Your Sydney Gluten Free Pocket Guide

Your Sydney Gluten Free Pocket Guide

It’s hard to bring together a list of great gluten free places to eat in Sydney. Why? Because there are so many! There’s also the matter of where you choose, do you opt for fully gluten free kitchens or places that are great at modifying a few dishes to safely cater to you?

This list is just a small portion of the great places I’ve come across during my year in living in Sydney. I’ve also got a guide for dedicated gluten free bakeries in Sydney that you need to read!

A mini guide to a mega city

Like my Melbourne mini gluten free guide I’ve put this post together using what I’ve posted on my Instagram account. It allows me to put together a post quickly and easily – and update it with any new finds!


I absolutely love when a restaurant is gluten free, vegan and amazingly delicious. Here at this cute little Japanese diner you can get a handful of expertly designed savoury classics like curry and onigiri. But the real star is their rice flour sourdough fried doughnuts. They are heavenly!

WellBread Bakery

My absolute favourite bakery team, I love visiting WellBread at the Orange Grove markets. They do the best cinnamon buns and their bread is delicious too. So good in fact I’ve done a full review on their stall.

WholeGreen Bakery

Imagine having two gluten free French patisseries in the one city – that’s Sydney. Between WholeGreen and Sebastien you are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to the finest, most skilled, gluten free pastry makers. Here’s just one delicious item – a chocolate eclair, richly filled choux pastry.

WholeGreen also do amazing gluten free sourdoughs that is stocked at both their stores (Bronte and the Sydney CBD) as well as in supermarkets throughout NSW.

Harbord Hotel

Located in Freshwater the Harbord Hotel has a stunning range of gluten-free pub food from coeliac-safe dedicated fryers. This means you can get fish and chips by the sea or a classic chicken parma without a single worry.

Kakawa Chocolates

I found this store entirely by accident one rainy Sydney day and I’m so glad I did. This little chocolate store in Sydney has a big gluten free attraction – ice cream sandwiches!

On offer are multiple flavours like matcha, black sesame and even blueberry cheesecake.

Sebastien Sans Gluten

These guys are the other French gluten free patisserie in Sydney – it’s such a joy to have two! While WholeGreen are in the city and to the east, Sebastien Sans Gluten is located west of the city in Leichhardt.

The absolute best on offer is the ham and cheese croissant, that is more than just a plain croissant cut open and filled. It’s baked with the ham inside before bechamel sauce is piped into the centre. Served hot it’s decadent and a total delight.

La Belle Miette

This little island store, hidden in the centre of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB), is far more gluten free than meets the eye. Although macarons should be gluten free, this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately the labelling at this store isn’t great but their online guide is brilliant and covers what does and doesn’t contain gluten, dairy and alcohol.

Empanada Factory

The Empanada Factory is a true hidden gem of gluten free goodness. While not everything made here is gluten free the majority is! The store specialises in South American fare of arepas and empanadas. Both of these are made using Pan cornmeal, a naturally gluten free staple in that part of the world.

There’s loads of filling options for arepas (below is pulled beef) as well as about six flavours for your freshly cooked empanadas. Even better, they sell packs of frozen ones to take home and bake (or air fry)!

Chains around Sydney that offer gluten free

I’ll wrap up this post with a few chains in Sydney that offer gluten free. Of course I’d love for you to visit small businesses but we often need a quick and easy option after a busy day of adventures.


Grill’d are a burger chain found all around Australia and I think from the get-go they offered a gluten free bun. They now offer two kinds of buns (one is low carb) and all their chips are gluten free – woohoo! Their latest release is a healthier fried chicken – crumbed more like a schnitzel the coating is gluten free by default so there’s no risk of a mix up.

Sushi Hub

Sushi Hub have excellent labelling of their products so you can clearly see what is gluten free. Behind the counter they also have little fish filled with gluten free soy sauce. If there’s something you’re after or you’ve got heightened concerns about cross-contamination then ask for a freshly made roll. This has been offered to me before when visiting (though it wasn’t busy at the time!).

Sushi Hub is all packaged to go – my set up here was taken home and plated up to feel a bit more special.

Have you had great gluten free in Sydney? Where did you go to and what was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!
Also check out my other city guides with more reviews added regularly 🙂

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