There’s one gluten free ice cream cake

There’s one gluten free ice cream cake

You’re here because you need a gluten free ice cream cake. Maybe you remember the ones from your childhood, like the glorious one at the Maccas birthday parties. Well, I do – I had at least two birthdays at McDonalds in the 90s 😁.

There’s a few ice cream cakes available at the supermarket but these days it’s just the one that is suitable for a coeliac / strictly gluten free person. Some other brands come close but unfortunately carry may contain warnings.

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Freddo is out

The Cadbury Freddo ice cream cake used to be the go to for parents of coeliacs. It used to list wheat in the allergens but it was clearly identified as glucose (which is 100% safe, highly processed). Sadly though, when they changed it to just glucose the contains warning shifted to may contain.

The Freddo cake is made by Peter’s who are very good with their gluten free products. That is, they test many of their ice creams and confirm there is no gluten detected. Given this, a may contain warning from them feels legitimate.

Similarly, the Peter’s party cake is not gluten free due to a may contain for wheat and gluten.

Nope nope, not gluten free.

One ice cream cake remains

Fortunately we do have one cake, and you may have scrolled straight to this paragraph! It’s the Bulla Rainbow Party Cake and while we GF folks don’t have a choice, at least what we can have is gorgeous.

It’s got the colourful swirls you’d want in an ice cream cake, delicately finished with a piped rosettes. And, it’s topped with itty bitty chocolate buttons!

Fortunately the price is the same as the others, with all of them sitting at $15 per cake (early 2024). Serving size for the Bulla cake is 12, assisted by the 12 rosettes on top.

I haven’t tried this gluten free ice cream cake, but with a young child I am sure it will be in my near future.

It looks so joyful, exactly what you want an ice cream cake to be.

Where to buy Bulla Rainbow Party Cake

As far as I can tell this ice cream cake is exclusive to Woolworths. I’d recommend making freezer space for this and buying ahead if you’re having a party. I feel like it’s not stocked at every store and I wouldn’t want you (or a little coeliac) to miss out!


Gluten free: GF by ingredient.
Vegetarian / vegan: Vegetarian.
Allergens: Milk, soy. May contain: Peanut, tree nuts.
Serving size: 12 slices when cut along the rosettes.

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