The listings on their website are not too bad, but I’d buy in person just to be sure. It looks like they don’t have the almond eggs this year but they’ve got a few new ones on their website.

  • Milk Chocolate Egg & Milk Eggs 145g
  • Milk Chocolate Bunny & Egg 90g
Godiva chocolate egg packs that do not have may contain for gluten.


Haigh’s Easter eggs range for 2024 was released 15 February – yep, the day after Valentine’s Day!

Fortunately the Haigh’s website has a gluten-free filter that actually works so it is easy to find coeliac-safe chocolates. For 2024 out of 73 products, 51 were listed gluten free. Some that aren’t include gift bags (literally paper), Easter eggs in a mug (obviously GF) and items with wheat glucose syrup. So in fact, most of the Easter range at Haigh’s is gluten free.

I’ve listed mini eggs separately for two reasons – they are fun and I buy them straight away. They are also some of the cheapest items in the range and therefore much more accessible. The rest is separated by milk and dark. Sorry white chocolate fans, none this year.

Mini eggs

  • Milk chocolate mini eggs 120g, 350g
  • Caramel filled milk chocolate mini eggs 120g (note these say contain wheat but it’s from glucose syrup)
Milk eggs and caramel filled milk eggs
  • Dark chocolate mini eggs 120g, 350g (vegan but may contain milk)
  • White chocolate mini eggs 120g. Looks like they’ve been deleted for 2024
  • Peppermint filled dark chocolate mini eggs (contain wheat but it’s from glucose syrup)

Wheat glucose syrup

There’s a few omissions when you use the filter on the Haigh’s website. One I noticed was a lack of peppermint chocolate, which is my favourite. 

The ingredients for Haigh's peppermint filled dark mini eggs. It notes contains wheat however it is only wheat glucose syrup.
Wheat glucose syrup is suitable for coeliacs.

Looking at the ingredients for the peppermint-filled dark mini eggs it lists wheat glucose syrup – which is fine for coeliacs (as per Coeliac Australia). The same is true for caramel-filled milk mini eggs.

Milk chocolate

  • Milk chocolate baby bilby 20g
  • Milk Chocolate bilby bar 50g
  • Various sized eggs, 50g, 75g, 100g, 150, 200g, 300g
  • Milk chocolate Murray cod 125g
  • Duck with mini eggs, 75g
  • Chicken with mini eggs, 100g
  • Small Bilby with mini eggs, 110g
  • Hen on Basket with mini eggs, 185g
  • Milk chocolate bilbies gift tin, 120g
  • Egg with chocolate frogs gift box in peppermint or strawberry, 140g
  • Speckles half egg, 180g
  • Half egg with mini eggs, 170g
  • Milk Easter egg mug, 100g
  • Honeycomb egg gift box, 175g (contains gelatine)
  • Salted macadamia brittle egg gift box, 190g
Haigh's gluten free easter eggs, honeycomb and salted macadamia brittle.
  • Milk chocolate egg with mini eggs gift box, 185g
  • Easter bilby or cockatoo soft toy with milk egg 50g
  • Half egg with scorched almonds, 375g
  • Large Milk Chocolate Bilby with Mini Eggs 335g
  • Hot Cross Bun Selection Gift Box 325g

Dark chocolate

Regarding gluten free and dairy free – in the dark chocolate range I noticed that while dairy isn’t used there is a may contain for dairy on every item. As such almost all are vegan with one exception. If you need fully dairy free, jump down to the dairy free section of this post.

  • Bilby Premium Dark Chocolate Bar 50g
  • Dark Chocolate Eggs, 50g, 75g, 100g, 150, 200g, 300g
  • Dark chocolate Murray cod 125g,
  • Dark chocolate Murray cod gift pack 225g
  • Small Bilby with mini eggs, 110g
  • 70% Dark chocolate egg, 150g
  • Hen on Basket with mini eggs, 185g
  • Dark chocolate half egg with Speckles 180g
  • Half egg with mini eggs, 170g
  • Dark Easter egg mug, 100g
  • Honeycomb egg gift box, 175g (contains gelatine)
  • Dark chocolate egg with mini eggs gift box 185g
  • Easter bilby or cockatoo soft toy with dark chocolate egg, 50g
  • Hot cross bun chocolates gift box, 150g
  • Half egg with scorched almonds, 375g
  • Large bilby with mini eggs, 335g
  • Hot cross bun crunch egg.
Two new items for 2024, both about hot cross buns!

Health Lab

Health Lab released their very first Easter range for 2024. They’ve been making gluten free snacks for years, so it’s nice to see some new options. These are vegan but due to the may contain for milk they are not in the dairy free section of the guide.

  • Health Lab Low Sugar Mylk Chocolate Mini Hunting Eggs, 100g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Milk, egg, sesame, lupin, sulphites, tree nuts, peanut, pine nut, soy.
  • Health Lab Low Sugar Mylk Chocolate Half Eggs with Gooey Caramel, 100g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Milk, egg, sesame, lupin, sulphites, tree nuts, peanut, pine nut, soy.

Koko Black

The Koko Black website used to have a gluten ‘friendly’ filter with a few products available. However these products had a may contain for gluten. I think it must have been pointed out to the Koko Black team as this filter is no longer available. While it’s sadly it’s a no-go for coeliacs, at least now there is no confusion on what may be safe to eat.


Many Lindt chocolates are not safe due to the presence of barley malt extract in the ingredients. Lindt used to have a gluten-free filter on their website and it didn’t work!

However, a few Lindt products are gluten free, here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Gold bunny in dark chocolate 100g, 200g (also vegan but has a may contain for milk)
  • White chocolate gold bunny 100g (now has a may contain for wheat / gluten in 2024)
  • Gold Bunny & Egg Dark Chocolate Gift Box 240g
  • Lindt Excellence dark chocolate (70%) egg 95g
  • Gourmet Eggs in hazelnut – note: this amazingly doesn’t have barley malt extract

Miscellaneous brands

This little list covers some of the smaller batches of gluten-free Easter eggs and no-name or unknown brands in Australia.


  • Milk Baci chocolate mini eggs, 150g (seen in IGA)
  • Dark Baci chocolate mini egg, 265g (seen in IGA)
  • Milk Baci chocolate egg, 255g
  • Baci Dolce Vita limited edition Dolce & Gabana collaboration (actually labelled gluten free on the back!)
  • Baci Amaretto tin, 250g

Note: if you can’t find the gift boxed Baci you can also buy them in small bags at Coles.

Children’s character eggs

  • Milk chocolate eggs (no brand) with wrappers including Bluey, Peppa Pig, Sponge Bob and Barbie

Note: I’ve only seen Bluey foiled eggs this year (no Barbie, Peppa Pig etc) and they were a may contain. So may it just be a Bluey range that isn’t GF (none of the mini Bluey eggs are GF) or it could be all of them. I’ll put Barbie and Peppa back on the list once I see them in person in 2024.

  • Scorched Peanut Egg, by Cook’s Confectionary scorched peanuts encased in smooth toffee covered in milk chocolate. It comes in a small 50g egg and a larger boxed 185g size.

Note: There’s a Scorched gift box that has a plain egg and a Scorched Peanut Bar. The plain egg is not gluten free (it has a may contain). So don’t buy that gift set, I dunno what the deal is, I’m guessing the egg is from some other company. Here it is so you know what to avoid.

Cook's confectionary scorched peanut Easter egg
The scorched peanut egg, found at Romeo’s IGA
  • Bailey’s chocolate luxe mini eggs 138g.

Yesss, I really want to try these! I’ve spotted them most recently in Myer. If you can’t find them, the Bailey’s truffles are also GF and are available at the supermarket.

Bailey's Easter Eggs packaging and back label to show it is gluten free.
These must be so delicious

Easter Lollies

  • Trolli milk chocolate egg with brite crawlers 142g (contains gelatine, seen at Kmart)
  • Trolli Funny Bunny bag 300g (contains gelatine)
Trolli funny bunny bag. Ingredients show it contains gelatine and may contain milk and soy.
One of the few non-chocolate options

These candy Easter eggs by Stargifts are almost 100% sugar. In terms of allergens they do contain egg but no may contains. However they do contain gelatine. I’ve seen them for sale at Big W and Woolworths.

  • Stargifts candy Easter egg 130g
  • Stargifts candy Easter eggs four pack 180g
Stargifts candy easter eggs from big W showing the ingredients that they are gluten free.


Kit-Kat Easter Bunny. You may have seen these in stores especially at the check out – do not buy the regular size as it contains wheat.

However, one packet of mini bunnies is gluten free – this is because this packet is made in Italy and imported to Australia. In Europe all of the Kit-Kat bunnies (all sizes) are gluten free. The wafers are made from a combination of rice flour and potato starch. All other sizes are made in Australia using the Australian recipe (wheat wafers).

  • Kit Kat Chocolate Mini Pouch Bunny Share Pack 66g

In 2022 these gluten free KitKat bunnies were exclusive to Coles. Since 2023 you can also buy them in Woolworths as well so it’ll be even easier to get them!

Kit Kat gluten free Easter bunnies, note only the 66g mini size bag is gluten free in Australia.
The only gluten-free Kit Kat item in Australia.

Not gluten free

  • Nestle Milkybar items (may contain wheat)
  • Every other Kit-Kat bunny (contains wheat)
  • Violet Crumble Bunny 35g (may contain wheat – careful the allergens aren’t listed on the Coles site!)

Organic Times

This Melbourne-based organic brand has a mix of vegan and regular chocolate. Unfortunately the vegan range has a may contain for milk so it’s not in my GF DF section below. However, these chocolates are labelled gluten free (though no listing of ND).

  • Organic milk Easter egg 130g
  • Medium Dark Easter Bunny 70g (vegan)
  • Milk chocolate Easter Bunny 70g
  • White chocolate Easter Bunny 70g
  • Organic dark Easter egg 130g (vegan)
Organic Times Easter eggs are gluten free.

You can buy these from Organic Times and speciality grocers. They also offer tubs of eggs in dark, milk and white chocolate. However these appear to be for pick up only / wholesale customers.

Park Avenue

Park Avenue has a range of kid friendly products with various toy and TV show themes. You might remember them from the big range of themed advent calendars back at Christmas.

However, in 2024 a lot of Park Avenue have a may contain for wheat and gluten. I’ve had to remove every item from the guide.

I recently saw online that Kmart is stocking Jurassic Park plastic eggs that contain jelly beans. Good if you don’t like chocolate – they have a may contain for dairy so I haven’t put them in the other section.

Pink Lady

Just a few Pink Lady gluten-free items for us, unfortunately in 2024 the allergens updated and now almost everything has a may contain. I’ve left this here as this was a late change – that’s why it’s important to read the label every time, and visit the guide every time rather than screenshots.

  • Pink Lady Milk Chocolate Wombat, 100g now with a may contain for 2024
  • Milk Chocolate Pink Lady Mini Eggs in Cylinder, 500g
  • Pink Lady Milk Chocolate Bilby 150g now with a may contain for 2024
A chocolate bilby and wombat by Pink Lady, note only the 150g bilby is gluten free.

Now with a may contain for 2024

Red Tulip

The little eggs with the red band around them are pure Easter nostalgia for me. I also remember getting an elegant rabbit from my grandmother every Easter.

Gluten-free eggs and bunnies by Red Tulip include:

  • Mixed Eggs 916g (this used to list wheat glucose syrup but now it says glucose syrup)
  • Elegant Rabbit 200g
Gluten free Red Tulip chocolate easter eggs and elegant rabbit
Red Tulip is still going strong, find these in K-Mart, Coles and Woolies
  • Easter Rabbit 110g
  • Sitting Rabbit 170g
gluten free easter eggs by Red Tulip. Packing image of Easter rabbits and sitting rabbits.
These Red Tulip pictures are straight off the Cadbury website – a bit eerie!
  • Carnival Rabbit 180g
  • Easter Hollow Egg 50g
  • Hunting eggs (10 pack) 170g – these are an IGA exclusive (204g for 2024, cardboard box)
Red tulip hunting easter eggs and the design for the carnival rabbit.

The Reject Shop

There’s fewer GF by ingredient items on offer at the Reject Shop for 2024. But there are a few different items, including some exclusives. They stock two unusual Cadbury marshmallow egg flavours in Pineapple Lumps and Pinky.

I had a few other items listed on the guide earlier, but I’ve removed them since I haven’t seen them in store for 2024.

Note: A number of Park Avenue products were absolutely fine last year but have may contains now.

  • Wawi Milk chocolate eggs 250g. Allergen: Milk, soy. May contain: Peanut, tree nuts.
  • Easter Egg Hunt Chocolate Eggs 200g, 900g. Allergen: Milk. May contain: Soy, tree nuts.
  • Cadbury Marshmallow Pinky 150g
  • Cadbury Marshmallow pineapple lumps 150g

Gluten free and dairy free Easter eggs

For those of us that need Easter eggs that are both gluten free and dairy free I’ve created this section.

Note: if it’s in my dairy free category that means there is no may contain for dairy. Most of these will also be vegan! If aren’t concerned with may contain check out Bonvita and Health Lab earlier in this article.


Another small brand I see pop up occasionally on my feed is Alpha chocolates. The brand is dairy free, nut free, gluten free. I’ve seen both the eggs below available online from Sunnybrook Health Store, Happy Tummies and GF Pantry. Oh and Glutenfree4u also recently announced they are stocking the Alpha range!


I actually only came across one Easter item by Buttermilk in 2022. I think this was due to distribution issues (shipping delays from overseas). In 2023, Happy Tummies had their range in time for Easter so hopefully they’ll be stocking them again. The chocolate range by Buttermilk are vegan and palm oil free.

  • Buttermilk Orange Crisp Easter Bunny Bar 35g
  • Buttermilk Honeycomb Choccy Egg with Honeycomb Blast Bar, 175g
  • Buttermilk Salted Caramel Crunch egg and caramel nougat bar 180g
Buttermilk easter chocolates available in Australia.

I also saw the both the egg gift boxes online at The Chocolate Box and GF Pantry.

Free From Family Co

This a brand owned by online allergy-friendly store Happy Tummies. They have an onsite kitchen free from gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs. This Easter they have made some custom vegan Easter eggs!

  • White chocolate with cookie pieces, 120g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Soy.
  • Mylk chocolate with cookie pieces, 120g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Soy.
  • White chocolate with raspberry lollies and marshmallow, 125g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Soy.
  • Mylk chocolate with raspberry lollies and marshmallow, 125g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Soy.

Loving Earth

Loving Earth has a new range of chocolates for Easter including dairy free mini eggs! The whole range is vegan, however most contain nuts and there are may contain warnings for other nuts. I’ve seen them online at Vegan Grocery Store and last year saw their range in some IGAs. In 2024 I actually saw one of their products at Woolworths!

  • Chocolate Caramel Eggs 95g
  • Magic Mini Eggs 95g
  • Hazelnut Praline Eggs 95g

Miscellaneous Dairy Free

I’ve had to make this category to cover a few items! The Chocolate Box is selling a range of gluten free, dairy free Easter chocolates. I’m not going to link to the filter as it’s not correct, I saw chocolates containing milk and items with a may contain for gluten.

However, I’ve read through the products and these ones are GF and DF. I’m not sure who makes the range but the website says it’s all made in Australia.

  • Dark foiled egg, 70g, 130g. Allergen: Soy. May contain: Peanut, almond.
  • Vegan dark bunny, 125g. Allergen: Soy. May contain: Peanut, almond.
  • Mini bunnies (12 pack), GF, DF, NF 175g. Allergen: Soy.
That bunny on the left is a whopping 650g!

Moo Free

Important!! The Moo Free importer cancelled the shipment to Australia this year due to delays. It means there won’t be Moo Free products here for Easter. GF Pantry has some hunting eggs but that’s it, no other stock.

It really is important if you are GF and DF to get in early with your Easter egg shopping to avoid disappointment.

The great thing about Moo Free is there are no declared allergens – so it’s also soy and nut free (common allergen / may contain for Easter choc).

  • Moo Free Dairy Free Organic Easter Bunny 32g
  • White Chocolate Mikey Bunny with Lemon Fizz 80g
  • Hammy Hamster with Orange Fizz 80g
Moo Free chocolate available in Australia. Lemon Fizz, Orange Fizz mini bunny.

No stock for 2024

Moo free choccy eggs and moo free easter egg hunt box.
  • Original Easter Egg & Choccy Mini Bar 100g
  • Bunnycomb Easter Egg & Choccy Chum Bar 100g
  • Choccy Eggsplosion Easter Egg with Vegan Mallows 80g
  • Moofreesa Ball and Bag of Moofreesas 100g
Moo free Easter egg gift box range. bunnycomb eggsplosion moofreesa

No stock for 2024


  • NOMO creamy choc egg 110g (vegan, Myer)
  • Cookie Dough Bunny 30g (vegan, spotted online at Big W and in store at Woolworths)
  • NOMO Caramel and Sea Salt choc egg 110g (vegan, Myer)
NOMO Easter range choc egg cookie dough bunny caramel sea salt egg.
  • Cookie Dough Egg and Bunny gift box 160g (spotted online at Big W)
  • NOMO Caramel Egg and Bar 148g (Woolworths)
Packaging for NOMO cookie dough and caramel easter eggs. Packaging shows they are free from dairy, gluten and eggs. They are vegan.
That bunny is so good

You can shop the NOMO range at Happy Tummies too!


Pana have revamped their Easter eggs in 2023 and we’ll see these again for 2024! And there’s extra good news, these new flavours do not have a may contain for milk – they are fully dairy free! And they are of course, vegan.

The range is currently available online and at independent grocers like IGA.

  • Mylk Chocolate Easter Egg Golden Comb 100g
  • White Chocolate Easter Egg Macadamia 100g
  • Mylk Chocolate Easter Egg Peanut Butter & Strawberry 100g
  • Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Mint Crunch 100g
  • Caramel Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Egg, 100g
Pana Organic new easter egg range 2023. Honeycomb macadamia peanut butter and strawberry and mint.
In terms of allergens, they all either contain or may contain peanuts and tree nuts.
  • Caramel Hot Cross Bun Easter Egg 100g
Pana organic hot cross bun chocolate egg with ingredients label to show its gluten and dairy free.
The Pana range is at independent grocers

So Free by Plamil

So, the latest I’ve heard is that Plamil, the company behind the So Free chocolate range has actually changed quite a few of their recipes to use oats. Now, overseas in countries like the UK (where it’s made) gluten free oats are considered safe for coeliacs however that isn’t the case in Australia.

This means the carob, caram!lk and m!lk eggs are not suitable for an Aussie coeliac.

I’ve looked at the Plamil website for Easter and I’ve only listed the items that do not contain oats.

Packaging for So free vegan salted caramel bunny and vegan white choc egg.

Sweet William

If you’re trying to find the Sweet William brand I’ve seen it available online (Happy Tummies) and in store from David Jones, Big W and Coles.

Sweet William bunnies, large milk, large white and multi bag of mini bunnies.

I’ll keep adding to this list in the lead up to Easter 2024 – be sure to bookmark this page and check back for updates.

Please let me know in the comments if you’ve found any other great gluten-free Easter chocolates and tag me in your finds on Instagram kati_keksi 🙂

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    2 thoughts on “2024 Gluten Free Easter Eggs Australia”

    • Thanks for this great list. I went to Haigh’s today to get the anniversary book tin with mini eggs. Only the plain mini eggs are gluten free. The tin states gluten for the caramel and mint mini eggs.

      • Hi Kerry. Oh lovely that tin is super cute! Yes, for the filled eggs it will say gluten, however this is due to glucose syrup made from wheat. Coeliac Australia states that this is acceptable for a gluten free diet, but at the end of the day it’s a personal choice. There’s links to the Coeliac Australia position on this in this article if you feel like having a read.
        Happy Easter to you! Kati x

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