Halloween lollies – gluten free!

Halloween lollies – gluten free!

Halloween lollies, gluten free is a treat and gluten full is a mean trick.

I’ve sorted this guide into supermarkets in the first instance as I noticed Coles has a number of exclusive items. This post is mainly for specialty Halloween lollies that are gluten free. If you’d like a mega list of regular gluten free lollies check out my Kmart article. Or if there isn’t a Kmart near you, check out my Big W guide!

I feel like everyone is quite late to the party with Halloween lollies or candy if you call it that. All the decorations were out in mid September, but it wasn’t until 10th October that I started seeing actual lollies. Thankfully there are enough gluten free Halloween lollies to go around.


Most of the Coles Halloween lollies can be found in the seasonal aisle. Note: the Coles online listings are not as accurate as looking in store. For example the body parts and eyeballs photos online only show may contain milk, but the description says may contain soy (which is accurate, I’ve seen it in store).

Body parts and eyeballs

Not a heading I thought I’d have on a blog article! Both of these are allergen free though they both have a may contain for milk and soy. They also both have gelatine so they are not vegetarian.

Halloween lollies exclusive to Coles. Body parts and eyeballs, ingredients to show they are gluten free and allergen free.
The eyes are so squishy, oh my goodness 😂

The thing I love about these, are the allergen warnings are on every individual packet. Amazing! This is so good if your kids are out with friends or other parents who are less aware of dietary needs. Bravo Coles!

Trolli Halloween Sweet and Sour

Another game of lolly roulette here, will it be sweet or will it be sour? At least it’s how I assume these work.

Like most Trolli products these are gluten free by ingredient – perfect for the Aussie coeliac in your life.

Trolli sweet and sour showing ingredients that are gluten free.
No allergens but may contain milk and soy

Sour popping candy

Another great set, all individually wrapped – I didn’t see this is stores but I think it says 85 mini packets? That’s a lot of popping!

I definitely loved this stuff as a kid

Australia’s deadliest animals

This was already sold out at my store and I can see why – it’s kind of hilarious! Gummy lollies themed on dangerous Aussie animals. Unfortunately for vegetarian folks this one does contain beef gelatine.

Halloween Australia's deadliest animals and ingredients, no allergens but may contain milk and soy.
Great white shark, snake, croc, something… and a spider!

Bleeding roses

These lollies actually have a liquid centre, I am curious if it makes a goopy splash when you bite in. They are all one flavour, strawberry and like the others in the Coles range – each packet has an allergen label. It comes in a packet of 50, only allergens are may contains – milk and soy.

Packet of halloween bleeding roses lollies.
I’ve seen these in store and can confirm, gluten free!

Gummy Spooky Pumpkins

I just spotted these lollies in 2023, they might be new for this year or perhaps I missed them last year? I checked the ingredients in store. It contains pork gelatine. May contain: Milk, soy.

Chupa chups

A special edition Chupa Chups packet just for Halloween. In cola and strawberry flavour they are like a regular lolly pop except that they will stain your tongue!

These look fun!

Note these contain wheat glucose syrup, but as we all know this is totally safe for coeliacs as gluten is removed in the heavy processing. They do however have a may contain for milk.


You’ve no doubt seen my gluten free lolly list for Kmart – if you haven’t, go there after you finish this article! If I was going to load up on gluten free lollies for Halloween my first stop would be Kmart.

While I haven’t seen a lot of Halloween-specific lollies they’ve got a huge range of items including a lot that are individually wrapped.

Rotten Zombie Skittles – not seen for 2023!

Strawberry, apple, lemon, grape and … rotten zombie flavour. Ooph, I’m not sure I’m game for this!

I guess the trick would be to serve these in the dark


Trolli do a great lot of gluten free lollies and one of their regulars is perfect for Halloween. The brite crawlers are sour gummy worms – what’s more Halloween than eating worms? Note these contain gelatine so they aren’t vegan.

Trolli brite crawlers, ingredients show may contain milk and soy.
50 mini packets, get some friends and share!


Spotlight was a bit of a surprise location for gluten free Halloween candy. I was there to buy Toastabags but thought I’d check out the lollies while I was there. They only had three types in stock (there’s about six on the website) but all three were gluten free – in fact two were legit gluten free. Nil detected on the nutrition panel.

Vampire blood pops

Vampire blood pops only may contain is peanuts and tree nuts. It’s dairy free and vegan.

Vampire blood pops and nutrition label.
Nil detected for gluten

Gruesome body parts

The body parts candy are also nil detected for gluten! They have a may contain for milk and soy. It also contains gelatine so it’s not vegetarian.

Nil detected for gluten

Blood syrup

The IV of blood (great design!) is gluten free by ingredient. It has sulphites and may contain milk and soy.

An IV bag containing a red syrup to look like blood. Ingredients show it is gluten free.
This is just… really cool!


I haven’t seen much Halloween themed lollies at Woolworths, gluten free or otherwise. If you have seen some, let me know in the comments on message me on Instagram!

Halloween Spooky Party Mix

Sour spider webs, eyeball lollipops, skull lollipops and sour spiders. It’s all there, a nice variety of items. Honestly, that might be better than the more concentrated offer at Coles.

These contain beef gelatine, so again not suitable for vegetarians. However, there are no allergens or may contains.

Halloween lollies mix from Woolworths. Ingredients show no allergens or may contains.
No allergens or may contains!

Don’t celebrate Halloween? Better get started with Christmas then! Your first priority is advent calendars.

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