8 Gift Ideas for your Gluten Free Valentines

8 Gift Ideas for your Gluten Free Valentines

Valentines Day rolls around every year on the same date yet many of us struggle for gift ideas to get for that gluten free person in our lives.

This year I’ve made it easy and put together a list of eight gift ideas you can easily do – even at the last minute! 

I’ve listed them from least expensive to most expensive so there’s something for every budget – starting at just $1.50!

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1. Buy a chocolate heart (or six) from Haigh’s. $1.50.

Haigh’s is well-known for their excellent range of gluten free, coeliac safe chocolates and treats. 

During the Valentines season they release a small range of themed gifts with lots of gluten free chocolate hearts.

Their smallest hearts at just 8g cost only $1.50 and come in a range of coloured foils including red, pink, gold and brown. 

Pair a chocolate heart with a coffee in bed and your valentine’s day will be off to a winning start.

Gluten free chocolate hearts by haighs. Picture shows different gift wrap colours: pink, red, brown, gold and light gold.

2. Pick up a fancy cake from a local bakery. $10.

Did you know many fancy cakes are naturally gluten free? Almond sponges are sturdier (and more decadent) than your average sponge and often end up as the base on things like mousse domes. 

Check out your local French patisserie and see what’s on offer! If you’re buying for a coeliac be sure to ask all the cross contamination questions. It might also help to take photos of the display (like the GF labels) to alleviate any stress. We GF folk as you know have some trust issues when it comes to food that looks too good to be true.

Depending on your city you might have a dedicated gluten free bakery nearby! Sydney has a tonne of gluten free bakeries, some fancier than others so check my article before you head out.

If you’re in Melbourne then drop in to Kudo in the CBD, or head to Voila Patisserie (Coburg), Butter Mafia (Northcote), Glazed (Elsternwick) or one of the many others dotted around the state.

Around Australia there’s also Champagne and Gumboots (Perth), Alby’s Gluten Free Bakery (Adelaide), Nodo (Brisbane), and Australian Wildflower Pastry Co (Brisbane).

Two images. A lemon meringue tart and an eclair with green icing.
Lemon Yuzu tart from G&T cafe at Star Casino Sydney, and a raspberry pistachio eclair from WholeGreen Sydney

3. Get them something they wouldn’t expect to be gluten free. $15

Now I will say this, it’s a challenge for my husband to do this for me because my job is this website and researching all the new and upcoming items. BUT! I do enjoy sharing my finds and many people are shocked by the hidden gluten free gems around the supermarket. Here’s a few your valentine might not know about. 

Baci truffles and bailey's truffles.
Chocolate truffles are perfectly romantic.

4. Buy that expensive gluten free item they’ve been eyeing off. $20

You know the one, the one they stare at longingly in the supermarket, farmers market or your local artisan provedore. The one where they always say, “I can’t spend that much just on me!” 

If you’re not sure here are some hints

Health lab cherry bars and pana organic maple peanut ice cream.
I can hand on my heart say I’ve eyed off both of these.

5. Find the fanciest gluten free bread and make a delicious cheese board. $30.

Now by fancy I explicitly mean not supermarket bread. Gluten free folk have to deal with supermarket bread on a weekly basis and it can be quite bothersome. But get the right bread and you could be in cheese heaven – like with this glorious baked camembert.

What you want to find is a good gluten free sourdough or artisan bread. If sourdough isn’t in your area look for a freshly made baguette or loaf from your local gluten free bakery. A good gluten free sourdough or artisan loaf will set you back anywhere from $10 – $15. Seems expensive? They are worth every slice. 

For sourdough in Sydney look no further than WholeGreen, who are handily stocked across the state in Harris Farm and some Woolworths (check the website for latest stockists). Other fresh bakeries with great breads include Sebastien sans Gluten (not sourdough but very French) and Baker’s Alchemy. 

In Melbourne you’ve plenty of options too. Kudo is the latest seller of gluten free breads with a rolling range of options (check their IG stories for daily flavours). The team at Eat Cannoli distribute gluten free sourdough around Melbourne, with various delivery days and pick up sites.  

At independent grocers and health food stores you might find yourself GF Precinct, they have a sourdough base and are distributed along the east coast (including Tassie!).

A dish with oozing baked camembert, surrounded by sliced bread with three glasses of champagne in the background.
The three C’s, cheese, champagne, carbs

6. Make them an amazing fakeaway meal! $50+

This one is really up to you on the price. But if you’re spending your life with a coeliac or someone strictly gluten free you know how stressful it can be to dine out.

Do a bit of research and head out to the shops and buy everything you need to make an amazing spread of takeaway style food. The best way to get the feeling of a takeaway meal at home is to have loads of options, so you’ve got starters, a main and dessert, all themed to that cuisine. 

Some ideas include

Thai / asian style

  • Dumplings (House of Goodness or Tran’s Kitchen), Pad Thai (get a kit by Ayam or Marion’s kitchen) or beef pho (Mr Chen’s), Mochi ice creams

Indian style

Italian style

7. Get a bottle of champagne and some strawberries. $60.

The hashtag #champagneisglutenfree should really be more popular because it’s absolutely true! Grab a bottle of their favourite sparkling and splurge those extra few dollars on the premium strawberries at the supermarket. 

Strawberries and champagne are the perfect combination and the bright red colour of the strawberries makes it more romantic right? Just make sure you’ve got some champagne flutes washed and ready – it’s no fun waiting around trying to find them in the back of the cupboard. 

Not drinking alcohol at the moment? There are loads of alcohol free options, I really like the Edenvale 0% sparkling wine. In fact, I used it in my Ginger Royale cocktail and it was fabulous! 

A bowl of strawberries and two glasses of champagne. In the background a fireplace can be seen.
Could this scene be any more romantic?

8. Reserve a table for two at a 100% gluten free restaurant. $100+

What better way to have your loved one completely at ease than knowing everything will be gluten free. Then the only thing you’ll have to worry about is a hangover the next day. There are also venues that aren’t 100% gluten free but have Coeliac Australia accreditation – so they’ll be 100% safe. 

To find gluten free venues you can do a few things, the best results will come from gluten free bloggers either with their own websites or on Instagram (sometimes their IG is more up to date). To find these people in your state either google ‘100% gluten free restaurant’ plus your city or look up the relevant hashtag on Instagram. #glutenfreemelbourne, #glutenfree sydney and start scrolling! 

Here’s a few to get you started


Onda, La Tortilleria, Mission District, Ciao Mamma, Le Feu, Stalactites.


Restaurant 317, Miranda RSL, Comeco, Harbord Hotel (not 100% GF but a coeliac chef), Iron Ramen.

Around Australia: Angel Falls Grill (Perth), Duke of Brunswick (Adelaide), Dine with Joy (Brisbane).

Let me know more in the comments!  

Note I’ve put this at $100+ just to cover the higher groups, there are definitely 100% gluten free venues you can have a meal for two for under $60.

Well there you have it, plenty of gift options to impress your gluten free loved one this Valentines Day. Let me know what you’ll be doing in the comments, or if you’ve got any fantastic ideas or gluten free venues to recommend!

Need more ideas? Check out my bumper GF gift guide I wrote back at Christmas.

While you’re in a planning mood check out the gluten free Easter range for 2024.

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