Kez’s Kitchen Choc Golden Snaps

Kez’s Kitchen Choc Golden Snaps

Kez’s Choc golden snaps are part of a large range of gluten free biscuits made by Kez’s kitchen. Readily bought at the big two and independent supermarkets they are a familiar brand for most Aussie coeliacs. As well as being gluten free but they are also vegan, dairy free (no may contain) and even fodmap friendly.

On top of all that they list that these biscuits are egg free, GMO free, fructose friendly, wheat free and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. So really, they are accessible to just about anyone.

However, in terms of allergens the Kez choc golden snaps do contain soy and almond. They also have a may contain warning for peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Kez’s Kitchen is an exclusively gluten free brand, after all they make so many gf products.

However it’s important to know that they make gluten filled items as they can be similar, if not identical. I’ve been on flights and seen their biscuits served with afternoon tea. I was so excited and grabbed it only to realise they weren’t GF!

A cup of coffee and two Kez's Choc Golden Snaps. One upside down to show the base is covered in milk chocolate.
A perfect gluten free morsel with a cuppa tea or coffee


I found these super crunchy when we first opened them and that the chocolate on the back was annoyingly soft. It had actually melted onto the packaging and other biscuits! I accidentally left them in the packet for two days and the next one I had was much softer, not in a stale way, but in a nice chewy biscuit way. So there was a benefit to my forgetfulness.

They have an Anzac biscuit vibe with the coconut and golden syrup. In fact, they also have quinoa flakes, making then very similar to my gluten free, oat free Anzac biscuit recipe.

The crunch of them is nice, although not super hard like a ginger snap. The predominant texture is the desiccated coconut and overall the biscuit is mildly sweet. Certainly less sweet than their lemon yo-yo cookie that has the frosting style filling.

The biscuit is dipped in milk chocolate on the underside and annoyingly it’s quite melted straight out of the packet. It’s a cool day here and our house is about 20°C so it would be a total mess on a warmer day or out in the sun.

A close up of Kez's Kitchen Choc Golden Snaps


Overall I’d buy the Kez’s choc golden snaps again, probably more likely if I was popping over to someone’s house for a visit.

The positive is that this pack has 12 biscuits unlike most of the others which are just six. It is certainly a sore point that I’ve seen in online coeliac groups on social media. These packets retail around the seven dollar mark, so in many cases it’s over a dollar per biscuit.

However, I have seen the Kez’s Kitchen range on sale a few times a year with as much as a 40% discount. They do keep a long time in the pantry and are totally fine past their best before date.


Gluten free: Legit, not detected
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegan
Allergens: Soy, almond. May contain: Peanut, tree nuts and sesame.
Serving size: 12 biscuits

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