Gluten Free Lollies at Kmart!

Gluten Free Lollies at Kmart!

Believe it or not but Kmart is actually a treasure trove when it comes to gluten free lollies. From brand names you recognise, remakes of childhood favourites to just plain weird stuff – there is a lot to choose from.

This is super useful for a lot of reasons but particularly for parties and around holidays and special events like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Do you have an Aussie coeliac in your life that needs gluten free lollies? Then read on!

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Gluten free or gluten free by ingredient

As always there are varying degrees when it comes to an item being gluten free. Some lollies at Kmart at legit gluten free, that is they have a nil detected result on the nutrition panel and a gluten free label.

Other lollies at Kmart are gluten free by ingredient. This means that none of the ingredients listed contain gluten and there are no warnings of contamination. These are often listed as ‘may contain’ after the ingredients section. For an Aussie coeliac, may contain is not acceptable. Do not buy them for the gf person in your life!

Glucose syrup from wheat

One more thing before we get into the list, glucose syrup from wheat. Glucose syrup is a syrup made up of basic sugar. It’s made by processing carbohydrates, such as wheat or corn, down into their sugar components. This processing completely destroys gluten proteins, there are no proteins in glucose syrup – only sugar.

This means glucose syrup, despite being made from wheat, is gluten free. Consensus on this was recently reached and work is being done to no longer list the origin of glucose syrup. As time goes by you will begin to see glucose syrup listed just like that. This is to avoid unnecessary confusion and stress when there is no risk to coeliacs. You can read more about this on the Coeliac Australia website.


A quick note here to say that a few Allen’s lollies – namely all of my gluten free favourites are no longer coeliac safe.

This covers, red rippers, minties, sherbies, and milko.

This is because production moved from a safe location in New Zealand to a new one in Australia. The Australian facility, and every packet made in Australia now carry the may contain warning for wheat.

Fantales are still safe for now, however in June 2023 Nestle announced they would be discontinued!

Chupa chup

It has to be said, the Chupa Chups website is brilliant – individual allergen listings for each flavour of lolly pop and their other lollies.

At Kmart the gluten free Chupa Chup lollies include the classics, fizzy drinks and faces.

Gluten free chupa chup varieties

Incredible chew – cola, strawberry and apple flavoured chews. These are individually wrapped so they’re perfect for parties and Halloween.

Individually wrapped chews

Did you know there’s a Chupa Chups ice cream and it’s gluten free?!

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly are a gluten free classic. The nutritional information says 0.0mg detected. This packet is full of mini packets so it’s perfect for birthdays and halloween alike.

Jelly Belly packaging which lists zero gluten detected.
Loads of ingredients but all gluten free

Classic lollies

I must admit I was really happy to see that Fizzer is gluten free. I’d never thought about it before and I hadn’t had one in about ten years when I bought one a few months ago. Still the same fizzy sugary treat. These ones are individually wrapped and the perfect size for trick or treaters at Halloween.

The musk sticks are another great Aussie classic and these are gluten free. Yes, they list ‘contains wheat’ however this is from glucose syrup so you are safe.

More Aussie classics

Family Favourites

Okay this is apparently the brand name but I think it’s just a title for a Kmart brand. Family Favourites isn’t a company just a small part of a confectionery distribution. But, every pack of lollies has a big gluten free label on the front and nil detected on the back!

So far I’ve seen four products all in huuuge bags.

  • Snakes, 1kg. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Milk. (contains gelatine)
  • Fruit chews, 700g. Allergens: Soy. May contain: Cashew, egg, peanut, milk.
  • Party mix, 1kg. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Milk. (contains gelatine)
  • Ball pops, 700g. Allergens: Soy. May contain: Cashew, egg, peanut, milk.

Kmart brand

Kmart has a weird and wonderful collection of gluten free lollies, including remakes of some absolute classics.

Here’s a quick run down of them.

Strawberries and cream, heart lollipops

Strawberries and cream are an absolute favourite but unfortunately the Allen’s variety are not suitable for coeliacs.

Similarly you can find the super retro heart lolly pops at Kmart – all individually wrapped. It feels like being back in school in the 90s! I’ve tried the lolly pops and they are great, just like what I would buy in primary school.

Kmart brand gluten free strawberries and cream lollies and heart lollypops. No gluten in the ingredients.
Completely gluten free and coeliac-safe

Sour lollies

Sour lollies are a real favourite of mine, and here we’ve got peach hearts and cola bottles. The peach hearts are a little smaller than the gluteny ones I remember but they have the same orange and pink halves. The cola bottles look identical. Both are dairy free but do contain gelatine.

Kmart brand gluten free sour peach heart lollies and sour cola lollies. No gluten in the ingredients.
Zoom in to read the ingredients.

Soft jubes and mint leaves – more classic items. I actually got my mother to send me these mint leaves when I was living in the UK. I had a craving and these just don’t exist anywhere else. You can see on both packets that these are legit gluten free.

Mint leaves and soft jubes gluten free lollies made by Kmart.
Both are tested for gluten with nil detected results.

For the gluten free label to be used it must be tested for gluten and have a nil detected result – this is the case for both packets.

Jelly Beans and Gummi People (gummi babies? jelly babies?) are more gluten free goodness. As a bonus, neither of these have allergen warnings – they are dairy free. The gummi people are also individually wrapped.

GF, DF, vegetarian and delicious

Unicorn fruit chews and emoji fruit chews – looks like a mentos but with an image printed on the side. GF and DF, no allergens on emojis but unicorns contain soy.

Even more options!

  • Party mix, 360g. Allergens: Nil. Contains gelatine.
  • Bubble gum with tattoo – GF and DF (contains soy)
  • Chocolate eclairs, 260g. Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Peanut, sesame. I’m not sure you’ll need to buy these as Pascall eclairs are gluten free (and they use Cadbury chocolate!
  • Raspberry, 110g. Allergens: Nil. May contain: Milk. Contains gelatine.

Lollypop rings – plastic wearable rings with a jewel shaped hard lolly on top, sticky fun!

Lolly Bar Jars

I had to make up a name for this group, these jars of various lollies remind me of the lolly bars you’d see at weddings. You know, the one where they’ll have a sign saying “love is sweet” and mini bags for guests to select their own lollies.

Well, happily most of the range is gluten free with just a few you can’t have. Out of the running are the fake starburst and the marshmallows.

  • Gumballs 950g (both the bright and pastel colours)
  • Candy sticks 450g (both the bright and pastel colours)
  • Jelly beans 600g (both the bright and pastel colours)
I quite like the pastel version of the jellybeans
  • Gummy frogs 500g (contains gelatine)
  • Fruit candy 500g
  • Gummy snakes 500g (contains gelatine)
Jars of gluten free lollies exclusive to Kmart. Gummy frogs, fruit candy and gummy snakes.
That fruit candy looks exactly like runts candy I remember as a kid.
  • Lollypops 288g (both the bright and pastel colours)

Natural Confectionary Company

I did not expect something from the Natural Confectionary Company to be gluten free! Most of their products have wheat starch which makes them unsuitable.

Happily this one has no may contains so it’s dairy free as well. It’s not vegan though as it contains gelatine.

Natural confectionary company lollies that are
No may contains, woohoo!


Another gem in the lolly classics. At Kmart you can buy Nerds (gluten free naturally) in a multipack for $8.50 and it’s got loads of mini boxes in it. It’s perfect for Halloween and of course, lolly bags for birthday parties!

Nerds lolly multi packet with mini boxes.
Sour fruity goodness

I didn’t get an ingredients photo for them, but I’ll add one as soon as I can. The only may contain I’ve seen is egg, so they are dairy free too.

Ingredients: Dextrose, Sugar, Acid (Malic Acid), Corn Syrup, Natural Flavours, Glazing Agent (903), Colour (Carmines, 133, 132, 129). May contain: Egg.

Sherbet Bombs

An absolute delight of my primary school years and probably the nightmares of my dentist. Sherbet bombs are a hard lolly with a centre of fizzy sherbet. They come in range of flavours but red was the original. I’m not even sure what flavour it was… just the colour.

Sherbet bombs are gluten free by ingredient, made with coeliac-safe glucose syrup.

Photos of original and mixed sherbet bombs including photos of the ingredients showing they are gluten free.
Delicious teeth destroying Sherbet Bombs


Skittles are happily gluten free and vegan, with soy as the only allergen and no may contains. The share packs have 12 mini boxes / bags. Side note, I can’t believe how many varieties there are now.

Six varieties of skittles lollies displayed and a list of ingredients showing they are gluten free.
I dunno about zombie flavour…

Ingredients across the board are largely the same. The smoothie flavour does not contain dairy, despite the creamy taste advertised.


Swizzels are a UK based company founded almost 100 years ago in 1928! They are famous for lollies your parents or grandparents would be more familiar with like candy hearts and parma violets. Happily, most of their range is gluten free and they have a great search function on their website for selecting allergens!

In terms of what you can buy at Kmart this is what I’ve found.

  • Scrumptious Sweets 350g
  • Double Dip 19g
  • Curious Chews 350g

I’ll need to check more of these in person as the Swizzels website lists many items as suitable for coeliacs but Kmart says there are may contain!


Mini burgers gave me so much amusement as a kid, pulling apart the layers and eating them one at a time.

They also have loads of other mixes including treasure Island, britecrawlers (are these sour? 🤞)

Note the Trolli range all indicate they are made on a production line processing soy and milk and they contain gelatine.

The great thing with Trolli is they are individually wrapped. They are the perfect gluten free Halloween trick or treat option.

Happily the glucose syrup in these is from corn so there’s no question that it is gluten free
Trolli brite crawlers showing ingredients to see it is gluten free.
This does contain gelatine so it is not vegan / vegetarian

Wizz Fizz

Wizz Fizz sherbert is gluten free! I mean, you’d kind of hope so – it’s just sugar right? I’m doing some work to find out if their other products are gluten free – bookmark this page and check back!

Zed Fruit chews

I thought these would be like Skittles, but they are actually quite sour! They also aren’t as chewy as Skittles, dissolving far more quickly in your mouth. The only allergen warning for these sour treats is soy.

ZED fruit chews from kmart showing ingredients that are gluten free.
An off-brand Skittles?


Yet another lolly I remember regularly buying at the high school canteen. The classic Zappo chews are of course grape but they also have strawberry. Both flavours are gluten free by ingredient and no may contain – however they do contain gelatin so they are not vegetarian.

Zappo multipack packaging showing it is gluten free by ingredient.
Delicious chewy lollies


This article was meant to be strictly lollies, but I’m feeling helpful so I’ll add in the chocolates as well.

There’s some chocolates at Kmart that are gluten free if you are tempted.


Just one gluten free item from Allen’s since all their lollies are no longer coeliac safe.

  • Freckles, 340g. Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Tree nuts.


These are from the Cadbury range and are the few that do not have a may contain warning for wheat.

We get Twirl, Twirl Caramilk and the in your soft serve classic – Flake.

Twirl, Twirl Caramilk and Flake

Note: Snickers used to be okay, but now has a may contain for wheat. Some fun size packets are still coeliac-safe but they are running out. This happened around August 2022.

Also mini caramilk are out – new may contain for wheat as of August 2022. Packets with this issue are clearly labelled on the front with new allergen advice.


Mini Toblerone. Are there two sweeter words out there? It’s always felt like a blessing to me that Toblerone is gluten free. It’s such a luxury chocolate after all.

This bag has single serves individually wrapped, great for lolly bags, piñatas and Halloween. Note all other sizes are gluten free as well!

Toblerone packages and ingredients displayed to show they are gluten free
Swiss decadence

Allergens: Egg, milk, almond, soy.

Need more sweet treats? Check out the latest ice creams by Bulla – there’s loads to choose from! The sun is heating up in Australia and that means gluten free ice creams and icy poles.

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