10 Bulla Ice Creams that are Gluten Free

10 Bulla Ice Creams that are Gluten Free

While compiling a list of gluten free stick ice creams I realised there are just so many by Bulla that are coeliac-safe. So, I thought it best to dedicate a separate post to the gluten free ice creams and icy poles made by Bulla Family Dairy.

I also have a post featuring their gluten free ice cream range available in tubs. I can also confirm several of the Murray Street tubs are gluten free by ingredient.

Is Bulla ice cream gluten free?

While Bulla isn’t a strictly gluten free brand many items in their range are gluten free. These items are gluten free by ingredient meaning there are no listed ingredients that contain gluten and no may contain warnings.

Helpfully, they list glucose syrup just as it is – none of that glucose syrup (from wheat) nonsense which is incredibly confusing to newly diagnosed coeliacs and gluten free folk. Glucose syrup, regardless of its origin is gluten free due to the the processing it undergoes.

The delicious list

First up are fudge bars which as the name suggests are chocolate. It’s got a fudgy soft texture… I mean it sounds amazing. Only allergen is milk and no may contains.

Bulla Fudge bar packaging and ingredients show that this ice cream is gluten free by ingredient.

I absolutely loved Choc Wedge as a kid and its close friend Eskimo Pie. The Bulla choc bars are just like those! Vanilla ice cream with a thin crisp layer of chocolate.

I think what I like most is that the chocolate layer is thin, so it doesn’t become sickly like it would with a Magnum.

Raspberry splits, yessss! When you’re on to a good flavour, make it all the same. These contain milk and may contain egg.

Splits wildberry, orange and tropical are ice creams with a fruit ice shell. I am not a mango fan but fortunately my husband is so he gets all of those when we buy the mixed packets. They contain milk and may contain egg.

The Splits range just keeps on going this pack has raspberry, mango and lemon & lime.

The Bulla mini frozen yoghurt are such a nice treat. As the name suggests they are quite small but it’s still satisfying. I also like how they identify the packaging – I really don’t like mango so I avoid that at all costs.

Photo of Bulla mini frozen yoghurt box and list of ingredients showing all flavours are gluten free.
I love that they list the ingredients for every item separately.

Bulla frozen yoghurt mango, apricot and passion fruit is also gluten free by ingredient. The only

allergen is milk and there are no may contains.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bulla-splits-frozen-yoghurt-mango-apricot-passion-fruit-gluten-free.png

The packaging of the Chupa Chups ice creams just scream summer to me. It comes in three flavours, cola, watermelon and strawberry and cream. The only allergen is milk.

Surprisingly this is also made by Bulla

Nourish ice creams are also made by Bulla and lucky for us, they are gluten free too! Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Egg, tree nuts.

Despite the huge list in the dairy section Bulla does offer one dairy free item.

The icy pops by Bulla come in raspberry, cola and lemonade. Happily there are no allergens and no may contain. They are also vegan!

Ready to hit the shops and fill up your freezer with delicious gluten free Bulla ice cream? Before you go why not check out some of my other gluten free shopping guides.

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