UK gluten-free Easter eggs 2022

UK gluten-free Easter eggs 2022

For everyone living their best gluten-free life in the UK I’ve made you a big list of all the Easter eggs for 2022. I feel like after writing two gluten-free Easter egg guides for 2022 that another couldn’t hurt, plus I get to see all the treats y’all will get in the United Kingdom.

I have built this list by researching online since I’m now based in Australia, I can’t just pop down to my local Waitrose, M&S and Aldi in Kingston and check it all out. 

As ever, if you’re a coeliac or very sensitive to gluten please make sure you double-check your items before purchase. This is because I’ve noticed that some sizes within the same range will have a ‘may contain’ warning where others are completely safe. To help combat this and provide extra assurance I’ve put the gram weight on every item on the list.

This list is suitable for coeliacs – any chocolate with a may contain warning has not been included. 

How to use this list

I’ve grouped all the chocolates by brand or range so if you’ve got a favourite you can use the search function in your browser (CTRL or command F) and type in for example ‘creme egg’ to find the ones listed here. 

There are so many items both gluten and dairy free that I’ve made a list in the second half of this page. In line with my strict gluten-free listings I’ve only listed here what is truly dairy or milk free. 

For items that are dairy free but have a may contain I’ve put them in the regular list – this way they are potentially vegan, but not safe for those with a dairy allergy.  


Does Aldi have gluten free eggs? Yes, but… The regular range of eggs have may contain warnings. However many of the free from range are good to go, meaning they are both gluten free and dairy free. Skip down to the gluten-free, dairy-free section to see what they have at Aldi. 


  • Extra Special Peppermint & Cocoa Nib Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, 280g
  • Extra Special Raspberry & Marshmallow White Chocolate Easter Egg 400g
  • Easter egg hunt box, 374g


If you’re on Instagram like I am, you know it’s Easter time when your feed suddenly fills with baked goods covered in Mini Eggs. Despite not loving milk chocolate I do like keeping a bag of Mini Eggs in the house, usually eating one or two every so often. I think it’s the satisfying crunch and how little and bite sized they are. 

  • Mini eggs, all sizes of bags / cartons
  • Creme eggs and creme mini eggs, all sizes of packets
  • Caramel eggs, all sizes of packets
  • Caramel egg with medium 139g (Please note the larger sizes have a may contain warning)
  • Creme egg with medium Easter egg, 138g
  • Dairy Milk Chocolate egg & milk chocolate chunk, 71g
  • Mini Eggs Medium Easter Egg, 130g
  • Wispa Gold Chocolate Egg, 248g
  • Hazelnut Wispa Gold and chocolate egg, 299g
  • Wispa Easter egg, 224g
Gluten free Cadbury Easter eggs, Wispa and Twirl orange.
Gluten free: Cadbury Wispa and Twirl orange
  • Twirl Chocolate egg, 237g
  • Twirl Orange large chocolate Easter egg 241g
  • Crunchie Easter Egg 233g
  • Ultimate Crunchie bits Easter egg, 542g
  • Creme Egg Chocolate Egg 275g
  • Flake Chocolate Egg 249g
  • Roses Chocolate Egg 255g
  • Mini Eggs Giant Easter Egg 507g
  • Mini Eggs Easter Egg, 231g
  • Giant Buttons Easter Egg 419g
  • Orange Giant Buttons Easter Egg, 410g
  • Buttons Medium Easter egg, 128g
  • Dairy Milk Spring Edition plush Peter Rabbit Toy & Easter Egg 72g
  • Fry’s Turkish Delight Chocolate Easter Egg 161g
  • White Chocolate Giant Gift Boxed Easter Egg 255g
  • Mini Eggs Chocolate Bar
  • Cadbury Easter Chocolate Selection Box
  • Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack, 9 eggs, 130g


Co-op has a good range of gluten-free offerings with loads of coeliac-safe Cadbury products and the mega Grand Ferrero. In terms of exclusive Easter chocolates by Co-op that are gluten free it’s just a few.

  • Irresistible Fairtrade Hand Finished Raspberry Ruby Egg, 295g
  • Irresistible Fairtrade Hand Finished Hot Cross Bun Egg, 175g
  • GRO Chocolate Orange Egg, 150g  (dairy free and also vegan)
Three Co-op gluten free eggs, raspberry ruby, plant-based orange, and a hot cross bun egg.
Three great Co-op gluten free eggs, hot cross bun looks the best to me!

Green & Black’s

Just a few gluten-free Easter eggs this year from Green & Black’s. You’ll find them in Morrison’s, Tesco’s, Waitrose and online with Ocado. The large egg comes with some chocolate bars, including one with stem ginger – my favourite! 

  • Dark chocolate egg, 165g
  • Milk chocolate egg, 165g
  • Dark chocolate large shell egg 345g


Some Kinder products will be harder to find this year due to a recent recall of their products due to possible salmonella contamination. If you’ve already bought them be sure to check the dates and see if they should be returned.

  • Hazelnut Mini Easter Eggs Pouch 75g (note only hazelnut flavour is gluten free)
  • Kinder Surprise Chocolate Bunny 75g
  • Egg Hunt Maxi Kit 150g
  • Kinder Mini Chocolate Easter Figures 6x15g


Never heard of Kinnerton? Me either, they are a brand that specialises in branded products, this year it’s Peppa Pig, Hey Duggee, Paddington and Paw Patrol. It’s great that coeliac children don’t have to miss out on Easter treats and can still enjoy a gift with their favourite characters.

  • Hey Duggee Egg 62g
  • Paw Patrol Egg 62g
  • Peppa Pig Egg 62g
  • Easter Egg Gift Set with cup 45g, available as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Paddington and Hey Duggee
  • Crayola Decorate Your Own Egg, chocolate egg and icing, 180g


Lindt is a difficult chocolate brand for coeliacs due to the presence of barley malt extract in many of their products. However, their dark chocolate can be safe, as can a few white chocolate items. I have heard that Lindt may get a gluten-free exemption in the future, due to the fact that the amount of barley malt extract could be under the required 20ppm limit. However, we’ll have to wait for an official press release on that one. In the meantime, stick to this delicious list!

  • White chocolate Gold Bunny and Easter egg, 115g
  • Excellence dark chocolate egg with chocolate squares, 240g
  • Excellence Dark Egg with Assorted Mini Chocolates 240g
  • White chocolate Gold Bunny and Easter egg, 115g
  • Excellence dark chocolate egg with chocolate squares, 240g
  • Excellence Dark Egg with Assorted Mini Chocolates 240g
  • Dark chocolate Gold bunny, 100g and 200g
  • Lindor White Chocolate Egg With Truffles 260g
  • Lindor Mini Eggs White 100g

Marks and Spencer

For me M&S always had the most creative and out there Easter chocolate designs. I remember just bursting out laughing seeing chocolate dinosaurs about five years ago. Now it’s almost competitive, how creative egg designs can get each year. These are the M&S gluten-free Easter eggs for 2022.

  • Chirpy Chick, 40g
  • Orange Speckled Eggs, 75g
  • Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs, 90g
  • Solid Milk Choccy Eggs 130g
  • Swiss Milk Chocolate Baby Bunny, 100g
  • Drippy chocolate egg, 225g
  • Choc corn egg, 340g
  • Harry Potter Golden Egg Tin 300g
  • Percy Pig Easter Egg Hunt Basket 155g
  • Hide & Seek Egg Hunt Bag 135g

M&S character chocolates

  • Alfie Bunny
  • Bella Bunny
  • Walter the Sausage Dog
  • Wilma the Sausage Dog
  • Harri the Chocolate Hedgehog
  • Inky the Chocolate Octopus
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Chocolate Train, 190g
  • Space Eggsplorer Chocolate Egg, 
  • Percy Pig Hogs and Kisses, 290g
  • Percy Pig Easter egg and bag of Percy pigs, 270g
  • Colin the Caterpillar Easter Egg and white chocolate Colin faces, 227g
  • Colin the Caterpillar Egg Hunt Basket 170g


Mars chocolates covers Mars (obviously), M&Ms, and the UK favourite Galaxy. 

  • Galaxy Milk Chocolate Ripple Easter Egg, 286g
  • Large Easter egg and Galaxy Minstrels chocolate , 262g
  • Galaxy Milk Chocolate Enchanted Eggs 80g
  • M&M Salted Caramel Chocolate X-Large Easter egg, 286g
  • M&M Brownie egg, 222g (yes really, even though it says brownie!)
  • Bounty Milk Chocolate Egg With 3 Fun Size Bars only 235.5g size


Yes sadly there’s a group that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else, those random little independent brands we love. As many of you know I love peppermint chocolate, if you’re like me and need those After Eight eggs you can find them at Iceland.

  • After Eight mint dark chocolate Easter egg, 400g
After Eight gluten free Easter chocolate. A large mint egg with packet of After Eights, or a bag of mint and dark chocolate mini eggs.
Both of these After Eight treats are available at Iceland.
  • After Eight mini eggs, 81g
  • Reese’s peanut butter egg 34g
  • Reese’s peanut butter bunny 141g
  • BACI Dark chocolate easter egg 252g
  • Daim Chocolate Heritage Easter Egg 138g
  • Ferrero Rocher Squirrel 90g
  • Milk Grand Ferrero Rocher, 100g
  • Dark Grand Ferrero Rocher, 100g
All the chocolate and hazelnut without the pesky wafers.
  • Guylian chocolate Easter egg and seashells, only 285g
  • Morrison’s egg on toast chocolate slab, 150g
  • Selfridges Selection milk chocolate honeycomb easter egg 215g
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs in white and milk chocolate
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange Egg and mini eggs, 230g
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange White Easter egg & white mini eggs, 230g
  • Bailey’s strawberries and cream egg, 205g
Gluten free and no may contains, Bailey’s strawberries and cream egg

Montezuma’s gluten free eggs

Looking at the Montezuma website most of their Easter range doesn’t have a may contain warning – that’s great news! If you don’t have a store nearby you’ll find a few Montezuma items in Waitrose and on Ocado.

  • Clucky Milk Chocolate Chick 100g
  • Chicklateers Organic Milk set of 3, 225g
  • Frizzle hen, 200g
  • Orloff Milk Speckled Hen with milk, white and dark chocolate 200g
  • Just Hatched dark chocolate giant egg and chicks 600g (dairy free but with a may contain)
  • Lucky Like No Udder Milk chocolate alternative Chick 100g (vegan, but may contain milk)
  • Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Eggs 150g
  • 100% Cocoa Absolute Black Peanut Butter Mini Eggs 150g (if someone wants to send me these in the post I’d be very pleased!)


The Milkybar kid is causing coeliac folk trouble. Most of the range is not gluten free due to may contains. However KitKat is still winning my heart with those adorable gluten-free bunnies and this year the UK gets gluten-free KitKat mini eggs too! 

  • Aero Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
  • Aero Bubble Peppermint Chocolate Giant Egg 230g
  • Single KitKat Milk Chocolate Bunny 29g
  • Kit Kat Bunny Milk Chocolate Sharing Pouch 66g
  • KitKat Mini Eggs, 81g 
A bag of KitKat mini bunnies, gluten free and a bag of KitKat mini eggs, also gluten free.
KitKat bunnies and mini eggs are legit gluten free!
  • Giant Egg, KitKat bunny milk chocolate 234g
  • Large Easter Egg, KitKat bunny milk chocolate 295g
  • Milkybar Small Easter Egg 65G
  • Quality Street milk chocolate giant egg, 250g


  • The Yolkers Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg with Orange Moustache Decoration, 145g
  • The Yolkers Hollow White Chocolate Egg with Pink Lips Decoration, 145g
  • Milk Chocolate Speckled Egg Slab, 170g
  • Fried egg slab, 150g
  • Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs, 85g
Some colourful and most importantly gluten free egg designs from Sainsbury’s


Of course Waitrose stocks a huge range of eggs that are gluten free, but in terms of exclusive Easter chocolates made by Waitrose it is these four below.

  • Caramel Squiggle Easter egg, 190g
  • White Chocolate Squiggle Easter egg, 170g
  • Orange Squiggle Easter egg, 165g
  • Waitrose No.1 Milk Chocolate with Champagne Truffles Easter egg, 215g

Dairy-free Easter eggs

These eggs are gluten and dairy-free. For me, it’s not dairy free if it has a may contain warning. Those eggs you’ll see above in the list. From here it’s really dairy free – but please double check, as I mentioned above with internet research it is difficult to fully know. 

Aldi’s gluten-free dairy free chocolate

Aldi’s regular chocolate label Moser Roth has a few gluten-free items for us this year.

  • Moser Roth Free From Salted Caramel egg with hidden truffles, 200g
  • Moser Roth Free From Belgian Dark Chocolate & Seville orange egg with hidden truffles, 200g

Aldi is also stocking a range called Dairyfine Free From, which includes this range below that are gluten and dairy free. As an added environmental bonus the packaging is plastic free.

  • Strawberry white choco egg, 115g
  • Strawberry white choco lamb, 80g
  • Orange choco Egg, 115g
  • Orange choco bunny, 80g
  • Honeycomb Choco Egg, 100g
  • Easter Egg Hunt Kit, 10 eggs, 100g
Three gluten and dairy free eggs from Aldi UK. Honeycomb egg, strawberry white chocolate lamb, orange chocolate egg.
Aldi’s gluten free offering is limited to the dairy free range but they still look great.

ASDA free from

ASDA’s free from is all out, I love how much variety they have here and that they’ve gone the extra mile to do some fancy dairy free, gluten free options. Perfect for the older Easter enthusiast. 

  • Marble Choc Easter egg, 160g (vegan)
  • Free From Free From Easter Egg with white choc buttons 115g (vegan)
  • Free From Free From Choc Honeycomb Egg 160g (dairy free)
  • Extra Special Free From Easter Egg Selection, three eggs 150g (vegan)
  • Extra Special Free From dark chocolate egg with vanilla flavour truffles (vegan)
  • Free From Free From Choc Easter Bunny, 100g (vegan)

Booja Booja

These aren’t so much Easter eggs as their regular truffles in a decorative Easter egg tin. Still, if you like that then you’ll enjoy this selection.

  • Organic chocolate champagne truffles, 150g
  • Chocolate Salted Caramel truffles, 138g
  • Hazelnut truffles, 138g


All of these Buttermilk eggs are vegan and dairy free, woo!

  • Zingy Orange Crisp Choccy bunny bar 35g
  • Honeycomb Blast Choccy Egg & Soldier, 175g (vegan, dairy free)
  • Vegan Salted Caramel egg, 172g (vegan, dairy free)
  • Zingy Orange Crisp Choccy Egg & Buttons, 172g (vegan, dairy free)
  • Choccy Easter egg, 100g (vegan, dairy free)

Miscellaneous dairy free

There’s a few companies and supermarkets that don’t make too many free from items so I’ve grouped them together.

  • M&S Made without Dairy Charlie Bunny
  • So Free Organic Rice Milk Chocolate Easter bunny bar, 25g (vegan)
  • So Free Smooth Salted Caramel Chocolate Easter Bunny Bar, 25g (vegan)
  • Salted Caramel So free Vegan Easter Egg, milk white or dark, 110g (vegan)
  • Morrisons Free From Chocolate Easter Egg With Mini Bunnies & Chicks, 115g
  • Morrisons Best Free From  hoc orange & cocoa nibs egg & truffles, 200g

Moo Free

Moo Free is a great gluten-free and dairy-free option, especially for those with children as they offer white chocolate. Much of the range is also vegan, so it’s great for everyone.

  • Choccy Eggsplosion Easter egg, 80g
  • White chocolate Easter bunny, 80
  • Original Easter egg with choccy buttons, 80g
  • Bunny Comb Easter egg & Egg-Citing Surprise, 95g 
  • Moo Free White Easter Egg and Cinder toffee bar, 185g
  • Original Easter Egg with Moofreesas, 185g
Two Moo Free brand eggs, choccy eggsplosion has marshmallows and the orange easter egg comes with moofreesas, GF, DF malteasers
Moofreesas – basically gluten and dairy free malteasers, yum!

NOMO Free From

Having recently tried the cookie dough bunny I can hands down say NOMO is my favourite dairy free chocolate brand. It. Is. So. good. Much of the NOMO Easter range is available through Ocado.

  • Creamy chocolate egg, 148g
  • Creamy chocolate egg & monster lolly, 80g
  • Cookie dough bunny, 30g
The NOMO cookie dough bunny, a big fat bunny with a generous filling of gluten free cookie dough.
The cookie dough centre is perfect! So delicious
  • Cookie dough crunch egg,  (it comes with the cookie dough bunny!)
  • Fruit crunch chocolate egg, 207g
  • Salted caramel chocolate egg, 148g
  • Caramel chocolate egg, 148g
So much NOMO to choose from!

Sainsbury’s free from

  • Free From Choc Orange egg 100g (dairy free)
  • Deliciously Free From chocolate egg, 100g (dairy free)
  • Deliciously Free From Mini Mallows chocolate egg, 110g (dairy free)
  • Free From Choc Bunny, 100g
  • Free From Bronze Egg Slab, 160g
  • Deliciously Free From white chocolate bunny bar, 35g
  • Deliciously Free From Strawberry & white chocolate bunny bar, 35g

Tesco’s free from

Tesco’s free from range listed here are gluten, wheat and dairy free. 

  • Free From Strawberry Crunch chocolate egg, 180g
  • Free From Honeycomb Crunch chocolate egg, 180g
  • Clucky the Chick, 100g
  • Hot cross bun chocolate bar, 90g
  • Free From Chocolate Caramel Egg With Buttons 115g
  • Wicked Kitchen Fruity Chocolate Egg 130g
  • Wicked Kitchen Poppin Candy Orange egg, 160g
  • Benny The Bunny, by Wicked Kitchen, 120g

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading my gluten-free Easter eggs 2022 list. It’s been a pleasure to make and I hope it’s helped you find what you need either for yourself or the coeliac / gluten intolerant person in your life.

If you’re living in the UK do check out my post Secret gluten free items in the UK. It’s got great products that are found outside of the Free From aisle.

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