Gluten Free Advent Calendars

Gluten Free Advent Calendars

It’s October and yet in September advent calendars were hitting stores – so which ones are gluten free? As an adult I’m not sure I actually need an advent calendar but there is something joyful in opening a little window each morning. If you’re in the UK check out the dedicated list.

Much like my very successful gluten free Easter eggs post I hope that this guide will help you find what you need. There aren’t quite so many brands in Australia making advent calendars, so dietary needs are a struggle. To help I’ve written dairy free next to those that are, and vegan where applicable. Use the search function in your browser or read the full article.

While you’re here don’t forget to drop by the article gluten free Christmas foods which covers Christmas essentials like puddings and mince pies (DF options!).

Note: this was first posted on 1 October 2022 – it’s 2023 now and I’m going to use this original article to update you all. Bookmark this page and check back!

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Cadbury Christmas Advent Calendar 90g

Classic Cadbury milk chocolate and for once it’s gluten free and no may contain for wheat! It retails for $7 so it’s definitely affordable.

Available from: Woolworths, Coles, Big W and Aldi (special buy)

The only gluten free advent calendars by Cadbury
I quite like the simple design, it’s cute!

Allergens: Milk
May contain: Peanuts, tree nuts and soy

Note the Cadbury website doesn’t list the may contains but you can see them by zooming in on the image above to checking it out in closer detail on the Big W website.

Chupa Chups and Mentos 192g

I absolutely love the Aussie design on this gluten free, coeliac-safe advent calendar! It’s so nice seeing something summery rather than the typical wintry landscapes. This kit isn’t just Chupa Chups, despite the label, it’s got Mentos too – including a special edition candy cane flavour. At $9 it’s a little pricier than the other lolly calendars, however it’s more than twice the weight. It is on sale at Coles right now for $6.

Available from: Coles, Woolworths and Aldi (special buy)

Chupa chups gluten free advent calendar with mentos lollies.

Allergens: Milk, but only in some of the Chupa Chups
May contain: Nil.

Trolli Gummi Advent Calendar 75g

I love that gummi calendars are a thing! There are enough folks out there who aren’t into chocolate (my best friend is a prime example) and might not want to miss out. Not to mention I’ve heard some folk are allergic to chocolate.

Now, important thing to note – this contains gelatine. So it is not suitable for a vegetarian or vegan coeliac / gluten free person. These are dairy free but have a may contain. Retail price is $4, bargain!

Available from: Big W, Woolworths

Gummi worms sleighing is so cute!

Allergens: Nil
May contain: made on a line that also handles milk and soy products

Lakrids by Budlow

I hate liquorice. But my husband loves it and one year his friend very kindly bought him a Lakrids advent calendar. “Conveniently” it had two pieces of liquorice per day so I ended up trying one. The crispy shell and the chocolate layer were divine… then I hit the liquorice and started making faces until I spat it out. Nope, still don’t like it.

Anyway! This European, fully gluten free, treat is available in Australia. It’s a little on the pricey ($65) side but as I said each window has two pieces so it’s great for a gluten-free liquorice-loving couple.

Available from: Last year they were at David Jones and gourmet retailers. I haven’t seen them online so perhaps check Lakrids directly!

Lakrids advent calendars are gluten free. Picture shows large box that opens to reveal windows.

Allergens: Milk, soy
May contain: Nil

NOMO vegan and free from 96g

Yay NOMO! The hero of dairy free Easter is back for Christmas with gluten free advent calendars containing regular and sea salt caramel chocolates. Priced at $15 they are on the expensive side, but perhaps well worth it for the dairy free or vegan person in your life.

Available from: Big W, Woolworths

NOMO advent calendar and list of ingredients that show it is gluten free, dairy free, and free from egg, peanut and tree nuts.
I was hoping to get a picture of the back, but no luck, here’s the ingredients from the NOMO website.

Allergens: Nil
May contain: Nil

Haigh’s calendar filling pack 150g

As all Aussie coeliacs know, Haigh’s are fabulous when it comes to gluten free chocolate. Although the big ticket $1,190 luxury advent calendar isn’t gluten free we can all be happy that their ‘regular’ calendar and refill kit are.

Available from: Haigh’s Chocolates

Haigh's gluten free advent calendar, a green fabric calendar in a tree shape. Next to it is a box of just the chocolates to make your own kit.
11 milk choc squares, 12 dark choc squares and a milk choc Santa

The full set ($50) comes with a reusable green fabric calendar and chocolates, or you can buy the calendar or chocolates separately ($25 each).

Allergens: Milk and soy
May contain: Nil

Park Avenue 40g

Gluten free advent calendars galore – thank you Park Avenue! This brand was the hero of licensed products during Easter with loads of Barbie and Paw Patrol. They are back for Christmas and this time we’ve got dinosaurs too with Jurassic World and Elf on the Shelf. Peppa Pig and Hot Wheels were also spotted at Aldi. Retail price is $4.50 but it was $3.99 at Aldi.

Available from: Target and Aldi (special buy)

Three gluten free advent calendars. Dinosaurs, paw patrol and Barbie.
Something for everyone?

Allergens: Milk and soy
May contain: Peanuts, hazelnuts and almond

Kinder Surprise 141g

Ok, first things first. There are TWO Kinder Advent calendars on the market, one is gluten, one is NOT GF. So, if you want one, get it yourself, in store. Don’t order online, don’t get your gran to go find it. Also, from website photos, they look identical. But the main difference is the back of the pack so it’s easy to spot.

The back of the packet shows the content. You want the ones in the middle.

Currently these Kinder advent calendars are available from Woolworths, Big W, Target and Aldi. I’ve seen them in store at Woolworths and they had the gluten free chocolates inside. Given Woolies and Big W have the same owners I’m sure both stores will be fine. Target, Aldi, check closely. I’ll update it this page if I get to see them in store.

Allergens: Milk, hazelnuts, soy.

Anthon Berg 375g

Definitely an adults only advent calendar, this is 24 chocolates filled with premium alcohol. I’ve seen it stocked online through The Chocolate Box and Target (a lot cheaper!)

May contain: Milk, nuts.

Anthon Berg Advent Calendar
I’m always happy to receive Anthon Berg chocolates at Christmas

Warheads 108g

Another lolly advent calendar, perhaps for the person you want to see contort their face in sour delight! The only allergen is sulphites, making this one gluten free and vegan. However it does have a may contain for milk. Retail price is just $5.

Available from: Big W

Warheads gluten free advent calendar.
I don’t think I’ve had a Warhead since I was… in primary school!

Allergens: Sulphites
May contain: Milk

Thomas Dux 240g

At Woolies you’ll find the Thomas Dux 12 days of cheese advent calendar. Made in the UK it features six different kinds of cheese for you to treat yourself. Perfect for the chocolate averse among us. Online it’s priced at $28, but I did see it for sale for $20 so check in store.

Allergen: Milk. No animal rennet so its suitable for vegetarians.

Tea advent calendars

Not into chocolate? Dairy free? A tea advent calendar might be right for you! While there are a few around I can tell you one is definitely not gluten free. The ones to avoid are the Pukka advent calendar which has two teas containing oats. The other is T2 which has a may contain on one tea. They are clearly labelled so it shouldn’t catch you by surprise.

Instead opt for English Tea Shop advent calendars. They have a few different ones available, with different shapes and different teas inside. They are made in the UK and you can buy them from Happy Tummies and Amazon.

In order of least expensive to most expensive

So Free 100g and 110g

So Free were certainly one of the star players for gluten free dairy free back at Easter. For Christmas we’ve got three tasty options, ‘milk’ (110g), salted caramel* (110g) and white chocolate (100g) all priced around $14.95 – $16.95

Available from: specialty retailers such as Vegan Perfection and Happy Tummies* and Sunnybrook. I also saw the milk chocolate one in LaManna Melbourne ($15).

Two gluten free advent calendars by So Free. Both are allergen free.
It’s kind of amazing that the one white choc calendar I’ve see is dairy free.

If you’ve got multiple dietary requirements you will love that these are made in a factory that never handles dairy, gluten or nuts!

I’d get on that white chocolate one quick as it’s the only one I’ve seen.

Allergens: Nil
May contain: Made in a factory that handles soy

Moo Free 70g

Moo Free is a UK brand specialising in, you guessed it, dairy free chocolate. On top of that they are gluten free and vegan – oh and no palm oil. It’s a touch more expensive than most of the list but I’d say this is due to special import from the UK $14.45.

Available from: specialty retailers such as Gluten Free Foods and Happy Tummies*. Also spotted at LaManna in Melbourne.

Another dairy free, vegan, GF option

Allergens: Nil
May contain: Nil

Moo Free White Chocolate, 70g

A white chocolate calendar, these are so rare to be both gluten free and dairy free. I hadn’t put this on my original list as I hadn’t found it in stock anywhere – however it has recently arrived at Happy Tummies* for $14.45.

Windel Vegan Advent Calendar, 75g

This is gluten free and vegan and each chocolate has a hazelnut filling. I’ve seen it in a few places but prices vary quite widely. I saw it at a small grocer for about $7.95 and then at Sydney airport (at The Chocolate Box) for $12.99!

Allergens: Hazelnut, soy.
May contain: Other nuts, milk.

Check out my round up of gluten free Christmas goodies! Or if you’d like to see what goodies they get overseas have a peak at the UK advent calendar list!

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