Cranberry and Raspberry Clusters by Coles I’m Free From

Cranberry and Raspberry Clusters by Coles I’m Free From

The cranberry and raspberry clusters by Coles I’m Free From are the final of my three reviews on this range of gluten free cereals.

After buying (and loving) the apple and cinnamon clusters by Coles I bought the other two flavours on my next visit. The cranberry and raspberry clusters are gluten free and vegan (may contain milk). See the full allergens at the bottom of this review.

Cranberry and raspberry clusters

All the ingredients in this cereal are ‘normal’ and recognisable, there’s no strange scientific sounding items. You can see the ingredients too, the buckwheat groats, sunflower seeds and puffed rice are all there.

It’s nice to get a fruity cereal, according to the box cranberries are 4% and freeze dried raspberries are 0.7%. I was quite chuffed to see a whole freeze dried raspberry in the box when I poured out my first serve.

Coles clusters cereal in a bowl, freeze dried raspberry and cranberries are visible.

The taste

The cranberry and raspberry clusters are not sweet until you bite in and start to chew. This is great, you don’t want super sweet for a breakfast cereal.

I like that there are whole freeze dried raspberries in it, feels quite luxurious for a supermarket brand cereal. The only other cereal I’ve had with big raspberry pieces cost over $12 a bag!

This flavour definitely had the biggest clusters out of the lot. However, this might be a result of it sitting in my pantry for two months and clumping together!

I think the best thing about the entire range of this cereal is the crunch. The clusters break apart easily when you bite in, but not so bad that it’s solid like a muesli bar.

The only detractor for me is the coconut pieces but this is just a personal preference. They don’t taste awful, I’m just not that interested in coconut.

In milk and on yoghurt

The crunch lingers even in a bowl full of milk. Of course it softens as time goes on, but even after a few minutes there’s still some crunch texture. Much better than turning to mush!

I mainly eat cereal and granola with yoghurt. For this I need to break up the clusters a little – they really are that big!

Coles cranberry and raspberry clusters on yoghurt with frozen raspberries
A typical breakfast for me, chobani yoghurt, berries and GF granola!

the verdict

Coles is on to a winner with the cranberry and raspberry clusters. I’ve really enjoyed all three flavours and I’ll certainly buy them again once I’ve worked through my stash of gluten free cereals.

The lack of processing is really great, being able to recognise the whole buckwheat groats means they aren’t heavily processed. The sweetness isn’t over the top and the texture is there with it’s hearty crunch.

And of course there isn’t an excess of seeds or nuts – which typically increases costs too.

Product details

Gluten free: Legit, not detected.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan!
Allergens: Sulphites. May contain: Tree nuts, lupin, milk, peanut, soy.
Serving size: Eight 45g serves.

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